Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 916

Volume 1 Chapter 916 The Final Day 2

Fairy Tail knew that their only chance was to make Fairy Tail A the champion of this tournament. Even though Fairy Tail B was quite dissatisfied, their points weren't enough to become the champion of this tournament.

The maximum number of points which could be gotten by each team was 45 points, Fairy Tail B had only 20 points, even if they could get all of the points, it was impossible to become the champion.

Then the only thing which they could do in this situation was to work together to defeat all of the enemies in front of them. It might be a bit dirty, but considering how strong the enemy was, they felt that it was a reasonable strategy.



Fairy Tal A and Fairy Tail B combined their power to reverse their position from the last to the 1st; from zero to hero!

"I don't want to work together! We're all competitors! I'm going to win this tournament!" Natsu yelled.

Though, there was one person who would cause a mess in their team.


Infinite C, who owned 27 points felt quite strange since how they felt that they were weaker from last year. Last year, they were in 2nd place, but today they were in 5th place. They felt frustrated by it and that was why they were going to surprise everyone. They were going to defeat all of the competitors in this event besides Infinite A and Infinite B then became the champion of the tournament.

"Yosh, we're going to win this tournament!" Sting yelled.

Rufus, Sting, Yukino, and Rogue were ready to wreck apart this event.


Rufus nodded and jumped onto the rooftop. He put his finger on the temple, and the rest went on to fight against the enemy.


The rest of the members of the Mermaid Heel didn't move for a while, they were looking at Kagura, waiting for her order. They knew that rather than chasing after Haru, it was better to go for another team considering they were in the 3rd place in the "Grand Magic Games".

Kagura took a deep breath and said, "Let's go."

"Yes!" 4x


The members of the Lamia Scale also moved, but they didn't move together and went to the scatter ways. It wasn't that they were overconfident in their abilities, but that they believed in each other and they also believed in Jura who would bring them to victory.



"Ichiya-san!" 4x

"Everyone, let's go!"

"Yes, Ichiya-san!" 4x


"So what are you going to do now?" Teppei looked at Kuroneko.

"We're in 2nd place, and it is better to stay here for a while," Kuroneko said.

"Yes, but it seems that Luffy has gone by himself," Kouha said.


Kuroneko was surprised and asked, "Why didn't you stop him?!"

"You didn't ask." 3x


Kuroneko was speechless and sighed.

"It's alright. I'm sure that Gintoki is also going to give up quite early," Teppei said.

Hearing Teppei's words, they nodded and could see that Gintoki would give up quite early during this event.

"So are we going to wait here for a while?" Kuroneko asked.

"Aren't you the team leader?" Korosensei asked.

"W, well, but our opponent is Haru and Esdeath... So....." Kuroneko wasn't really confident that she was able to win against both of them.


"W, what?!"

Kouha's expression became serious and asked, "I know that Haru and Esdeath are strong, but...

"We're stronger!" 3x

Looking at the expression of the three of them, Kuroneko nodded and said, "Yes... We're stronger....." She looked at Kouha and said, "Even though I'm the leader, but Kouha..... You're the one with 5 points."

In this event, when someone defeats one person their team would receive 1 point, but if they defeat the team leader then they would get 5 points.

Kouha nodded and said, "Alright, believe in me." He thought about Haru and thought of a strategy to defeat him.

"Something is coming," Teppei said.


Rufus put his finger on his temple and said, "Memory-Make: A Night of Falling Stars!" Beams of lightning were sent out from his body to all of the participants beside his allies.


Looking at the beam of lightning which was about to approach them, Kouha raised his hand and redirected all of the beams which came to his and his team direction back to Rufus.


Kuroneko was surprised by this power and asked, "Is this gravity manipulation?"

Kouha nodded and said, "Yes, there are a lot of things which can be done by gravity."

Korosensei looked at Kouha and thought that it would be difficult to defeat him if Kouha decided to create a wall of gravity in his surroundings but luckily, they were teammates in this tournament.

"How about we move?" Teppi was quite bored.

Looking at each other, they didn't really mind moving out; however, they looked at Korosensei for a moment.

"W, what?!" Korosensei felt a bit nervous when everyone was looking at him.

"Don't get caught by Cana's magic again," Kuroneko said.

"T, that was an accident! It won't happen once again," Korosensei said with a fl.u.s.tered expression.


The three of them stared at Korosensei for a while and felt worried. They could see that Haru would use that weakness to win against Korosensei easily.


Rufus, who stood up calmly suddenly noticed the beam of lightning which he had sent out earlier was coming back in his direction. It wasn't only one, but there were a lot of them which made him quite surprised. Jumping several meters back, he dodged all of the beams of lightning which were about to attack him.


The roof that was hit was charred and destroyed.

Rufus sighed and thought that he was too naive. He knew who had sent his magic back and decided to target a small fry in the competition first. He remembered the ice magician from the Fairy Tail and thought that it would be a good target.


"Can I retire early?" Gintoki asked.


Haru wanted to say something but gave up since the match had started.


Shinobu was annoyed and put her blade on Gintoki's lower body.

"W, wait, wait! I'll defeat the enemy, of course! But then I'll retire when I'm defeated, alright?" Gintoki hurriedly said since his little brother was about to cut down.

Shinobu nodded and said, "I know that you don't like fighting, but at least, do your best for a while, Gintoki-san."

"Alright, alright, I know." Gintoki sighed and said, "I'll move now." He was about to move but stopped when he saw something bright in the sky.

Haru raised his hand and used his gravity magic to redirect that magic back to Rufus. His Kenbunshoku Haki helped him to know the location of everyone since with his power it was enough to see 2/3 parts of the town.

Gintoki sighed in relief when the danger had disappeared.

"We're going our separate ways in this battle, right?" Haru asked.

Tabane, Shinobu, and Esdeath nodded at the same time.

"Then, go. I'll be a supporter of this event," Haru said. He was the team leader and the points on his team were enough for him to lazy around and with the personality of the women in his team, he knew that they would be uncontrollable and wanted to be crazy. Then it was better to let them go wild while he took care of the rest.

"I'll go with Gin-chan," Haru said.

They nodded and agreed with his decision.

"Then, I'll give everyone a surprise first!"

Tabane summoned various missiles around her surroundings before she typed on the hologram keyboard at a very fast speed.


The missiles were shot and moved very fast toward the target; then Esdeath, Shinobu, and Tabane moved on their own toward the enemy.

Looking at Haru who walked toward him, Gintoki sighed in relief and said, "Thank you, Haru."

"No problem, let's just walk around the city. We might as well have an early afternoon tea in an empty cafe with warm tea and delicious sweets," Haru said.


Gintoki had never felt more grateful than before that he was part of Haru's team.