Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 921

Volume 1 Chapter 921 The Final Day 7

Shinobu had escaped the "Fairy Glitter" which was used by Cana earlier. When she attacked Millianna earlier, she didn't use her real body rather she created a body clone using his poison manipulation. Of course, she wouldn't explain this to Cana who seemed confused by this situation.

Cana was confused, but then she noticed there was a lot of Shinobu who suddenly appeared on her surroundings. But she was smart enough and realized that Shinobu was able to create a clone or an illusion. She wasn't sure whether it was a clone or illusion since she didn't know much about Shinobu's magic.

But whatever, Fairy Tai's magician was quite rare to use their heads and she was the same. She was going to blast away Shinobu and win the match.

"Thunderbolt's Fate!"

Cana placed "Lightning," "Reverse Tower" and "Lovers" cards on top of each other, combining them and subsequently generating a massive electric shock that could strike multiple targets.

*Bzzt!* *Bzzt!* *Bzzt!*

Those electric shocks caused Shinobu's clone to disappear, but when it disappeared it turned into a purple mist that surrounded the entire area.


Looking at this purple mist, Cana had a foreboding feeling, but it was too late since she had inhaled some of those purple mists.


Suddenly Cana dropped on the ground and felt very sleepy. But she forced herself to stay conscious. Then she heard the sound of footsteps and knew instantly that this sound should have come from Shinobu.

"I, is this poison?"


Cana knew that she had been trapped from the beginning and it frustrated her. She passed out then she was forced to teleport since she had lost.

Looking at Cana who was teleported, Shinobu had to admit that Cana was quite strong but compared to the thing which she had faced in the past, Cana was nothing. She knew that her power revolved around poison and if she could master it better then it might be possible to help everyone.

The battle in this place had ended, Shinobu looked around and wanted to help Haru, but then she saw Luffy running toward her.


Luffy waved his hand with smile and passed directly through the purple mist which had surrounded the area, but he didn't pass out and continued to run toward Shinobu.


Shinobu was speechless, but she also understood that Luffy's body had a lot of antibodies of poison since Luffy had also fought a "human poison" in the world of One Piece. She sighed and thought that it was too early to fight against Luffy.

"I lost Luffy."

Then Shinobu decided to teleport since she had lost against Luffy.


Luffy tilted his head and didn't understand what was happening, but it seemed that he had won.


Erza and Kagura had fought with each other.

Their fight was so fierce that it destroyed a lot of buildings, and Kagura showed an upper hand even though she hadn't taken out her sword.

Then when Kagura saw an opening, she didn't show mercy and took out her sword ready to slay down Erza!

Erza understood Kagura's feelings, but she wouldn't want to offer her life for it. She changed her armor and deflected Kagura's sword.

Both of them fought once again with Erza using the "Talk no Jutsu" which didn't lose to Naruto and she used it to preach Kagura.

Kagura then realized that Erza was the one who had helped her from the Cult of Zeref. She was glad following Haru's words and understood that she had met someone who had helped her during her childhood time. She started to cry then a large piece of debris suddenly dropped from the top of the building.

Erza pushed Kagura away to save her, but her body was trapped.


Kagura hurriedly helped Erza and pushed away from the debris which pressed Erza's body.

"Thank you..."

The relationship between the two of them became closer when they found out that they had met each other during childhood time and Erza had also helped Kagura in the past.

The relationship between the two of them was amended, but suddenly the temperature started to turn chilly before it almost froze them.

Kagura and Erza who wore skimpy clothes felt really cold, but they knew that a strong enemy had arrived in front of them. Looking at Esdeath who was in front of them, both of them knew that they needed to work together or else...

Esdeath looked at Kagura and asked, "Do you want to date my husband too?"


Erza opened her mouth in awe and didn't expect Kagura to do such a thing.

Kagura blushed and held her sword. She looked at Esdeath and said, "I, I'm sorry, but I can't give up on him!"

"Hmm... Interesting, but can you do that?" Esdeath asked with a smile.


Snapping her fingers, Esdeath turned all of the surrounding areas into ice in an instant, but both Erza and Kagura used their swords to deflect the ice which almost froze them and jumped on the sky to avoid the ice.


Erza felt that this matter was quite complicated, but she knew that she needed to help Kagura.

"I will help you."

"Thank you," Kagura said.

"Good, two of you are against me, don't make me bored and scream!"

Esdeath charged towards both of them!


Haru and Korosensei fought each other.

Haru tried to attack Korosensei, but Korosensei was always able to dodge him.

Korosensei was the same and tried several times to attack Haru, but all of his attack was being dodged by Haru.

Both of them fully showed their speeds and their reaction speed in this battle!

Lyon and Orga, who had been battling nearby, were also blasted away by Korosensei and Haru and teleported away.

Korosensei and Haru didn't care about them since once they lost their focus they would lose in an instant.

Haru didn't want to use this technique, but he knew that it was effective against Korosensei.

"Harem Cage!"

Then various beautiful women suddenly appeared and surrounded Haru and Korosensei.

Korosensei suddenly realized that Haru had disappeared, but he couldn't think straight since he saw a lot of hot women giving him flying kisses and winks.


Korosensei had a river of nosebleeds from his nose since this group of women were very s.e.xy and tried to tempt him. His mind was in a mess, especially when those women started to move closer and he could even feel bouncy b.r.e.a.s.ts on his back.

Haru had added gravity magic to his illusion which gave them a texture so Korosensei would feel how soft the bodies of those women were.

"Korosensei, you're so handsome."

"Korosensei, can you play with us?"


Korosensei knew that it was Haru's technique, but he had never thought that Haru was able to use such a dangerous technique.

"D - Dammit! I, I won't fall for this trick!"


Teppei and Gintoki who heard Korosensei utter those words could only be speechless since Korosensei's words didn't match with his action!

Then when Korosensei made an opening, Haru quickly sent a blow to defeat Korosensei, however, a thick tree suddenly appeared and blocked Haru's attack.

Haru jumped back and the illusion which he had cast also disappeared then he couldn't help but sigh when he looked at someone who had joined the battle.

"Korosensei, you shouldn't be careful," Teppei said.

"I'm sorry, but Haru is a very tough opponent," Korosensei said with a serious expression before he wiped the blood on his nose.

"Let's defeat him together," Teppei said.


Korosensei nodded and looked at Haru. "Sorry, Haru. This is competition after all."


"Then add me too."

Then Kouha also appeared and stood beside Korosensei and Teppei.


Gintoki was speechless.

'Kouha, Teppei, and Korosensei....'

Gintoki knew that Haru was powerful, but he didn't think that Haru was able to face three of the powerhouses in the "group chat".

Haru took a deep breath and calmed himself. He knew that he needed to use that or else...


"UWOOOOO! Haru has been cornered by Teppei, Korosensei, and Kouha!" Chapati was very excited.

"What is he going to do in this situation?" Mato asked.

"This is going to be a difficult fight," Yajima said, but he also wasn't sure whether Haru was able to win this battle or not since it would be a hard fight and he was also curious what kind of decision that Haru would make at this moment.

No one could look away since they were waiting for their confrontation.

Haru would be fighting against Teppei, Korosensei, and Kouha alone without the help of his allies.

One versus three!

Some people could already tell who was the winner of this battle, but somehow they had a feeling that Haru would show them something in this battle which made the result of the battle very hard to predict.


"So, what are you going to do Haru?" Kouha asked with a smile.

Teppei and Korosensei were v.i.r.g.i.ns and Haru's "pleasure magic" wouldn't be that effective against them.

However, Teppei, Korosensei, and Kouha didn't lose their focus since they knew how cheating the power of harem protagonist was.

Gintoki also wasn't sure what to do, but suddenly he heard a voice that made him goosebumps on his entire body.


Haru's figure along with everything in the surroundings started to become a bit strange and hazy.

Everyone felt chilly and their minds felt a bit confused before suddenly the sky turned dark and eerie at the same time, giving them goosebumps at the same time.

"Haunted World!"