Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 920

Volume 1 Chapter 920 The Final Day 6

Laxus was wondering whether he was dreaming since all of his attacks were useless, but he couldn't escape from the relaty since his attack was really useless on Luffy!

Luffy was someone who had eaten "Gomu Gomu no Mi" which had turned him into a rubber man and that had made him to both immune to blunt attacks and electricity.

But that wasn't the main point, the main point was that most of Laxus's attacks revolved from his fists and electricity that meant all of his attack was useless on Luffy.

No matter how hard or powerful his magic was as long as it didn't have a property of sharpness or unless Laxus mastered "Busoshoku Haki" or mastered water magic then he could do nothing against Luffy no matter how strong his Lightning Dragon Slayer Magic was.

"Roaring Thunder!"

Laxus rushed at Luffy and released a large burst of lightning from his fist with the intention of heavily damaging and electrocuting Luffy, whilst also pushing him away with immense force but...

Luffy's body stretched out before he knocked Laxus down again!


Laxus had forgotten how many times that he had been knocked out by Luffy, but he kept standing up no matter how many times he had fallen since he needed to win this tournament or else he wouldn't able to face everyone on the Fairy Tail!

Standing up, Laxus emitted a lightning which was stronger than that started to surround his entire body. He was ready to fight against Luffy again. He didn't give up and he thought as long as he hit harder and made his lightning stronger then he would win against Luffy this time!

However, Luffy faced an electricity user who was stronger than Laxus.


Enel is the former "God" of Skypiea and the main antagonist of the Skypiea Arc, as well as a major antagonist of the Sky Island Saga. He has eaten "Goro Goro no Mi" which has turned him into a "Lightning Human".

Unlike Enel, Laxus's lightning was lukewarm.

But Luffy had to appreciate Laxus's guts and thought that he should give his best to defeat Laxus. "Blonde guy, I'll defeat you now."

"Blonde guy...."

Laxus was speechless when Luffy didn't even remember his name which somehow made himself wanted to defeat Luffy no matter what!


Luffy put his fist on the ground before saying, "Gear 2nd!" His body started to redden and also generated heat. He pumped blood on his body to make himself stronger and faster; and he also turned his right hand into black activating "Busoshoku Haki".

After Luffy had entered a quest several times, he had also learned a lot of things from Haru about "Haki". Even though he didn't read his own story, Haru often told him to learn more about "Haki", "Devil Fruit", and some techniques in the world of One Piece. He didn't mind it since it would make him stronger without and it was all good since he didn't want to lose his family again. He needed to get stronger to protect everyone from his friends, crew, and the people he cared about!

"Gomu Gomu no Red Hawk!"

Luffy's arm c.o.c.ked back, his arm ignited, releasing a stream of fire.

Laxus, who was about to slam Luffy, was suddenly startled when Luffy appeared suddenly right in front of him. He was about to stop Luffy, but he was too late.

Luffy punched his fist into Laxus's body and created a fiery explosion.


Laxus, who was punched, was blown away and destroyed many buildings in the process before the force from Luffy's attack stopped. When he stopped, he couldn't stand up and passed out on the ground, losing his battle against Luffy.


"L, Laxus has been defeated by Luffy!" Chapati shouted excitedly since one of the strongest members of Fairy Tail had lost against the member of the Infinite!

Yajima only nodded and thought that it was a result which he had predicted since he didn't think Laxus was able to defeat Luffy, especially when Laxus was someone who used lightning magic.



The members of the Fairy Tail closed their eyes and sighed.

Mirajane, Lucy, Wendy, Laxus, Gray, and Gray Juvia were defeated.

There was only Natsu, Gajeel, Erza, and Cana who stayed on the tournament which somehow made them quite pessimistic about the result.

"What are you afraid of?! We're Fairy Tails! We need to believe in our family!" Makarov shouted.

Hearing their master's words, everyone felt a bit shocked but nodded.


"This result is better than before!"

"Everyone has become stronger!"

The members who didn't disappear from the past seven years knew that even if they lost, the battle prowess which was shown by everyone had increased the prestige of their guild!

They felt that it was enough and they knew that the glory of Fairy Tail in the past had returned once again!





"DON'T LOSE!!!!!!!"

Mavis was silent thinking about the strategy which she could use to help everyone, but the combat power of the members of the Infinite was very strong which made her helpless since she wasn't sure what to do to support the members of the Fairy Tail.

Mavis took a deep breath and tried to calm herself, thinking that being panicked wouldn't help her since the only thing which she could do was to believe in her family!



*Psh!* *Psh!* *Psh!*


Tabane had taken out all of the weapons within her arsenal to attack Kouha. She also used two Infinite Stratos to attack him after it had defeated Yuka, Toby, and Sherria but...


All of the attacks which were sent by Tabane were useless on Kouha.

Kouha used gravity barriers around his surroundings to bounce off incoming projectiles back toward Tabane which made her quite troubled.

Tabane couldn't think of a way to defeat Kouha since all her attacks were useless. She thought for a while and decided to retreat since she didn't see a chance to win, but suddenly she felt that her body was being attracted by something.


"Don't run away," Kouha said with a smile. He used his gravity to attract everything on his surroundings from IS, weapons which had been brought by Tabane, various buildings, etc.

Gravity is one of the four fundamental forces and of course, it is a very strong power. Unless someone is also a master at gravity magic or has gravity immunity then it is very difficult to fight against someone who has mastered gravity manipulation.

Everything was gathered together and Tabane couldn't escape Kouha's ability. She sighed and thought that she was weaker than she had thought.

Even though Tabane was able to develop an IS or the strongest weapon in her world, it was difficult for her to fight against a strong magician or ability owner such as Kouha, especially when this guy's ability was to manipulate gravity.

"I lost, Kouha," Tabane said while puffing her cheek and felt annoyed. Even though she had lost, she admitted it directly, however, she still hated it when she lost.

"Well, I don't want to hurt you after all," Kouha said and stopped his ability.

When Tabane felt the power of Kouha had disappeared, she collected all of the weapons and her IS before being teleported after she had said that she lost against Kouha, but before that, she said, "But I will win next time and Haru will have his revenge on me!"

Kouha nodded with a smile hearing her declaration.

"But Haru, huh?"

Kouha looked at the battlefield in the distance and saw the fight between Haru, Korosensei, and Teppei. He thought that he should also join this battle to defeat Haru since this guy was very tricky opponent, but along the way, he heard a cheerful song which was sung with quite a depressed voice.




Shinobu swung her sword and destroyed the card which was thrown at her. She knew that Cana was around this place, but she could defeat that girl later since she needed to defeat the opponent in front of her.

Yukino used Libra to trap Millianna and looked at Shinobu, ready to support her.

Shinobu nodded and moved very fast to defeat Millianna.

But at this moment, Cana who was in the battle decided to use her trump card without hesitation!


Then a huge light beam was shot from the sky toward Yukino, Millianna, and Shinobu at the same time!


Looking at the explosion which had happened, Cana came out from her hiding place and sighed in relief. In this event, she had seen a lot of crazy things such as colossal ice blocks, thunder from the sky, etc. She thought the power of the guild member of the Infinite was much stronger than she had expected. She was about to walk away, but then she heard a sound of footsteps. She hurriedly turned and was surprised when she saw one person was alright after taking "Fairy Glitter" directly.


"Surprise?" Shinobu said with a smile on her face.