Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 925

Volume 1 Chapter 925 Eclipse Gate

After the "Grand Magic Games", everyone cheered in excitement when the champion of this tournament had been decided.

Infinite B!

Everyone remembered Haru, Esdeath, Tabane, Shinobu, and Gintoki who were the members of the team.

Kuroneko, Korosensei, Kouha, Teppei, and Luffy sulked since they had lost, but they had to admit that Haru's power was troublesome, especially his power from "Horo Horo no Mi".

When Haru turned into "astral mode", it was simply impossible to attack him and unless they had the power to attack a soul or something. They didn't have that kind of power and it was practically impossible to defeat him!

The battle was over, but it didn't mean that everything was over. The battle earlier had caused them to consume a lot of their stamina and they also had a lot of wounds on their bodies.

If there weren't Tsunade and Sumire beside them, then it would be hard for them to recuperate quickly before the next event.

"Haru, I'm hungry...."

Luffy latched onto Haru and his stomach growled really loud. Even though he had lost against Haru before, it was from a fair fight, but their relationship was very good. However, next time, he would definitely win against Haru, but for now, he wanted to eat the food which was cooked by Haru!


Everyone was in the same state and they were very hungry right now. Thinking about the food which was cooked by Haru, all of them became hungry.

They wanted to end the ceremony quickly, but the ceremony was over and the king of the Kingdom of Foire came and asked them for help.

"Please help us!"

Touma asked the entire guild who had participated in this "Grand Magic Games".


Everyone was confused, and some of them were full of wounds, but they decided to help the King.

"Well, it seems that we need to postpone our dinner," Haru said.



The sound of heartbreak could be heard from Luffy and his face turned pale, but when he was about to say something, he felt that his shoulders were patted by someone.

"Just give up." 2x

Teppei and Korosensei said at the same time.


Luffy plopped on the ground with a loud sound from his stomach telling everyone that he was hungry, but he knew that they had something more important to do after this.

Haru was about to go, but someone stopped him.

"Kasugano, before we go, can you return Natsu to normal first?" Makarov suddenly came behind him and asked.

Looking at Natsu who was being dismembered by zipper and his mouth, eyes, and ears were also closed by zipper, Haru only remembered it now and returned Natsu back to normal.

"Bastard! Let's fight ag--"

Natsu was knocked by Makarov after turning his fist into a giant.


"Be quiet!"

Makarov looked at Haru and said, "I'm sorry for him."

"No problem, I don't care much."

Waving his hand, Haru said, "I'll go now." Esdeath walked toward him and took his hand to walk toward the location where the King of Kingdom of Fiore told them.


Makarov nodded with a smile and looked at Haru's back. Somehow Haru made him remember his youth when his handsome appearance was known as the most handsome man in the Kingdom of Fiore and he was always also surrounded by a lot of beautiful women.

If someone knew what Makarov was thinking then they would barf without hesitation.


Central City Square of Crocus, the Li Ying Cristal.

Everyone who was participating in the "Grand Magic Games" was gathered at this place and Toma the King of the kingdom of Fiore told them what had happened to this kingdom.

Toma told everyone that this kingdom would be attacked by 10,000 dragons and he hoped for them to help this kingdom.

"Please I hope that you can help us!"

Toma bowed his head and hoped that they would be able to help this kingdom.

"Of course!"

Everyone answered at the same time. They heard the request from the king directly and they also loved this kingdom. They would do their best to protect this kingdom from the dragons.

They were told that Eclipse Gate was a weapon that would be used to defeat 10,000 dragons that were about to come to this kingdom.

The members of Infinite were also gathered in this place, but they were staying on the side and didn't join the conversation between various guilds with the king about the 10,000 dragons which were about to attack this kingdom.

Eating an apple that he got from the world of Toriko, Haru was wondering how the dragon tasted.

"Haru, do you think that it is alright to not say anything?" Yajima asked with a frown. He knew that they were able to prevent this accident from happening, but they didn't do anything.

"Will they believe us?" Haru asked.



Yajima wasn't sure what to say. He knew very well that someone would rather believe in a misfortune accident than a lucky accident. It might seem weird, but it was the truth.

"It is very hard to make someone believe with only words, Yajima-san. Rather than wasting our time trying to persuade someone who can't even believe our words, then it is better to let them see what is going to happen after they've opened the gate," Haru said.


"Even if we might able to stop it, it doesn't mean that we can stop the dragon from coming to this kingdom," Haru said.

"What do you mean?" Teppei asked.

"You know how strong plot armor is," Haru said.


When everyone heard about "plot armor", they sighed since it was an unreasonable power within various worlds. It could be said that "plot armor" was the power of God itself.

"Then there is another matter," Haru said.

"What matters?"

"If we can destroy the gate then it is good since that means the dragon won't appear once again in the future, but if because of that our quest won't be complete?" Haru asked.

"The quest won't be complete?"

Haru nodded and said, "Our quest is to defeat the dragon, but if we only stop the Eclipse Gate to open and not to kill the dragon, then what is going to happen to the quest? Will our quest be complete? Will we be able to go back?" He might sound quite cold, but it was the truth since even if they knew the future, it didn't mean everyone in their surroundings would believe in that future. In his opinion, it was better to let the plot continue and when the group of dragons came out they only needed to defeat it as soon as possible so that no one would be hurt by the dragons.

Haru also needed to think about the quest and if it wasn't completed then.....


Hearing Haru's words, they felt that it was quite reasonable and it would be troublesome if they weren't able to go back to their original world.

"Don't worry, Yajima. I'll evacuate everyone in the city as quickly as possible," Korosensei said.

Yajima nodded and said, "Thank you." He looked at everyone and said, "I hope that you can help to protect everyone in this kingdom from the dragons."

It was different from the world of Toriko, this time, it was possible for them to protect this kingdom from the group of dragons.

Everyone from the "group chat" nodded and told Yajima that they would definitely stop the dragons no matter what.

"Thank you," Yajima said with tears in his eyes and he was glad that he had joined the "group chat".

Korosensei, Luffy, and Teppei gathered around Yajima and patted Yajima's shoulders telling him that everything would be alright.

"Sumire, Charlotte, Kuzuha, the three of you need to stay with me, alright?" Haru said.

Sumire, Charlotte, and Kuzuha nodded since they didn't think that they were able to help in this quest.

"Tabane, how about you?" Haru asked.

"It's alright. Tabane-chan is very strong! But if Tabane-chan feels a danger, please protect me, alright?" Tabane said with a smile.

Haru nodded and said, "Yeah, you don't need to worry."

Then the time quickly moved and the eclipse showed on the sky which somehow gave quite an eerie feeling.

Haru could feel that the door was opened, but then he realized that Lucy and Yukino were in this place. He twitched his lips and asked, "Wait, if Lucy and Yukino are in this place, who is going to close the gate?"

"........" 14x



Then a loud roar which was able to shake the entire earth could be heard and somehow everyone could tell the situation wasn't good.



Korosensei grabbed both Lucy and Yukino; and went to the Eclipse Gate as soon as possible.