Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 928

Volume 1 Chapter 928 Dragon Dance 3

In this crisis, everyone did their best to buy time for everyone on the Infinite to slay down the dragons which wreaked havoc in this kingdom. Their bodies were riddled with wounds and their magic power was almost depleted. Fighting against the dragon in this situation was the same as suicide, but they couldn't give up!

This place was their home!

They would do anything to protect it, but in the end, their capabilities were limited. There were a lot of wizards who were on the verge of giving up when the dragon was about to end their life but under this despair suddenly they could hear something.

'What's this?'

Frowning, but they were surprised when the movement of the dragons seemed to stop for a moment. Then they realized that what they had heard was a song.


Everyone in this place was surprised then they cast their eyes at the figures who sang on the top of the tower!


(BGM: Diver - NICO Touches the Walls).

"The horizon is fading away

"You can't even depict tomorrow in a sky so blue

"I'm unable to even breathe amongst the crowds of frozen people

"How long has it been since I dived into this place?"

Singing with all of his might, Haru knew that his singing had a special power. He wasn't sure what it was, but it was somehow similar to the world of Macross where there were a lot of people who sang to make the pilot of the mecha became stronger or to affect their enemies. He didn't join the fight since he needed to protect the rest members of the "group chat", but it didn't mean that he couldn't help everyone in this battle.

Gintoki wasn't sure what it was, but somehow he felt that his body was hot and full of power. His lazy personality seemed to have disappeared and he fully focussed on his role as a drummer. He also felt that being a drummer suited him well rather than fighting. He thought that he should create a band together with Shinpachi or Kagura.

'Well, Zura is good too....'

Gintoki remembered that Katsura could sing a rap song.

Sumire and Charlotte would never have expected to become bassists and guitarists respectively during a quest for "group chat." But they could tell that Haru's song had some kind of power since they felt that their power was stronger than ever.

Kuzuha wasn't sure what to do, but she couldn't take away her eyes at Haru who sang at this moment.

At this moment, Haru released all of his charisma within and gathered all of the attention on the battlefield on himself. It was as if telling everyone, 'Hear my song!'.


When they were in despair suddenly they felt that someone pushed their backs to support them. Then they started to feel energetic and the pessimism on their minds had disappeared.

The group of dragons that were controlled by future Rogue stopped and also watched Haru who sang on the top of the tower. Stopped for a moment since they had never seen such a thing in their long lives. It felt strange yet somehow it attracted them and made them unable to look away.

Haru might not realize it, but the true power of Aquaman was his telepathic power. Under the effect of this song, he had affected the entire battlefield with his song giving a boost to his allies and stunned the enemy. Even though it wasn't perfect, this song was a great help for everyone.


"Is this song magic?"

Makarov who had lived for a long time looked at Haru who sang together with his friends. He felt that Haru really resembled him when he was young, especially the handsome part. He could feel that his heart was beating fast and his body was full of power when he heard this song.


Makarov felt that his body healed and his magic power returned. He turned into a giant again and punched the dragon with all of his might.



Esdeath, Korosensei, Kouha, Teppei, and everyone on the "group chat" also looked at Haru since this guy was very noticeable. Neither of them would think to sing a song during the battlefield, but this guy did it.

'This power....'

They could feel that their strength had become stronger somehow and they also recuperated quickly. They didn't waste this chance and also defeated their enemies as soon as possible.


Kagura who had heard what Jellal, Erza, Ultear, and Millianna had talked about before was silent, but this song which was sung by Haru told her a lot of things. She might have lost her brother, but it didn't mean she had lost everything. She had met a lot of precious people in her life such as her guild members on the Mermaid Heel, Erza who had saved her in the past, and the man who sang this song.

This man had told her a lot of things and even though he had married; it was hard for her to give up on him.


Ultear who was right beside Kuzuha was attracted by this song. It might be a coincidence, but this song described her situation very well. She had fallen deep enough under the sea and alone in that darkness. She was frightened by that since she had nothing and no one was able to fill the emptiness inside her heart. Under this lonely sea, she couldn't even see a light and could only close her eyes.

But then when they heard this song, she felt that everything changed so suddenly. Haru's figure was so bright that it attracted her. She tried to reach it and when she could touch his back. She hugged him tightly and didn't let him go.



Everyone was a bit startled when Ultear suddenly hugged Haru, but their performance didn't rather it had become crazier!

"I want to breathe but I'm having difficulty here

"I simply look up into the dark as a diver without a means of surfacing."

Future Rogue realized that almost all of the dragons were defeated. Looking at Haru, he knew that it was the fault of that guy. Looking at his figure who was hugged by Ultear, he felt bitter since his plan had been foiled by a playboy and womanizer! But that wasn't all of them since he felt that his heart was almost being taken by Haru when he heard this song.


Future Rogue remembered his dear friend who had died before and knew that he couldn't stop. Manipulating the dragon under him, he charged toward Haru with an intention to destroy his performance.


Everyone was startled by this, especially when the dragon moved toward Haru and his group.


They tried to stop Future Rogue and the dragon, but it was too late since the distance between them was too far.

Looking at the large sharp teeth in front of them; Sumire, Kuzuha, Gintoki, Charlotte, and Ultear felt strangely calm since they felt that man in front of them was able to solve this situation.

"If I could come to realize just a fraction of happiness..."

Haru turned his guitar darker with "Busoshoku Haki" and also covered it with gravity magic before slamming it right into the body of the dragon.


The dragon was knocked out by Haru and was blown toward the Eclipse Gate before the gate was destroyed.


Part of the castle was destroyed, but the rest of the dragon suddenly turned into yellow light.

"I would never drown again...."

Hearing the last lyrics of the song, Future Rogue closed his eyes and knew that he had lost. Looking toward the distance, he hoped for Haru to be able to save everyone including Frosch who he cared about.

Silently vanished, they felt relief when all of the dragons had disappeared. Then when the song had ended, they felt that their entire bodies were hurt and they couldn't stand up. Plopping on the ground, there was only one thing which they wanted to say at this moment.


All of them shouted with all of their might hoping to listen to his song one more time.

Haru sighed and could feel the adrenaline in his body, but one thing which confused him was why Ultear was hugging him at this moment?

"Thank you."

Suddenly Ultear kissed him on his lips.


Haru wasn't sure why Ultear had said those words but like a man. He was happy that he could help her, especially when he received this reward. The only thing which somehow troubled him might be how to explain this new trouble.