Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 929

Volume 1 Chapter 929 After The Battle

After the end of the battle, everyone recuperated in the castle since most of buildings and lodgings in this town were destroyed because of the dragons.

Cooking various things, Haru continued to cook but also ate fried rice which was fed by Esdeath. His hands didn't stop and he moved very fast; finishing one food after another since he knew that everyone was famished.

Esdeath also ate dinner while also feeding the man who was cooking. She looked at everyone who had become a pig and sighed, wondering whether there would be another chef who could help her husband at this moment.

Everyone ate with bliss on their faces and they ate it as fast as possible since there were a lot of people who joined this feast.

Fairy Tail, Mermaid Heel, Blue Pegasus, and Lamia Scale ate together with the Infinite.

For Ultear, after she kissed him, she left silently.

Haru was glad that Esdeath didn't trouble him with Ultear, and wondered whether his song had helped Ultear somehow. He wasn't sure, but he felt that she might have gone now.

"Haru, more meat!"

"More pudding!"

Korosensei and Luffy shouted. Both of them ate using gear 2nd and Mach 20 speed to eat the food in front of them.


Haru was speechless, but after being challenged his cooking speed became faster.

Makarov looked at Haru again and then looked at Yajima who ate calmly. He had to admit that he was quite jealous of his friend since his friend's guild was able to become champion of the "Grand Magic Games", won 30 million Jewels, and had a lot of great members within his guild. Looking at Haru, he felt that Haru would be very suitable to enter "Fairy Tail", but he knew that he couldn't poach his friend's guild's member.

"Yajima, where did you find Haru?"

Yajima only smirked and said, "Secret."


Makarov was speechless at that moment.


"Men! This food is awesome!"

"Yes, Ichiya-san!" 3x

The Trimens group was quite jealous that the member of the Infinite group could eat such delicious food every day.

Jeanne wanted to eat more, but she knew that she would get fat when she kept eating. Her feeling was conflicted, but then there was a smooth bowl that was served in front of her. She looked up and saw that it was Haru.

"You can try it. It's very low in calories," Haru said.

Hearing Haru's words, Jeanne was grateful and started to eat the food.

Everyone kept eating and the ingredients of the food were being sponsored by Touma.

Touma was grateful for everyone since they had saved his kingdom and also had promised him to not tell everyone about this matter to the public once this matter was announced. it would create chaos within the kingdom.

"Everyone, I'll create a banquet at the castle in two days. Please come!" Touma said while holding a plate that was filled with food since he had to admit the food which was cooked by Haru was very delicious. Unfortunately, he didn't think that he was able to make Haru into his chef since he felt that position was too low. He thought about his daughter who was single and didn't have a boyfriend from childhood. Looking at Haru, he was sure that his grandchildren would be very handsome or beautiful once both of them had married. He was wondering whether this plan could be implemented in the future.


Everyone was very happy when they heard that there would be a banquet which would be prepared for them in two days.


"Damn, this is so good!" Natsu said while eating.

Cheesecake, strawberry cake, fruit roll cake, etc; Erza felt that all of the foods in front of her were very delicious and very beautiful. If Haru opened a cake shop then she would definitely be his sponsor without hesitation!


The Mermaid Heel members had to admit that if Haru wasn't married then they might make him their husband.

Good at cooking, singing, strong, pleasing to the eyes, and big in that area; the only problem was that he was married which somehow made them sigh, especially when his wife was very strong and scary.

Looking at Esdeath, they felt that this woman could become the strongest magician in this continent with her ability.

Millianna wasn't in a good mood until she saw a kitty dessert which was prepared by Haru. Her heart softened but sighed when she thought that guy had married. She looked at Kagura who was looking at Haru and came toward her.



Kagura turned and looked at Millianna. "What's wrong?"

"So what are you going to do?" Millianna asked.

"I don't have to have regrets in life," Kagura said and looked at Haru again, but this time, Tsunade also hugged him.



Millianna and Kagura who looked at Tsunade who had joined Haru and Esdeath somehow realized that they might have a chance.


Meredy blushed looking at Ultear remembering what this mother figure of hers did to Haru before.

"What's wrong, Meredy?" Ultear asked.

"Y, y, you've kissed Haru!" Meredy said.



Meredy opened her mouth and didn't expect Ultear's reaction to being quite bland. She became curious and asked, "Do you like him?"


Ultear answered.


"Why?" Meredy asked since she remembered that Ultear and Haru had only met each other once.

"I'm not sure. It just happened," Ultear said. She was in the dark and Haru was on the bright side. It was quite impossible for both of them to be together, especially when he had married. She hoped that she didn't cause him trouble, but it felt good to kiss him. Tracing her soft lips, she smiled when she remembered that feeling.


Meredy looked at Ultear and understood why she was a child and Ultear was an a.d.u.l.t.

Jellal who walked with them didn't say anything. It would be good if Ultear had someone that she loved since that meant it gave her a reason to live. The same as him who also loved Erza, but he also knew that it was impossible for him to be together with Erza which made him sigh.


Looking at Jellal and Ultear, Meredy felt a bit pissed by their melancholy expression since she felt that she had been left out by them!


After cooking for everyone, Haru took a break and sat down together with Tsunade and Esdeath on the bench. Where did the bench come from? Don't ask him since he also didn't know where this bench came from, but since it happened to be there; the three of them decided to sit down together.

Looking at the beautiful moon, Esdeath and Tsunade rested their heads on Haru's shoulders and held his hands.

"Say, how many women do you have in this world?" Tsunade asked.

Raising her eyebrow, Esdeath asked, "Is Kagara from the Mermaid Heels also your harem member?"


Haru was speechless and shook his head. "No, I don't have any women in this world."

"....." 2x

Tsunade and Esdeath raised their eyebrows and clearly didn't believe him.

"Really?" 2x

Haru sighed and said, "...Well, there might be one woman."


"Is she here?"

Haru shook his head and said, "No, she's in a different kingdom. She might have forgotten about me now."


Tsunade and Esdeath were speechless since they didn't think anyone was able to forget about this guy, especially when they had tasted the forbidden pleasure.

Haru looked at both of them and said, "Well, enough talking, we've won the "grand magic games" so why don't we do something else?"

Blushing, Tsunade, and Esdeath nodded. Both of them were happy that they had won the "grand magic games", but they weren't happy that they weren't able to win against this man on the bed. This time, they needed to win against him!

Quietly walking away, they went to start their celebration at different locations.

Little did they know that Kagura and Millianna had been watching the three of them.

"Follow them?" Millianna asked while looking at Kagura.