Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 918

Volume 1 Chapter 918 The Final Day 4

Kuroneko didn't expect to meet Rufus, and both of them decided to work together when they met Juvia and Gray. She knew the result of the match between Gray and Rufus, but she wondered whether Rufus could change the fate with her beside him.

The fight between Rufus and Gray was quite fierce, but Rufus was quite calm using various magic using "Memory-Make".

But the fight between Kuroneko and Juvia also didn't lose to the duel between Rufus and Gray and they had attracted a lot of attention from the audience!

Juvia had mastered "water" magic which turned her into the water itself as long as she had magic power inside her body. She could control and generate water from her body which could be used to attack, trap, slip, etc the opponent.

"Water Lock!"

Juvia created a large bubble of water to trap Kuroneko inside, but Kuroneko's speed was so fast that Kuroneko could dodge Juvia's magic.

Kuroneko controlled a lot of monsters that were made after she enlarged the size microscopic fungus.

Juvia was startled by the disgusting monsters which suddenly appeared, but it wouldn't be enough to defeat her!

"Water Slicer!"

By swiping her arm, Juvia sent scythe-like blades of water toward the monsters which surround her.

*Slash!* *Slash!* *Slash!*

Juvia's magic might be made from water, but it was enough to cut down a hard rock or stone.

Kuroneko dodged all of Juvia's attack, and thought that she needed to get serious.

Juvia's body could turn into water and the physical attack was useless to her.

But Kuroneko knew what Juvia's weakness was.

Juvia saw that Kuroneko didn't move and used this chance to attack Kuroneko.


Juvia turned her entire body into the water and moved very fast toward Kuroneko. She surrounded Kuroneko with boiling water and intended to end this battle.

Kuroneko brought her hands to the sky and shouted, "Iron Hammer of the Thunder Emperor!" She evoked a colossal lightning bolt to strike the ground with tremendous force intended to defeat Juvia.


Juvia saw a blue blinding light that broke the roof of the building before it struck her down.


Juvia's body which turned into the water was electrified by this thunder and she lost consciousness.


Juvia closed her eyes and teleported after she had lost.

Kuroneko sighed in relief then she looked at Gray who had also defeated Rufus using ice magic.

"Ice-Make Unlimited: One Sided Chaotic Dance!"

Various weapons that were made from ice attacked Rufus at the same time and didn't give him a chance to copy everything into his memory.


Rufus lost and he was teleported.

But even if Gray had defeated Rufus, his body was ridden with wounds from the battle earlier. Looking at Kuroneko who seemed to be alright after fighting against Juvia. He knew that Kuroneko was a strong wizard, but as a magician of Fairy Tail; it wasn't his style to give up!


Gray looked at Kuroneko with a serious expression.

Kuroneko shook her head and sighed thinking that Rufus had lost against a "Nakama power".

'But I'm the one who is going to win!'

"Pursuit of the Lightning Beast!"

Three lightning bolts in the form of rabid beasts were summoned from the sky to strike down at Gray.


Gray shouted and put on his posture to create ice before shouting, "Ice-Make: Shield!" He created a large shield of ice in front of him.


Three lightning bolts hit the shield of ice in succession and it started to crack before it pulverized by Kuroneko's magic.

Gray quickly escaped and he was about to make the floor into ice to make Kuroneko slip, but he underestimated Kuroneko's speed.

"Flash Movement of the Thunder Emperor"

As if Kuroneko had turned into thunder, she appeared right behind Gray before she used another magic.

"Purge of the Thunder God!"

A massive burst of lightning was released from Kuroneko's hand and attacked right into Gray.



However, Gray gritted his teeth to bear this thunder and used his last power to attack Kuroneko.

"Ice-Make: Ice Hammer!"

A huge hammer appeared right in his hand and he slammed it right into Kuroneko.



The fight between Esdeath and Mirajane was very fierce. Both of them were very powerful, but Esdeath was even more powerful.

Even Mirajane's magic could destroy a lot of buildings and the area in the surrounding area, but in front of Esdeath's ice; it was meaningless.

Esdeath's ice was so tough and the temperature was so cold that it was close to sub-zero temperature.

Mirajane's body was full of wounds and part of her body was also frozen by ice, even though the flame had surrounded her body, but it wasn't enough to melt the ice which was released by Esdeath. Looking at Esdeath who sat on the floating ice throne while looking down on her, she felt very annoyed. Her true personality was quite short-tempered and she didn't like it when someone was looking down on her.

Bursts of powerful purple beams were released from Mirajane's body to strike down Esdeath, but Esdeath merely created a wall of ice right in front of her and easily blocked Mirajane's attack.

"I'm getting bored, how about I end this battle," Esdeath said.



Then suddenly a colossal ice block appeared in the sky.



The audience who saw how gigantic this ice block was could only open their mouths in awe.

The size of the ice block didn't lose to the size of meteorite which was brought by Kouha a few days ago rather it might be bigger than that meteorite.

"Big sis!" 2x

Elfman and Lisanna yelled in worry. Both of them knew how strong their big sister was and they believed in her, however, they didn't expect Mirajene to be this helpless in front of Esdeath.

However, Elfman and Lisanna were Mirajane's siblings, they believed in Mirajane until a colossal ice block which suddenly appeared in the sky and it was ready to slam down Mirajane into flat.


Mavis, Makarov, and the other members of Fairy Tail were frustrated by Esdeath.

Wendy and Lucy lost against Esdeath then Mirajane too?

Mavis who was a master of strategy could do nothing in this situation when the enemy had overwhelming power and all of her strategies turned useless.


Everyone shouted together hoping Mirajane would be alright and reversed the situation.


Looking at the colossal ice block which almost dropped right on the top of her, Mirajane knew that it was too late to escape. Her body was quite stiff from the coldness from Esdeath's ice, but she wouldn't give up! Her little sister, little brother, and everyone on the Fairy Tail were watching her and she wanted to give them a victory. Using all of the magic power within her body, she used all of it until the last drop before she slammed her fist into the ice block!


The hardness of the ice block which was made by Esdeath was harder than diamond, but the little fist of Mirajane created a little crack before it continued to the entire ice block.


The entire ice block was shattered into many large pieces by Mirajane's power.



Everyone shouted in excitement when they saw Mirajane was able to shatter that ice block.

"Big sis!" 2x

Lisanna, Elfman, and everyone on the Fairy Tail were happy and proud of Mirajane, but they forgot about something.


*Clap!* *Clap!* *Clap!*

Clapping her hands, Esdeath was amazed by Mirajane's power and if possible then she might want her into her army. "Hmm... amazing." Her eyes kept staring at the figure of Mirajane who was covered by her ice.

Hearing Esdeath's praise, Mirajane showed a proud and somehow arrogant expression that resembled how she was during her teen years.

"Then how about one more time?"


Then another block of ice appeared right on the top of Mirajane and this time it was even bigger than before.



Everyone turned silent before they heard a loud noise.