Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 914

Volume 1 Chapter 914 Lucky Man

After the fourth day was over, Gray brought Lucy, Erza, Wendy, and Natsu to the cave where he had met a dragon bone. In that place, they met the princess of this country along with the captain of the army.

The Princess of this country along with this captain knew the end of this country was soon and it was simply impossible to kidnap the Celestial Key from the Fairy Tail and the Infinite. The only thing which they could do was ask for their help to help them to save this country.

"Please save this country!"


On the fifth day, everyone was on holiday and they didn't have to do anything. They were quite free at this moment and only needed to wait for the final event which was about to start on the next day.

Sting and Rogue were very frustrated that they had lost against Natsu and swore that they would win against Natsu and Gajeel on the final event before passing out after drinking a large amount of booze.

It might have been their imagination, but there was one woman who was mingling on their guild.

"Hahaha, the booze in this place is amazing!" Cana laughed while drinking various boozes with Tsunade.

Tsunade's life in this world was very wonderful since she didn't have to do anything. In the morning, she could drink as much as she could then at night, she would enter heaven and play together with Haru. It might be because her body was full of nutrients since she was being injected by Haru every day and because of that her skin had become glowing and became even more youthful.

Tsunade really wanted this day to last for a long time.

Esdeath was the same since her husband kept pampering her every day. She ate delicious food, had a good fight, and watched a good show in this world. Lastly, all of that being done together with her husband.

Then Haru decided to go out to buy ingredients for dinner since the food was almost emptied.

Everyone loved Haru's food and no one doubted that.

French, Italian, Chinese, Indonesian, Japanese, American, etc; Haru had cooked various dishes from various locations within his world. The ingredients in the world of Fairy Tail were quite unique, and there was a lot of strange meat, vegetables, spices, etc which he had never tried before. He was very excited and tried a lot of things with those ingredients. Some of them were very delicious, but some of them were very strange or quite bad, but he didn't need to worry since Luffy would eat all of those foods clean.

Walking out to buy ingredients, it was quite a rare time for him to be alone since usually he was surrounded by a lot of people. But he knew that his alone time would be short since he heard someone call his name.


Turning his head, Haru saw someone that he didn't expect.



Walking next to each other, Haru was the one who talked, and Kagura was very quiet. He didn't really mind it, but he tried really hard to not make the atmosphere between the two of them become awkward. Then when the street became fairly quiet, he decided to ask, "What's wrong? You seem that you want to talk about something with me?"

"I met with Jellal a few days ago," Kagura said. She wanted to ask him why Haru had married, but in the end, she refrained since she felt very comfortable just walking beside him like this. It felt great since she could see the future with him without worrying too much about anything and just stood up beside him talking about silly things together. Their talk might be useless, but she felt very happy to be with him.

However, when he asked her about this question, her expression turned into a frown and there was a killing intent that started to emit from her body.

Looking at her expression, Haru could tell what answer Kagura had decided to take. He thought for a while and asked, "Have you met with Erza?"


Kagura frowned since she didn't understand what Haru meant.

"Erza has the same situation as Millianna and both of them have met with Jellal and your older brother, but unlike Millianna, Erza should have seen the last moment of your brother, before you've made your decision, you should talk with Erza so you might find something," Haru said.

"Something? What do you mean?" Kagura asked.

"I'm not sure," Haru said.

"You're not sure? Then why did you tell me to meet Erza?"

Haru wasn't sure whether he should support Kagura to have her revenge on Jellal since Kagura's state of mind was different from him.

Women tend to be emotional, even if Kagura was successful with her revenge, but it didn't mean the shadow of Jellal would disappear from her heart rather it might haunt her since he could see her mind was quite weak. Rather than thinking about revenge, he wanted her to forget about the past and look forward to the future.

"I just want the best for you. Erza might have known something which you don't know so you can make your decision after meeting her," Haru said.


Kagura bit her lips while looking at him for a while.

"Why are you so kind to me?"

Hearing that question, Haru wasn't sure how to answer. Did he feel responsible for her? That might be so since he had used his "pleasure magic" on Kagura, but he didn't want to have a complicated relationship with her, especially when he thought about Brandish. He wasn't sure about what had happened to Brandish, but he had left her for a long time. It might be good for Brandish to forget about him which was good for both of them, but his thought was broken when he felt something soft and fragrant on his lips.


Haru didn't move since this development wasn't something that he could think of since he didn't expect Kagura would have such a personality.

Kagura closed her eyes and kissed Haru's lips.


Millianna, Risley, Beth, and Arana who had been following both of them closely were surprised when they saw Kagura's action.


They screamed inwardly.


Even some members of the Fairy Tail who toured around the city randomly were struck in surprise when they saw Haru and Kagura kissing each other.

Crocus might be the largest town within the Kingdom of Fiore, but this world was unexpectedly quite small that all of them happened to see Haru and Kagura kissing each other.

Struck in place, Kagura parted her lips and said, "I know that you're married, but I can't hold myself." Her face was very hot, but at the same time, she felt relief and she also understood her feelings at this moment.


Haru smiled and said, "I'm sorry."

Kagura shook her head and said, "Don't be, I'm selfish. I know that you're married, bu - but...." Tears rolled down from her eyes before she ran. "I'm sorry...." She couldn't tell her feelings toward him since she knew that their relationship was impossible to establish.


Haru didn't chase after her and felt slightly regret. He felt that he couldn't accept Kagura's feelings when he hadn't solved his relationship with Brandish since he felt what he had done was very irresponsible.

Haru had left Brandish after all and he had never met her for the past year then he also had married someone.

Well, even if he married, it didn't mean that his harem members wouldn't increase, but he still had a bottom line and in this world, there was something that he needed to do before he could accept Kagura's feeling.

However, it would be best if she forgot about him and moved on.

Touching the trace of warmth on his lips, Haru felt that he was really lucky as a man since there were a lot of women who loved him.

"I need to make them happy."

It was his vow as a harem protagonist.