Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 913

Volume 1 Chapter 913 End Of The Fourth Day

Korosensei was known for his speed so Gajeel didn't waste his chance and attacked him immediately before it was too late!

"Iron Dragon's Roar!"

Gajeel inhaled a fairly large amount of air and then proceeded to release a very powerful tornado from his mouth, which possessed incredible blunt force. In the process, sharp metal shards are dispersed, which are capable of shredding the opponent's body. It was very powerful magic and most magicians would be knocked down with one attack.

But unfortunately...

"How dangerous."


Korosensei and Teppei suddenly appeared behind Cana and Gajeel at the same time.

Cana gritted her teeth and took out one card which could be effective for Korosensei.

"S.e.xy Lady Card!"

Cana threw a card with pictures of s.e.xy women, dressed in skimpy bikinis, at Korosensei.

Korosensei stopped and didn't believe what he had heard. Then suddenly the woman pictured on the cards came out holding him down.

Then she also sent out another card to Korosensei. "Woman's Wall!" She summoned a huge number of women that stacked themselves over each other creating a living wall to trap Korosensei.

Korosensei had a huge nosebleed and felt that he was in heaven.

"T, Teppei, I'm sorry. I lose this battle...."


"What?! Korosensei has lost!"

The audience and everyone in the stadium were speechless when Korosensei lost against Cana, however, the male audience at this stadium also understood why Korosensei had lost.

Yajima, Chapati, Haru, Kuroneko, Gintoki, and everyone wasn't sure how to react.

The members of the Fairy Tail were very happy that Cana had defeated Korosensei easily.




"Wow... it's amazing... there are a lot of beautiful girls...." Korosensei's eyes were brimming with excitement and he couldn't move when he was being held down by a group of women, no, rather he didn't want to move.

Cana wiped the sweat off her forehead and grinned toward Teppei. "You're the only one now."

Teppei sighed and looked helplessly at Korosensei. He didn't expect Cana to know Korosensei's weakness, but he also understood considering Korosensei's perverted act for the past few days such a weakness was very easy to find. But he warmed up his body calmly and said, "I remember that your friend has defeated two people from our guild."

"Yes, what's wrong with that? You're going to lose anyway," Gajeel said with a grin.

"Then how about I do the same? I'll defeat the two of you alone," Teppei said with a smile.


Veins popped on the forehead of Gajeel and Cana since Teppei was looking down on them.

"Cana, I'll handle him," Gajeel said.

"No, I'll handle him!" Cana said.

Neither of them gave Teppei mercy; rather, they sent out their magic toward Teppei immediately.


"Iron Dragon's Club!"

Teppei moved very agilely and dodged all of their attacks. In truth, he could defeat them quickly, but he wanted to play them for a while. He also wanted to know how tough Gajeel's body was.

Gajeel charged toward Teppei and decided to fight in close combat.

Cana didn't close her distance, rather she acted in support of Gajeel harassing Teppei with various magic from fire, water, wind, ice, earth, and a lot more.

Card magic which is Cana's magic is very versatile magic and she can do a lot of things with it.

But Teppei wasn't some weakling, and he was known for his agility on "group chat." Dodging all of Cana's magic was a very easy task for him, but Gajeel didn't let him do that and kept him in place.

Even though Gajeel wanted to fight against Teppei alone, he could tell that Teppei was on another league from himself and Teppei was stronger than he had thought. How could he realize that? It might be because he was Dragon Slayer that he could tell whether someone was strong or not from his instinct as a Dragon Slayer.

Infinite was a guild full of monsters, but Fairy Tail was known for their tenacity and they wouldn't give up no matter what!

"Explosion Cards!!"


Explosion kept appearing from one location to another location which affected Teppei's movement since he couldn't move toward the place where the explosion was located. Then, in the end, he was trapped in the middle of explosion and Gajeel used that chance to use his strongest magic in such a situation.

"Karma Demon: Iron God Sword!"

Gajeel clapped his hands together above his head, creating a gigantic iron sword. He then proceeded to swipe the sword down, destroying everything in front of him.



Cana also used this opportunity to send out another "explosion card".


Gajeel yelled and pushed this gigantic iron sword with all of his power, but suddenly it stuck on something. He tried to push it, but he couldn't even move it.

Then suddenly Teppei appeared in front of Gajeel.


It was too late to escape, then Teppei started with his attack.

"Well Done."

Teppei sent multiple strikes on Gajeel's motor nerves that paralyzed every muscle in Gajeel's body.

Gajeel was stunned in place and he couldn't move, but before that he shouted loudly, "Cana, use that magic!"

Cana saw that the situation had turned bad to worse. Hearing Gajeel's words, she decided to use her strongest magic.

"Gather! O river of light that's guided by the fairies!

"Shine! In order to perish the fangs of evil!

"Fairy Glitter!!!"

Teppei took a seed from his pocket and threw it on the ground.

"Protection Tree!"

The seed which was thrown on the ground suddenly grew very quickly into a large tree and protected Teppei.


The powerful beam of light was falling toward Teppei, but it was stopped by the "protection tree" which was grown by Teppei.

The strongest attack and strongest defense clashed with each other, but it seemed that the effect of "Fairy Glitter" was more unique than Teppei had thought and some of the light passed through the "protection tree". But Teppei had already moved away from his spot and appeared right in front of Cana.


Cana was about to run away, but suddenly she couldn't move and her body was paralyzed.

Gajeel and Cana couldn't move, and the s.e.xy ladies that had surrounded Korosensei had also disappeared.


Along with the howl of sadness from Korosensei, the fourth match of the day was over with Teppei and Korosensei as the winner.


Korosensei grabbed Teppei's collar and cried in tears of blood.


Teppei sighed and wondered why it was so difficult to team up with a pervert.

After the match was announced, Gajeel and Cana who were paralyzed could move once again, but at the same time, they felt very frustrated since they had lost.

"I'll defeat you next time!" Gajeel yelled before walking away.

Cana sighed since she had lost very quickly. She shook her head before following Gajeel back.

Korosensei wanted to ask Cana whether she could trap him again, but he held himself. He wasn't a pervert, but a gentleman. It was difficult to ask a lady such a shameful request.

With that match, the fourth day of the "Grand Magic Games" was over with these points on each team.

Infinite B with 68 points; Infinite A with 66 points; Mermaid Heel with 37 points; Lamia Scale with 35 points; Infinite C with 27 points; Blue Pegasus with 26 points; Fairy Tail A with 25 points; Fairy Tail B with 20 points.

Looking at the result, Natsu made fun of Gajeel which in return Gajeel beat him up. Both of them started to fight each other until Erza stopped them.


On other hand, Gray who had been sent out by Natsu during the match had found a strange cave with a large dragon bone within which somehow shocked him.


At the same time, Jellal, Ultear, and Meredy knew that the time had become closer and they needed to do something.


The minister of defense and various captains of the army from the Kingdom of Fiore also knew that the end of the kingdom was near, and they needed to get their hands on the 12 Celestial Key as soon as possible.

But how?