Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 926

Volume 1 Chapter 926 Dragon Dance 1

Hearing such a loud roar, everyone was startled and intimidated, but that wasn't over when they saw a gigantic monster in front of them.

Monster? No, that is a dragon!

It was what everyone thought at this moment when they saw a giant lizard with wings behind its back.

"Lucy? Lucy? Where are you?!" Natsu was surprised.

Everyone on the Fairy Tail was surprised when they heard Natsu's voice. They didn't know what had happened, but they were startled when their family vanished so suddenly.

"Yukino, where are you?!"

Sting, Rogue, Rufus, and Orga were also surprised when Yukino also vanished.

Lucy and Yukino had disappeared, and a dragon suddenly appeared in this kingdom.

Then when the dragon was about to land on their location, an invisible pressure was suddenly released and froze the dragon for a moment.

Everyone also felt this pressure and looked at Luffy who had used his "Haoshoku Haki" at this moment.

Luffy's mouth was full of drool when he saw this giant lizard. He thought that after he had defeated it then he should ask Haru to cook it for him. Jumping from the ground, he turned his hand into black and increased the size of his hand by blowing air into his thumb.

"Gomu Gomu no Elephant Gun!"

Luffy launched that fist into the head of the dragon.


The dragon was knocked out to the ground and created a large crater, but it wasn't enough to defeat it.


The dragon became angrier and tried to attack Luffy.

Then Luffy and the dragon started to fight each other!


Everyone was startled by Luffy's power since he was able to knock down a dragon.

"For Lucy and Yukino, you don't need to worry about two of them. They're trying to close down the Eclipse Gate," Haru said.

"Close down the Eclipse Gate?"

The members of the Fairy Tail who heard Haru felt confused since the King had explained to them that the Eclipse Gate was a gate that was used to defeat 10,000 dragons, and why should they close it?

Haru told them about his ability to see the distance using "Kenbunshoku Haki" and the Eclipse Gate wasn't a weapon to defeat the dragons, rather it was used to summon a dragon. He told them about the analysis that there was someone who had manipulated the kingdom in his or her bid to summon 10,000 dragons to destroy this kingdom along with the world.

Everyone was scared silly when they heard it, even Touma who was the King also plopped to the ground didn't believe that it was his daughter who had brought this disaster to the world.

"How did you know about such a thing?" Cana asked.

"I have my own source and rather than discuss something like that. It's better to think about how to defeat that group of dragons which are about to rampage on this kingdom," Haru said.

"So what are you doing with Lucy? Why do you need to bring her?" Natsu asked.

"She holds 12 keys to the Gold Celestial Spirit and along with Yukino from my guild, both of them are the only people in the world who can close the gate," Haru said. He felt that he had become the role of an informer or something in this world which made him sigh.

Hearing Haru's words, they knew that they didn't have time to worry and they needed to defeat all of the dragons which had come to this world.

From the original story, everyone couldn't even put a scratch on the dragon and Ultear also needed to sacrifice herself to return time by one minute.

In the end of the story, they couldn't even defeat one dragon and could win by destroying the Eclipse Gate using the weight of the dragon then ended the arc which made Haru speechless.

Natsu, Gajeel, or everyone on the Fairy Tail couldn't even use the power of "Nakama" to destroy the gate since that gate would absorb any magic which was being cast on the nearby.

Haru's explanation was over, then everyone looked at the dragons which appeared in the sky and landed on the castle of the Kingdom of Fiore.

Looking at the number of the dragons, Haru was wondering why the number was a bit too much rather than in the story?


Lucy and Yukino didn't know what had happened since they suddenly appeared in front of the Eclipse Gate, but it didn't mean that they couldn't understand the situation when a gigantic dragon kept coming from one after another.

There were a lot of soldiers who were stuck in fear and couldn't move from their places looking at the dragons who came out from the Eclipse Gate.


Then they saw a man with long ponytail hair with black and white hair. But that wasn't the point since that man held the princess in his arm.


The man released the princess when the man saw a lot of dragons were summoned from the Eclipse Gate.

The soldiers hurriedly caught the princess to save her, but the princess was frozen in both regret and fear wondering what she had done to this country. If she didn't believe in the words of this man then this kingdom wouldn't be destroyed by her own hand.

In the story of Fairy Tail, it had always been Lucy who played a critical role.

Korosensei looked at Lucy who suddenly entered some strange state before mumbling.

"We need to close this gate as soon as possible," Lucy said while looking at everyone.

"Lucy, right? If you want to close this door then you need to use 12 Gold Keys of Celestial Spirit," Korosensei said.


Yukino was also awakened when she heard Korosensie's voice. She thought that it was a dream when she saw a lot of dragons suddenly summoned.

"12 Gold Keys of Celestial Spirit? I don't have that many keys!" Lucy said.

"Lucy-san, I've got 2 Gold Keys! Let's close this gate together!" Yukino said.

Hearing Yukino's words, Lucy's eyes were filled with hope, and both of them performed the ritual together using 12 Gold Keys of Celestial Spirit summoned it together to close the Eclipse Gate.

Looking at the 12 Spirits who were summoned from the keys, Korosensei might not forget this scene in his entire life. There was also a cute spirit, but he knew that it wasn't the time to take a picture of the cute spirit.

12 Celestial Spirit pushed the gate at the same time and closed it before no dragon was able to come out of the gate anymore but...


One stomp from the dragon was able to crack the earth itself.

Counting the number of dragons, Korosensei was speechless since it was quite different from the story.

"Listen ignorant masses!"

The one who uttered those words was Rogue from the future who came to the present time to save Frosch and his intention was to kill Acknologia who destroyed the world five years later.

"I declare the age of man at the end. Now begins the age of dragons!!"

If there was only Rogue then it would be easy, but there were also 15 dragons who had come out from the Eclipse Gate and they were ready to destroy this world!