Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 915

Volume 1 Chapter 915 The Final Day 1

Then the day ended quickly and the final of the Grand Magic Games was going to start.

Yesterday, there were a lot of things that happened such as the military who came to the Infinite's lodging asking them to help the country from the destruction which was about to this country.

The members of the "group chat" knew what was about to happen and they didn't mind helping since they needed to hunt down a dragon for their quest.

Dragon might be the strongest creature in this world, but they didn't think too much about it and they didn't feel that much of threat from the dragons since when they compared it with all of the things that they had fought in the past, a dragon was nothing.

They weren't sure how strong the dragons were, but they believed in their strength.

Yukino was also specifically being requested to use her Celestial Key to open the "Eclipse Gate" and she accepted that request since she didn't mind helping the country that was about to welcome a disaster.

Yukino knew that her strength wasn't much, but she would help the country.

Then after Haru returned, he talked with Esdeath and because of that talk, their relationship had become much closer.

Haru thought about children, but he felt that it was too soon and Esdeath also wasn't in hurry either.

As an Emperor of the Empire, a lot of people urged him to have a descendant as soon as possible since they needed a prince for the Empire.

Haru had told his ministers to wait for two months which meant 2 years in his original world since he changed the ratio of time on the various world on the "group chat" with his world. It was necessary since he needed to maintain harmony between girls since he had a lot of lovers in various worlds. Even if they loved him, it didn't mean that they could accept his relationship with other girls after all so he needed to do it slowly.

Haru needed to respect their feelings and didn't force them to meet each other. He needed to be patient since a woman was a very jealous creature and they wanted to be treated special more than anyone.

It was troublesome, but the reward was worth it.

In the end, Haru gave plenty of love to Esdeath right into her w.o.m.b, but he had used magic so she wouldn't get pregnant. Though an accident might happen, if that really happened then he could only say that it was blessing in disguise.

He felt that he needed to graduate from high school first before he could have a child, but enough of that since the final day of the "Grand Magic Game" was about to happen.

The three judges were Chapati, Yajima, and Mato.

Today Chapati had changed his wig into something funkier with a lot of spiky hair telling how excited he was to the world.

After every team on the "Grand Magic Games" spread to the entire town, the judge started to announce the event.

Battle Royale.

The final day of the Tournament is a battle royale with every team and their members participating in a team battle, known as the "Grand Magic Game". The battleground is the entire city of Crocus where all the teams are already spread out.

The rules are as follows:

1. All members wander the streets and if they encounter members of another guild they are to fight.

2. When a participant loses consciousness or is deemed unable to continue the battle, the opposing team scores one point.

3. Each team must appoint one of their members as team leader, this is kept secret from the rest of the other guilds.

4. If the team leader falls, the opposing team gains 5 points.

5. The total maximum number of points is 45 points, this implies that every team has a chance of winning.

6. Moving as one group or separate is totally up to the individual members of the team.

Points garnered in this event are added to the overall score gained throughout the Games.

Everyone was full of enthusiasm and they couldn't wait to watch this "battle royale" right away!


Hearing the rules of the game, Marvis then looked at the score on each team.

Infinite B with 68 points; Infinite A with 66 points; Mermaid Heel with 37 points; Lamia Scale with 35 points; Infinite C with 27 points; Blue Pegasus with 26 points; Fairy Tail A with 25 points; Fairy Tail B with 20 points.

'45 points...'

Mavis knew that it would be hard to become the champion of the "Grand Magic Games" considering their points were the lowest among everyone, especially the Fairy Tail B which had only 20 points. Even if they had a full 45 points, it would be very hard to become the champion.

However, it wouldn't be the style of Fairy Tail for them to give up.

'Fairy Tail A has 25 points and if they win all 45 points then it's possible for them to reverse the situation...'

Mavis thought a lot of strategy and stratagem inside her mind to help her guild to become the winner of this tournament. She was known as the brightest mind in the entire history of Fairy Tail and no matter what she would make her guild to become the winner of the "Grand Magic Games"!


The members of the Fairy Tail A and B had made up their minds to work together to win this tournament. Their position was the lowest, but they didn't want to become the loser in this battle. Even though Infinite was a very strong opponent, they had a chance for reversal.

Each of them had learned about the weaknesses of some members such as Luffy and Korosensei. As long as they were the first ones who struck then their chance of winning would increase.

But they forgot one thing: that there was someone who couldn't be read with a strategy or anything and common sense was useless on him.

Natsu Dragneel.


His mouth was full of flame and he was ready to knock down all of the enemies while ignoring Mavis who had been telling the strategy that was about to be implemented on this event.



Kagura was silent and thought about the thing which Haru had told her yesterday.

'Erza, huh?'

Looking at Kagura who was silent, Arana, Risley, Beth, and Millianna weren't sure what to say and they also weren't sure how to help her since Kagura was in love with a married man. They wanted to support their friend, but they knew that this relationship was immoral, especially when the guy had a wife.


Their minds weren't on the match since the scene where Kagura kissed Haru's lips was etched into their minds deeply realizing that their pure girl had grown up. Though, they had to admit it was annoying when the guy who had made her grow up was a bastard!


"Men, let's do our best in this match!"

Ichiya raised his finger to the sky.

"Yes, Ichiya-san!"


"Listen, we need to get serious, or else we'll lose against Haru's team!" Kuroneko said.

They nodded and understood that Haru and almost everyone who participated in this tournament knew about the weakness of both Luffy and Korosensei.

"We're going to win no matter what!" Kuroneko shouted.


"Then who is the captain?"

Everyone looked at each other before making up their minds who would become the captain.


"Can I retire early?" Gintoki asked.


Haru wanted to say something but gave up since the match had started.