Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 912

Volume 1 Chapter 912 Two Handsome Men

The audience was in a state of excitement since this event was so awesome.

S.e.xy girls, fierce confrontation, powerful magic one after another, they felt that it was the best event that they had ever seen!

Everyone had to admit that Fairy Tail was a very powerful team, especially when Juvia showed her power within this Naval Battle event, but the winner had been concluded and that wasn't Juvia rather it was Haru.

The members of the Fairy Tail might be a bit frustrated at how strong Infinite was, but they also knew that Infinite wasn't perfect especially when they knew Luffy's weakness.

Luffy was very powerful since he was immune to electricity and that meant Laxus's magic was useless to him, but they knew that he was weak against water which somehow gave them important information. However, they didn't even realize that even if they knew Luffy's weakness, it didn't mean that they could use it against him since Luffy's movement was too fast.

Before the battle of the fourth day, the score of each team was announced to everyone.

Infinite B with 58 points; Infinite A with 56 points; Mermaid Heel with 32 points; Lamia Scale with 30 points; Infinite C with 27 points; Blue Pegasus with 26 points; Fairy Tail B 20 points; Fairy Tail A with 15 points.

After Luffy's blunder, Infinite B was still in the 1st place in this tournament.

The members of Infinite A sighed, but they knew that they had a chance to win on the last event.

"Luffy, haven't you solved your curse before?" Korosensei asked. He remembered that Luffy had bought something on the "group chat" to erase Luffy's curse against the ocean.

"Ah, I haven't learned how to swim," Luffy said with a sheepish smile.


They were helpless, but since the event was over there was nothing that they could do.

Then the match started and the first match was a match between Ichiya and Niciya against Shinobu and Tabane.


Gintoki, Haru, and Esdeath looked at the reaction of Shinobu and Tabane since their opponents were unexpected.


Shinobu and Tabane were silent for a while before they stood up together.

"We'll end this battle quickly." 2x

The three of them nodded and didn't say anything since the existence of Ichiya was truly an enigma.

Haru knew that once Ichiya got close to Esdeath, she wouldn't hesitate to kill Ichiya and that was the reason why he had always been together with Esdeath. Besides he didn't want his wife being picked up by another guy, he also knew how cruel Esdeath was since once something like that happened then this woman wouldn't hesitate and killed them. Though, he didn't really mind since he knew that he could make his wife innocent in court by telling the judge that the guy who had approached her had done excessive s.e.x.u.a.l harassment.

The world of Fairy Tail was full of perverts, but Haru didn't blame them since this world was full of beautiful girls. Though, the main character of this story couldn't appreciate those beautiful girls which made Haru sigh at how wasteful it was.


"It's time to show our power to the world."

Ichiya put on a handsome pose and said, "Men...."

The people in bunny costumes also did the same pose as Ichiya, but he didn't utter any words.

"We'll go now," Ichiya said.

"Yes, please be careful, Ichiya-san!" 3x



Looking at Ichiya and Nichiya with their strange poses, Tabane and Shinobu weren't sure what to say.

"I'm sorry beautiful ladies, but in this game, I have to defeat all of you for my guild. Though, I'll apologize to both of you after the match, how about we have tea or something? I know a good place," Ichiya said.


Tabane and Shinobu shuddered to wonder why it was both of them who had to fight Ichiya.

Tabane nudged Shinobu and said, "Shinobu, he's talking with you."

Shinobu frowned and said, "No, he's talking about you!"

Both of them started to argue with each other.

Looking at the fight between two women, Ichiya became panicked and said, "Ladies, please calm down! Please don't fight over with me! I'm inviting two of you, not only one of you. I'm sorry for the misunderstanding and please stop fighting since it is very painful for me to see beautiful ladies such as two of you fight each other because of me...." He put on a handsome pose and took out two roses for both of them.



Tabane and Shinobu moved 10 meters away at the same time, but they also felt furious!

"Fuh... I guess, both of you are too shy," Ichiya said with a smile that showed his white teeth.


Tabane and Shinobu glanced at each other and nodded.

'Let's kill him.'

That was their thought at the time.

Every woman in this place could only show a sympathetic expression toward Tabane and Shinobu who had fought against Ichiya and Nichiya.


"If I was there, that guy would have already died," Esdeath said. She couldn't believe that there was such a man in this world which somehow disgusted her.


Haru and Gintoki didn't doubt Esdeath's words.

Esdeath looked at her husband and had to admit that she was lucky. She hugged her husband tightly and said, "Tell me if the match is over, I'm getting sick looking at this match."

"Alright, alright," Haru said and patted Esdeath's hair since he also felt the same damage when he saw Ichiya.


Before the match started, Ichiya wanted to show the identity of his partner in this battle.

The man in the bunny costume took off his mask and showed his handsome face to the world.



Everyone barfed at the same time.

Even Korosensei who was an octopus also couldn't handle this situation and the camera in his hands exploded immediately when he used it to take a picture of both Ichiya and Nichiya.

Even the camera decided to self-destruct rather than saving the picture on Ichiya and Nichiya inside its memory.

Ichiya and Nichiya were in a handsome pose with a lot of stars in their surroundings.

"We have Double Hunky-Man attack!!"

"Smell the perfume of Danger!!"


Tabane and Shinobu couldn't handle it anymore.

"Can you start the match? Hurry up!" Shinobu was quite impatient.

[Ah, yes! Begin!!!]

Tabane didn't waste her time and summoned all of her powerful weapons from missiles, guns, and even IS.

All of them were summoned and almost filled half of the stadium.


Ichiya and Nichiya opened their mouths wide since all of the missiles, guns, and two IS were moving toward them, sending out the powerful attacks.



Ichiya and Nichiya passed out directly after bombardment of the attack.

[T, the winner is Tabane and Shinobu!]

Tabane and Shinobu hurriedly ran toward Haru since his presence could cure them of this nausea.

"M, Men... w, what a shy ladies..."

Ichiya uttered before he passed out.



The match continued in a hurry since they wanted to forget the figure of Ichiya and Nichiya. The second fight was a fight between Kagura and Millianna against Lyon and Yuka. The result of their fight was a draw which somehow was quite unexpected. Then the next match was a match between Natsu and Gray versus Sting and Rogue.

Natsu and Gray were fighting each other and Natsu decided to send Gray out from the battle.

Every member of the "group chat" knew the result of the battle, and they knew very well that Natsu was the strongest person in this world, especially since there was a demon within Natsu's body.

In the end, Natsu knocked down both Sting and Rogue together by himself and won the match which received a lot of cheers from everyone.

But at the same time, Haru felt a strange feeling in his surroundings. His sense was very keen and he understood that something was brewing in secret.

'Well, it is a dragon...'

Looking at the member of the Fairy Tail, Haru knew that they were a source of trouble, but since they were the main character, there was nothing that he could do. The only thing which he could do at this moment was to knock down the enemy when they came toward them later.

"Good job, you've done your best," Haru said and praised Sting and Rogue.

Sting and Rogue felt really wanted to cry when they received this praise, but at the same time, they felt frustrated since they had lost in this match.

The match continued and it was the fight between Gajeel and Cana against Korosensei and Teppei.

The audience who watched this match was quite surprised since Natsu could defeat both Sting and Rogue at the same time, but they weren't sure whether Gajeel and Cana could defeat the combination of Teppei and Korosensei.

Teppei with his plant manipulation and Korosensei with his speed.

Both of them were very strong opponents, but Gajeel and Cana wouldn't give up to defeat both of them.

"Nyuhuhuhu, this is going to be interesting," Korosensei said with a laugh.

Teppei smiled and said, "You have a bad hobby."

"I'll knock you down," Gajeel said with a cruel smile.

"Fairy Tail is the best guild," Cana said and took out her card. She also had a tattoo on her arm ready to send her magic.

The atmosphere between the four of them became tense and the judge announced the match.

[BEGIN!!!! ]