Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 927

Volume 1 Chapter 927 Dragon Dance 2

There were 15 dragons that appeared in front of them.

There were only eight people in the "group chat" who were able to face the dragon without trouble. Those people were Haru, Luffy, Korosensei, Teppei, Kouha, Tsunade, Esdeath, and Tabane.

Haru could end all of the 15 dragons with his "Horo Horo no Mi" in an awakening state, but he couldn't do that in this situation.

Everyone in this city was scared and depressed because of the appearance of 15 dragons and once he used the power of "Horo Horo no Mi". The mind of normal people couldn't handle the tantamount stress and it might cause their mind to be damaged or commit suicide in the process.

Haru couldn't do that since he didn't want to be known as a murderer or something and because of that, he needed to search for another way to defeat those dragons as soon as possible!

Luffy, Korosensei, Kouha, Teppei, Kouha, Tsunade, Esdeath, Tabane, Shinobu, Kuroneko, and Yajima directly fought and helped the people around. Leaving only Haru, Sumire, Kuzuha, Charlotte, and Gintoki that stood next to each other.

Haru needed to protect Sumire, Kuzuha, and Charlotte.

For Gintoki, he felt that he was too weak to help and thought that he should help Haru to protect the rest.

"What can we do in this situation?" Kuzuha asked. She didn't feel that her power was enough to defeat those dragons.

Haru thought for a while and could feel the despair of some people. He felt that he needed to raise the morale of everyone on this battlefield. He looked at the rest of the members "Group Chat" and said, "Alright, follow me."

But then a fireball was suddenly released and aimed toward their direction.

Haru only waved his hand and returned back the fireball which was released by the fire dragon.



Looking at how casual Haru was, Gintoki realized how this harem protagonist had grown so much from the first time he had met him.

"But before that, can any of you play a musical instrument?" Haru asked.


"What?" 4x


Fairy Tail, Blue Pegasus, Mermaid Heel, and Lamia Scale also did their best to fend off the dragons which suddenly appeared in this kingdom. From what Haru had told them before, those dragons came out from the Eclipse Gate which was opened by the royal family because of the trick of an evil magician.

Everyone was helpless, but there was nothing that they could do besides fight against those dragons. Everyone used their best magic, but the skin of those dragons was too tough to be penetrated or wounded by their magic.

The dragon had very high magic resistance. Unless their magic was powerful enough, it was simply impossible to damage it.

Even Natsu, Wendy, Gajeel, Sting, Laxus, and Rogue who were known as the Dragon Slayer couldn't even defeat one dragon even though they were working together.

Makarov turned into a giant and gave one of those dragons a blow, but he was blown away by the dragon.


Normal people along with weak magicians were in despair when they saw one by one the strong magicians who they knew were defeated by those dragons.

Everyone was in a helpless situation, but they knew that only this group of magicians was able to defeat those dragons.


Everyone looked at Esdeath, Tabane, Kouha, Luffy, Korosensei, and Teppei who faced the dragons.

Six of them could defeat the dragons, but they needed time to defeat it. They couldn't defeat it in an instant, especially when their bodies were sore and they had consumed a lot of their stamina during their fight on the "Grand Magic Games".

Fortunately, Sumire and Tsunade had helped to tend to their wounds earlier. If their wounds weren't being tended to then they might need some more time to defeat it.

Tsunade, Kuroneko, Shinobu, and Yajima were moving around the battlefield to save the people who were trapped by debris or wounded since they wanted no one to be hurt or be killed in this battle against dragons.


Jellal, Meredy, and Ultear knew the source of this problem was Rogue from the future.

Jellal and Meredy did their best to help the people around, but Ultear had a different thought, especially when she saw the confrontation between Jellal, Millianna, and Erza.

Ultear made up her mind and put all the blame on her then after helping Jellal with his problem, she started to think about a lot of things in her life and realized how messed up she was.

'If the source of the problem is Rogue then....'

Ultear shook her head and felt that she needed to do something as soon as possible. Holding her head, trying to think of some countermeasures, she noticed Haru and his group who were about to climb on top of the tower were about to do something.

'Musical instrument?'

Ultear couldn't understand, but somehow she felt that she needed to meet him somehow.


Drilling into the body of the dragon, Korosensei wrecked apart the inside of the dragon killing it as soon as possible, but the regeneration of the dragon was so powerful and the acid within the stomach of the dragon could melt his body. But it wouldn't be enough to defeat him!


Korosensei knew that there was a lot of wonderful p.o.r.n in this world and he wouldn't let a group of stupid dragons destroy this world!


Pressing the dragon with gravity, Kouha turned the dragon's body inside-out and the innard of its stomach was shown giving a grotesque picture. His condition wasn't good, especially after he had fought against Haru. He was really tired and wanted to eat then go to sleep as soon as possible.

"You damn, dragon! Just die quickly!"


After knocking the dragon, Teppei wasn't sure how to defeat it. He thought for a bit and threw a seed into the dragon's mouth.

The dragon wasn't sure what had happened, but suddenly it felt that something was growing within which somehow started to make him scared silly.



Freezing the dragon in front of her, Esdeath kicked it with her high heels and shattered it into pieces. She looked around and searched for her next target.



"Tabane-chan is strong!"

Tabane only used her two Infinite Stratos to attack the dragon. She was quite annoyed since her attack was useless on Kouha before, and because of that she let out all of that frustration on the dragon in front of her!

The dragon which was attacked by Tabane could only whimper being bombarded by numerous beams that were shot by Infinite Stratos.


Luffy knocked down the dragon which he had fought earlier, but his stomach kept growling.

"Ugh... I'm hungry..."

Holding his stomach, Luffy really wanted to end this battle as soon as possible, but then he heard a familiar voice. Looking around, he saw Haru along with Gintoki, Kuzuha, Charlotte, and Sumire who were on the top of the tower which somehow confused him.

"What are they doing?"


On the top of the tower, Gintoki felt his crotch was a bit cold, but he knew that he would be alright with Haru around him. Sitting on the drum stool and holding two drumsticks in both of his hands, he was waiting for Haru's instruction.

Kuzuha was sitting on the chair while looking at Sumire who was holding bass and Charlotte who was holding a guitar.

The four of them looked at Haru who was standing right in front of them showing his back.

"Hundred On!"

Then a black guitar appeared on Haru's hand and he also activated the "Full-Body Armament" which caused a microphone stand appeared before him.

"Ready?" Haru asked.

Sumire, Charlotte, and Gintoki nodded since they had heard about his plan which was somehow quite crazy, but they knew that it was necessary to support the entire battle!

"Then, let's start!"

Everyone nodded and they started to play.


Ultear who had been following them suddenly saw Haru raise his finger to the sky before they started to start their performance!