Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 931

Volume 1 Chapter 931 Prize 1

The banquet was over and in a few hours; they would go back to their original worlds, but before that, they were going to open their reward.

"I've opened it," Tabane said.

"Me too," Sumire said.

"So do I," Charlotte said.


"Now that you mention it, I've opened it too," Korosensei said.


Then one by one almost all the members of Group Chat also had raised their hands and those people were Kouha, Yajima, Kuroneko, Luffy, and Shinobu.

"So what did you get?"


Everyone showed a bitter expression and their expression clearly said that they had only gotten a point from the reward before.

"I guess everyone is very impatient, huh?" Teppei said with a smile.

Kuzuha also wanted to open it, but when she thought about Haru's words then she decided to hold it until they were going to return.

"So the only ones who haven't opened it are Haru, Esdeath, Gintoki, Tsunade, Teppei, and Kuzuha?" Kouha asked.

Hearing Kouha's question, the six of them nodded.

"I'll go first," Esdeath said and opened the lottery which she received after the quest.

Everyone was waiting for a while until they saw Esdeath's expression slightly changed.

Haru was beside Esdeath looking at her reward curiously.

[Congratulations, you have got the "Ice Fang" ability]

"Ice fang, huh?"

Ice Fang is a power that allows for the creation and manipulation of ice.

When they knew Esdeath had gotten this ability, they weren't sure how to react, but one thing was for sure that her ice manipulation would be one level higher than before with this ability.

Trying out her new power, Esdeath wasn't sure how to describe her feelings since she wanted a unique power rather than an ice ability again, though, she could feel that her power was strengthened even though it wasn't much.

"Then who is next?" Kuroneko asked.

Everyone was curious about what they would receive from this quest since if the ability they received was a good one then the rest of members might intend to buy it in the future.

"I'm next," Tsunade said. Opening the lottery, she was curious about what she would get for her reward.

[Congratulations, you have got the "Acid" ability]


Acid is a corrosive power that eats away at the enemies' flesh. Should it come into contact with a matter or living organisms, it causes corrosion and deterioration. If an enemy is wounded by the power, they experience a lethal side effect that causes their body to rot.

It was a fairly powerful ability depending on how Tsunade intended to use this power.


Tsunade thought that there were a lot of things which could be done with this power, but she decided to try it later when she had gone back. When she didn't forget about it, of course.

No one asked much either since Tsunade's reward was quite straight forward and didn't need that much of explanation.

"So, it should be me now?" Teppei asked.

Everyone nodded and looked at Teppei.

Esdeath and Tsunade had opened their rewards and now, they were curious what kind of reward that Teppei would get.

Till now, no one had gotten a "zonk" reward, but they couldn't be sure since sometimes someone would have very bad luck in their life.

[Congratulations, you have got the "Great Tree Arc" magic]

"Great Tree Arc?"

Great Tree Arc is a type of Lost Magic which allows the user to manipulate the properties of trees; however, its true strength lies in the properties within the earth, which can be easily controlled by the user.

The user can mainly summon trees at his or her own will and produce trees for various purposes, mainly for battles. As such, they can manipulate any part of the tree however they want, mainly roots and branches. Even the leaves are controlled by the user. Any tree that the user creates can also have its form manipulated to suit the fighting techniques of the caster. These different sections of the tree can be very useful during offensive or defensive ranges in combat. Furthermore, this magic also allows the caster to merge with trees and hide inside it.

Smiling, Teppei felt that this ability really suited him very well.

A unique property regarding this magic is that the caster is able to condense the power of the earth into the fruit of the created trees, doing so allows them to create fiery explosions, providing them an additional range of offensive attacks. The caster can attack explosively using parts of the trees or just the tree's fruits, manipulating them to inflict further damage. In relation to this, the caster is able to harness all of the power stored within the earth itself. When altering the power source of a great mass of land, such as an island, the user can even drain its Magic Power.

This magic is not without its own set of consequences. Overusing this immense magic would eventually cause the caster's body to transform into a giant tree.

Frowning, Teppei knew that such powerful magic was of course with consequences since he remembered a side effect when Haru owned "pleasure magic" for the first time. But it didn't mean the "group chat" couldn't erase the side effect of this "Great Tree Arc". However, he knew that the price to erase that side effect was very expensive, but that was alright since he was quite patient.

Everyone knew that Teppei's power had increased once again. Teppei's power was to manipulate a plant then with this "Great Tree Arc" his power would be doubled, especially when this magic was able to drain the energy within the earth and opponent.

Teppei wanted to try his new power and walked toward the nearby tree. Putting his hand on the tree, he started to merge himself with the tree which somehow startled everyone. He came out once again and smiled. He seemed to be very satisfied with his reward since it was really great magic.

"You should erase the side effects later Teppei," Haru said since he knew that "Lost Magic" was very troublesome.

"Don't worry, I know that about that. I won't use this magic too much before I have erased the side effects," Teppei said.

Teppei was smart and no one seemed to be so worried about him. Then there were only three people left who hadn't opened their reward.

"I'm going to open it first," Gintoki said. Holding his smartphone, he said, "This time, I'll get Zengetsu for sure!"


Everyone was speechless but didn't say anything.

Praying, Gintoki opened his lottery then.....

[Congratulations, you have got the "Flying Nimbus"]


"Well, this is also quite good," Gintoki said and looked at the yellow cloud which was floating beside him.


"But the color is similar to poop," Gintoki said.


They weren't sure what to say for a moment.