Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 919

Volume 1 Chapter 919 The Final Day 5


Everyone had turned quiet since Mirajane lost against Esdeath.

Mirajane was powerful, but Esdeath was a monster.

Even though everyone in the Fairy Tail often saw how powerful Gray was as an ice wizard, in front of Esdeath, that exhibitionist was nothing.

"T, there's still Erza! She's going to win against that Ice Queen!" Bisca said. She believed that Erza was able to defeat Esdeath since she knew how strong Erza was.

Hearing Bisca's words, everyone turned their attention toward Erza who fought against Kagura. The fight between the two of them was very fierce and it even destroyed a lot of buildings within Crocus.

Looking at their battle, Makarov had heard that Kagura wanted to have revenge against Jellal, but he was wondering whether that revenge even spread toward Erza.


Erza and Kagura fought each other and both of them also argued with each other about what Jellal had done to everyone and Kagura's older brother who was known as Simon.

Even after what Haru had told him yesterday, Kagura had made up her mind to have her revenge against Jellal no matter what!

Erza didn't mind Kagura's revenge on Jellal, but she didn't want Kagura to bring Millianna to her revenge.

The battle between the two of them was enviable and no one could stop until one of them was defeated!


Mirajane had lost, Esdeath didn't stay there any longer and searched for another target since the competition had just started!


Breathing heavily, Kuroneko didn't expect the power of "Nakama" to be so powerful. It took her quite a long time before she was able to defeat Gray.


Kuroneko heard a loud sound, but she was inside a building and she didn't really know what had happened outside.

Gray was teleported after losing.

Kuroneko thought to rest and sat down on the ground until suddenly she felt quite chilly then she suddenly noticed part of her body started to freeze!

Kuroneko had a bad forbearing feeling and knew instantly who had come toward her. Hearing stepping heels that came closer, she hurriedly stood up and turned to see her new opponent!


"E, Esdeath!!!"

Kuroneko had a pale expression on her face.

Smiling, Esdeath said, "Oh, Kuroneko, I didn't know you were here.'


Kuroneko was 100% sure that Esdeath knew that she was inside this building and that was why Esdeath was coming to this place. She hoped that someone would save her, but even if someone didn't come then she would try her best to defeat Esdeath here!

"Purge of the Thunder God!"

Kuroneko attacked Esdeath with a massive burst of lightning before she turned and started to run.

"Flash Movement of the Thunder God!"

Her body turned into lightning and she was about to run since she thought that it was simply impossible to fight Esdeath head-on and decided to retreat, but she noticed that her legs were frozen. She tried to break the ice on her legs by using her thunder, but the ice kept regenerating on her legs until her thunder couldn't break the ice again.

"Why are you running?" Esdeath asked.


Kuroneko took a deep breath and said, "W, well, can you make it quick?" She sighed and she knew that she had lost. It was better to admit her loss quickly since she was too tired to do more battle, especially with Esdeath.

Then Esdeath granted her wish and quickly defeated Kuroneko.

Kuroneko sighed and she realized that she was only a normal human who had just learned magic for a year. She felt that it was too early for her to fight Esdeath who was a warrior from her childhood and kept fighting until now.


Looking at Kuroneko who had teleported away, Esdeath chuckled before she heard the sound of sword clash. She was curious and jumped toward the roof of the building before she saw the fight between Erza and Kagura.

Esdeath knew Erza and Kagura very well since Erza had been defeated by her husband's lewd magic, and the other one had an ambiguous relationship with her husband.

Esdeath didn't hesitate and decided to join their fight!


"Kuroneko has decided to give up?" Kuzuha was surprised.

"It's a wise decision." 3x

Sumire, Charlotte, and Tsunade thought that Kuroneko was smart to escape right away from Esdeath. They didn't understand how Haru decided to marry Esdeath, but they had to admit that Esdeath was scary and very strong.

Hearing their answer, Kuzuha didn't say too much since she hadn't read "Akame Ga Kill" since she was only 11 years old and "Akame Ga Kill" could only be read when she was little older. She needed to be older to be able to read that manga to see why Esdeath was so powerful and scary.


The Fairy Tail who was watching the fight on the hologram screen suddenly turned pale when they saw someone who was about to come to the fight between Erza and Kagura.

"Let's hope that both Erza and Kagura can fight together against that woman," Mavis said with serious expression.

They nodded and thought that Esdeath was too much of a cheating existence!


"I, I lost...."

Jura dropped to the ground before he was teleported back.

Teppei sighed and his clothes were a bit dirty after he had fought against Jura. From his location, he knew that there was a lot of fight which happened around his surroundings and thought about which place he should go.

However, when he was about to take a step suddenly he heard a cheerful song that was sung with a depressed voice. He felt a bit weird, but when he saw the one who sang this song, he didn't feel that surprise anymore.

"Ah ah ah I love you very much, Doraemon.

"Ah ah ah I love you very much, Doraemon."


Teppei was speechless, looking at Gintoki who squatted on the ground while holding his head with both of his hands.

"Oi, Gintoki."

Teppei greeted Gintoki without hesitation.


Gintoki stopped his song since he was surprised but then he noticed Teppei. He sighed in relief and said, "It isn't that I'm surprised or anything. I'm just not used to someone suddenly calling me during a battlefield, alright? Let me remind you again that I'm not scared!"


Teppei wasn't sure what to say for a moment and asked, "Battlefield?"

"Uh? Yeah, you might not be able to see it since the fight is very fast," Gintoki said and pointed his finger at the fight between Korosensei and Teppei.

The earth was as if it had been turned over, but the figure of Haru and Korosensei kept flashing from one place to another which somehow made Gintoki's eyes hurt. His song was about to end, but suddenly Teppei startled him which disturbed his song so it made him needed to sing the "Doraemon" theme song once again.

Teppei wasn't surprised by Korosensei's speed, but he was surprised by Haru's speed since it seemed that Haru was able to match Korosensie's speed.

'No, it seems Haru's reaction was faster.'

That was the truth since Haru's speed was slower than Korosensei and he also needed to use his "Kenbonshoku Haki" to support his lack of speed to fight against Korosensei.

Teppei was wondering whether he should come and join their fight, but then he heard this strange song again.

"This sort of thing is good.

"I wish I could do it.

"That sort of dream, this sort of dream, I have many of them but all of them, all of them, all of them..."

Teppei could see that Gintoki was running away from reality, but somehow he also understood Gintoki's feelings at this moment.


Looking at Luffy who was picking his nose, Laxus became angrier. His temper was quite good after he had returned from Tenrou Island, but against Luffy; he was helpless.

Throwing the bogger on his finger, Luffy was quite bored and wondering whether he should end this battle.


Laxus felt as if something had broken inside and he used all of his power on this attack.

"Lightning Dragon's Roar!"

Laxus released his magic energy into a concentrated, destructive blast that destroyed all of the buildings in front of him.


However, Luffy continued to pick his bogger since it seemed that there was still bogger inside his nose.