Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 924

Volume 1 Chapter 924 The Final Day 10

The fight between Haru and Luffy against Natsu and Gajeel had started!

Luffy and Gajeel started to move and both of them exchanged their fists, but quickly Gajeel realized that his attack was useless on Luffy since all of his fists were quickly bounced away when it touched Luffy's skin rather Luffy's punch was full of impact and each of them was very painful which made Gajeel frown.

In this clash, Luffy didn't even use "Busoshoku Haki" since he felt that he didn't think that he needed to do so.

'If punch didn't work then....!'

"Iron Dragon's Lance: Demon Logs!"

Gajeel turned his arm into a large spearhead, from which a large number of iron spears were fired towards Luffy multiple times in rapid succession.

*Swoosh!* *Swoosh!* *Swoosh!*

Dodging all of Gajeel's attack, Luffy only moved his body slightly and seemed very easy for him to fight against Gajeel. Then his fist turned dark and he punched it right into Gajeel's face since he felt that it was better to end this battle quickly.


Gajeel felt that his face trembled when he received this punch. He felt that his jaw was almost broken, and he was knocked out to several building away by a single punch of Luffy, but he quickly got up and sent out another attack.

"Iron Dragon's Roar!"

When Gajeel was thrown, he released a powerful tornado from his mouth, which possessed incredible blunt force along with sharp metal shards that were capable of shredding the opponent's body.

But Luffy appeared right in front of Gajeel and punched him again.


Gajeel was wondering whether he was going to lose again, but he wouldn't let that happen!


When Gajeel was about to blow away Luffy's punches again, he created a spike onto his heel to bear the impact before sending his counterattack.

"Karma Demon: Iron Spiral!"

Gajeel transformed his legs into a giant drill that rotated at high speed, giving it exceptional piercing power, heavily damaging whatever it struck.

But Luffy didn't dodge Gajeel's attack, rather he faced it directly.

"Gear 2nd!"

Luffy's body started to redden and smoke was released from his body. His arms turned black and hardened his arms.

"Gomu Gomu no Hawk Rifle!"

Luffy twisted his arm to create a spinning punch and increased power then sent that attack right into Gajeel.


Gajeel's body was hard because he was Iron Dragon Slayer and his body was as hard as an iron, but Luffy's arms were harder because he had mastered "Busoshoku Haki".

Gajeel and Luffy could feel the attack of each other was very strong, but they wouldn't give up!

Gajeel kept rotating his legs trying to defeat Luffy, but because of the clash with Luffy's attack, his attack was clearly weakened. He tried to hold the pain on his body to defeat Luffy since he knew that it was his only chance.

However, Gajeel clearly underestimated Luffy's durability. Even though Luffy was weak against something sharp, his durability was very hard because of his "Busoshoku Haki".

Then Luffy continued with his attack to defeat Gajeel.

"Gomu Gomu no Hawk Gatling!"

Luffy kept punching Gajeel without stopping and the speed of his fists was so fast that it couldn't be seen by eyes.

*Baam!* *Baam!* *Baam!*

Gajeel was thrown before passed out because of Luffy's attack.

When Luffy was over with his battle, Haru also had ended with his battle against Natsu.


Natsu and Haru fought against each other.

Natsu had never used his mind since his battle instinct was very high and he fought like a wild animal, but all of that attack had been read by Haru and easily dodged by Haru.

In just a moment, Natsu's face was full of wounds and bruised because of Haru's punches.


Natsu could see a smile from Haru which really annoyed him.

"Fire Dragon's Roar!"

Natsu released a large amount of fire from his mouth right into Haru.


The fire was so powerful that it blew a lot of houses, but Haru didn't avoid Natsu's attack.

Natsu thought that it was over, but then a hand appeared from that fire grabbing his head before slamming it right into the ground.


Haru had only realized that his body from Aquaman was stronger than he had thought. Not to mention his strength, but his durability was very strong especially against energy-based attacks. Natsu's fire did nothing to him and it didn't even burn him. He was perfectly alright and continued to beat up Natsu like a pinata.

But was Natsu going to give up? Of course not!

"Fire Dragon's Brilliant Flame!"

Natsu generated a fire on both of his hands and then joined them, creating a unique, larger flame and slamming it at Haru.


Natsu's technique was so powerful that it created a very massive and destructive explosion but it wasn't enough!

Natsu received another punch from Haru right into his cheek. He suddenly thought about Sting who he had beaten and his situation was similar right now.


Natsu gritted his teeth and continued to fight back. His family, friends, and all of them believed in him and he couldn't betray their expectations!

"Crimson Lotus: Fire Dragon's Fist!"

Natsu ignited his fists with large, light spheres and then charged Haru. He was about to send a barrage of fists but suddenly realized that his arms had been separated from his body.


Not only his arms, his head, legs, and body were dismembered into pieces before she dropped to the ground.


Haru was too lazy to fight against Luffy and ended the battle using "Sticky Fingers"; and separated Natsu's body into several parts.


At that moment, everyone knew that Fairy Tail had lost and the winner of this battle was Infinite.

Everyone on the Fairy Tail sighed, they were a bit surprised by Gajeel who had lost against Luffy, but they were staggered when they saw Natsu's body was separated into several parts by Haru. They could see that Natsu's body was dismembered by a zipper, but they sighed in relief when they saw Natsu was alright.



Natsu couldn't say anything again since his mouth was closed by zipper, and not only his mouth, his ears, and eyes were also closed. His nose was the only thing that wasn't closed by zipper.

After ending the battle with Natsu, Haru looked at Luffy who had ended his battle with Gajeel.



Everyone looked at this battle with anticipation. They knew that this battle was far from over, they wanted to see the battle between Haru and Luffy which was about to begin!


Haru and Luffy faced each other before an invisible force was released from Luffy's body.


Haru felt an attack on his spirit, but he also released this invisible force toward Luffy too.


Both of them released their "Haoshoku Haki" at the same time causing the sky to turn dark and thunder kept striking down on various places.

*Rumble!* *Rumble!* *Rumble!*

Esdeath who watched this confrontation turned serious since she didn't expect "Haoshoku Haki" to be this powerful since she was also affected by it. Her power was lowered which made her realize that "Haoshoku Haki" could be used other than defeating the small fries.

"Gear 4nd!"

It wasn't perfect, but Luffy felt that he couldn't win against Haru if he didn't use it.

Luffy coated his arm in "Busoshoku Haki" before biting into his forearm. Similar to how he activated Gear 3rd, he blew an incredible amount of air into his body, but this time he inflated his muscular structure before distributing the air throughout his body, with emphasis on his upper half.

In this form, he was able to utilize his rubber property even if he used his "Busoshoku Haki".



Then both of them moved at the same time exchanged blow after blow.


"Gomu Gomu no Kong Gun!"

Haru raised his arm to block this attack, but he was blown away.


After crashing into several buildings, Haru stood up and sent out a powerful punch right into Luffy's cheek.


Luffy also crashed into several buildings, but he quickly got up again. He only had a limited time to fight using Gear 4rd, and he needed to defeat Haru as soon as possible.

Haru knew that he was able to defeat Luffy's quickly with his "Horo Horo no Mi" or "Sticky Fingers", but he wanted to face Luffy using his physical ability. He knew that Luffy didn't have a "Nakama power", but Luffy owned a "protagonist aura"!

However, Haru also owned a "harem protagonist aura" and he felt that it was good to test his power, but the moment he punched Luffy's body. His punch bounced away, he was about to punch Luffy's again, but he was being countered by Luffy's new technique!

Luffy compressed both fists into arms, then moved his arms horizontally in a rapid fashion, with the afterimages giving the impression of two extra pairs of arms being materialized.

"Gomu Gomu no Kong Organ!"

Then Luffy released a flurry of continuous heavy punches.




No one was able to say anything since this confrontation was crazier than anything which they had ever seen.

The physical strength of Haru and Luffy was very strong and they were able to destroy a lot of buildings and created a large crater with only a single punch, but they knew that the battle was about to over....


Even if Luffy's speed was very fast, Haru could read all of Luffy's attacks.

In terms of Kenbunshoku Haki, Haru was stronger than Luffy and his speed was faster than Luffy. If Luffy wanted to defeat Haru then Luffy needed to become stronger.

Dodging Luffy's attack, Haru prepared to punch Luffy using all of his power. Adding the power of gravity magic, then coating his arm in Busoshoku Haki; and lastly, he fastened his speed with light magic before he sent out a powerful barrage of punches right into Luffy.


Haru's clothes were blown away because of the force of his punches!


They were lost for words after watching this battle.

Then Esdeath who was floating in the air erased the ice throne before falling from the sky.

Haru caught Esdeath in his arms in perfect catch.

Then when Luffy lost consciousness after he was thrown a kilometers away from the battlefield, Esdeath kissed Haru's cheek telling everyone that the battle was over.


Looking at Luffy who had lost consciousness, Haru was wondering whether all of them were able to defeat the dragon which was about to appear in this world.

But no one knew about the danger which was about to happen since everyone started to cheer so loud that it was enough to shake the entire stadium.

Everyone knew that at that moment, Infinite Guild had shown their sovereigns as the strongest guild within the Kingdom of Fiore!