Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 917

Volume 1 Chapter 917 The Final Day 3

The movement of Fairy Tail A and Fairy Tail B was very fast and they met with the Blue Pegasus right away.

The 10 of them moved at the same time and defeated all of the members of the Blue Pegasus without hesitation.


"Ichiya-san!" 4x

The five members of the Blue Pegasus disappeared and were teleported right away.

"Hey, what do you mean by that?!" Natsu was annoyed when his target was stolen.

"Ha? You're too slow!" Gajeel said with a smirk.


Natsu and Gajeel stared at each other before saying "Hmph!" at the same time.

"We're going to fight each other! The last one inside that standing in this place is the winner!" 2x


Fairy Tail A and Fairy Tail B looked at each other for a moment. Even though Mavis had told them to work together, they didn't feel comfortable with it.

"That's true."

"Let's do that."


"I don't mind."

In the end, the two teams separated from each other since it wasn't their style to work together like this!


"Wait? Are you serious? You'll lose!" Mavis tried to remind them.


"It's alright! In the end, as long as we're the last one standing, then we're the winner!" Natsu said.

"Yeah!" 9x



Mavis sighed, but she knew that even if they couldn't be the number one, but if they were able became the last one who was standing on this event then they would win this event. They might lose the tournament, but they won the prestige of winning against everyone. She thought for a while and felt that it wasn't a bad idea.

"Alright, I'll support your decision, but...."

Mavis wanted to say something, but she noticed that all of the members of the Fairy Tail on the stadium were under bombardment from the bomb.


Fairy Tail A and Fairy Tail B hadn't moved quite far from each other and after dodged the magic from Rufus. They defeated all of the members of the Blue Pegasus, but then they noticed something was about to fall toward them.

Juvia and Gray knew very well about the thing which was about to fall toward them since they had experienced it first hand.

"Be careful! It's an explosion!" Gray shouted.

Natsu, Gajeel, and Laxus used their technique at the same time toward the missile which was about to hit them.

"Iron Dragon's Roar!"

"Fire Dragon's Roar!"

"Lightning Dragon's Roar!"


A huge explosion happened and the force behind this explosion pushed almost everyone on the Fairy Tail A and Fairy Tail B. Their teams were scattered since they were blown away by this explosion.

Such a huge explosion caused the attention of everyone in this town and they moved toward the source of explosion ready to grab their points!


Wendy and Lucy have been together since being blown away by the explosion.

"Ugh..." Lucy fell on her face showing her panties.

"A, are you alright, Lucy-san?" Wendy asked with a blush since she saw Lucy's panties were quite wild.

"I, I'm alright..." Lucy said after she stood up. Her clothes had become dirty but she could continue the battle. She looked around and asked, "Where's everyone?"

"I'm not sure." Wendy shook her head and said, "We might be separated."

Lucy looked at Wendy who seemed worried and knew that she needed to become the big sister for Wendy.

"Alright, then we need to do our best in this game!"


But then they felt the air start to feel cold.

"T, this is?!" Lucy turned and saw the nightmare she saw on the first day of the tournament.

"E, Esdeath....!"

"E, Esdeath-san!" Wendy was also scared since she knew about Esdeath's power.

Lucy and Wendy had turned into a lamb which was ready to be slaughtered.

Esdeath froze them without hesitation and forced them to teleport back.


Wendy and Lucy didn't even have a chance to fight back and lost.

Esdeath received two points for her team after she defeated them.

After Esdeath had defeated them, she jumped on the floating ice which she had made since a blast of purple energy was shot on her spot earlier. Dodging that attack, she looked at Mirajane who had transformed into Satan Soul: Sitri.

Esdeath smiled and said, "It seems that you're going to give me more fun than both of them."

"I'll defeat you," Mirajane said with a serious expression and flames started to surround her. She covered her entire body in flames and charged toward Esdeath.

Esdeath also didn't back down and faced Mirajane directly.



Beth, who was hiding, watched the battle between Mirajane and Esdeath. She thought that she had a chance to steal the points from Esdeath and Mirajane after they had gotten tired from their duel, but suddenly she was frozen and was forced to teleport.


Laxus was also separated from his team, but then he didn't expect to meet Luffy.

"Oh, I've found someone finally!" Luffy said with a smile. He had run around the town and finally and didn't meet anyone which annoyed him. It was also the reason why he was very happy when he had found someone.

Frowning, Laxus knew about Luffy since Luffy was the famous rubber man. He knew that Luffy was immune to lightning, but he wouldn't admit defeat because of that. Covering his entire body with lightning, he charged directly in front of Luffy at a very fast speed before slamming his fist right into Luffy's face.


Laxus felt strange since Luffy didn't avoid his attack, but then he saw Luffy's head was being stretched very long before in an instant Luffy's head appeared right in front of him slamming right into him.


Laxus, who was being headbutted by Luffy, was knocked to the ground and that confrontation caused a large crater.


Laxus felt that his head was bleeding and his head was almost cracked.

Luffy smiled and asked, "Is it done?"

Laxus gritted his teeth and punched the ground, standing up using all of his might.

"No, I'll defeat you!"


Gray and Juvia were together and Juvia was really happy with it, but then they met Rufus and Kuroneko.

"Rufus, I'll handle Juvia, you can handle the n.a.k.e.d one," Kuroneko said.

"Alright," Rufus said while looking at Gray.

Gray frowned and said, "Juvia, can you handle the girl."

"Yes, Gray-sama! Our love will defeat them!" Juvia said with a serious expression.





Gajeel and Natsu looked at both Rogue and Sting who appeared right in front of them.

"You're going to have revenge now?" Gajeel asked with a smirk.

"No, we're going to beat you up!" Sting said.

"Gajeel-san, I'll defeat you," Rogue said.

"I'm all fired up!" Natsu was excited.


Erza looked at the girl in front of her.



Kagura watched Erza with a serious expression.

Both of them looked at each other for a moment before starting to fight.


Teppei, who was walking randomly, didn't expect to meet his opponent last year.

"Teppei-dono, it has been a while," Jura said with a smile.

"Jura, it has been a while." Teppei nodded.

"I've been waiting for this moment. Let's exchange fists with each other," Jura said.

"Alright," Jura said.


Yuka and Toby were running away since Tabane had summoned her IS.

"W, what the hell is this!"


*Boom!* *Boom!* *Boom!*

Yuka and Toby kept running, but against IS they were helpless

Tabane folded her arms then looked at the loli who had fought against Wendy or something. She thought for a while and said, "Oh, you're that big b.r.e.a.s.ts loli."

"I'm not big b.r.e.a.s.t loli! I have a name! My name is Sherria!" Sherria refuted and took a deep breath. "I'll defeat you now!"


Then another Infinite Stratos appeared beside Tabane and it aimed toward Sherria.


"Attack her," Tabane said.

Silver Gospel looked at Sherria for a while before shooting down a rain of energy blast.

*Boom!* *Boom!* *Boom!*


Sherria screamed and regretted her decision to fight against Tabane.

Tabane was about to move again, but someone stopped right in front of her. She smiled and asked, "Kouha, what are you doing?"

"Tabane, we're a competition now. So..." Kouha said while holding a big sword on his arm.

Tabane smiled and said, "Good, then let's fight!"


Millianna, Cana, Shinobu, and Yukino met each other and also decided to fight each other.


(BGM: Doraemon no Uta).

"If I could do this, wouldn't it be nice? I have lots of dreams, but he makes them all come true with a mysterious pocket." 2x

Haru and Gintoki walked together while singing the "Doraemon" theme song.

Gintoki was quite nervous, but he felt quite relaxed when he sang this "Doraemon" theme song with Haru. He was about to continue but forgot. "Ah! I forgot the lyrics!"

"Just say 'tetetetetetete'," Haru said.

Gintoki nodded and sang, "Tetetetetetete."

But then...


Lyon and Orga fought to each other, but they stopped when they heard the song which was sung by Haru and Gintoki.

"Ah, please continue," Gintoki said and patted Haru's shoulder. "They seem busy. Let's go to another place."

"Good, but it seems that someone won't let us do that," Haru said and looked at someone who stood on the top of the light pole.

Following Haru's gaze, Gintoki started to pale and stumped. "K, Ko, Korosensei....?!"

"Nyuhuhuhuhu, I guess, you don't mind starting our lesson now, right, Haru?" Korosensei asked.

"Yes, let's start the lesson now!" Haru stomped the ground then appeared right in front of Korosensei, raising his fist to punch him out, but Korosensei suddenly appeared behind him.

*Swoosh!* *Swoosh!* *Swoosh!*

However, Haru quickly dodged Korosensei's attack.


Gintoki who watched this battle felt that the intensity of this battle wouldn't be lost to Goku's fight. He hid behind the wall to calm himself. He took a deep breath and started to sing the "Doraemon" theme song again. He really hoped that the fight between them would be over after he had finished this song.


The building where Gintoki was hiding had exploded and he plopped on the ground.


Gintoki yelled with all of his power!