Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 932

Volume 1 Chapter 932 Prize 2

Flying Nimbus was a magical, yellow cloud that served as a way of transportation. It was also Goku's first transportation that he obtained from Master Roshi as compensation for saving Turtle.

Sitting on the top of Flying Nimbus, Gintoki started to move around and had to admit that he was quite satisfied with this reward since it meant that he could lazy around on the top of this cloud.

When Gintoki was about to sleep, suddenly the Flying Nimbus started to move very fast.

"Wait! Wait! Stop!"

Gintoki grabbed the cloud tightly since he didn't want to drop to the land. It took him a full 10 minutes before the Flying Nimbus stopped. He escaped from it and barfed all of his mouths.



Korosensei caressed Gintoki's back and asked, "Are you alright?"

"Of course not, I have a motion-sickness now," Gintoki said and wiped his mouth. His head felt dizzy and he looked at the Flying Nimbus with resentment. He thought that it was playing with him which somehow annoyed him.

"Then how about we continue?" Kouha asked.

They nodded and agreed with Kouha.

"Kuzuha, you should open first," Haru said.

"Eh? Me?"

"Yes, is that alright?"

Kuzuha nodded and said, "Alright." She also had wanted to open her reward as soon as possible since she was quite curious.

[Congratulations, you have got the "Creation" ability]


They thought that it was the power to create something, but it seemed that wasn't the case.

Creation is a power that the user allows to manipulate the earth.

This power enables the wielder to control and shape the earth as they please, which includes raising the ground in the form of towers, to bend iron as if "it is made of toffee", and, by making certain hand symbols, to also turn minerals in the ground into sand. The wielder is also able to turn their body into metal, thus increasing their mass and enabling them to use the resulting increased gravitational force in attacks.

This power is heavily connected to the user's connection to nature, and as a result, the deeper their connection to nature is and the more skill they have at using their ability, the wider and more powerful the range of their attacks become.

Reading the description, the conclusion which they could make from this ability was very powerful!

In conclusion, "Creation" was an earth manipulation ability which was one of the classical elements.

Classical elements typically refer to the concepts of earth, water, air, fire, and aether, which were proposed to explain the nature and complexity of all matter in terms of simpler substances

Everyone was a bit surprised by Kuzuha's luck since she was able to get such a powerful ability.

"Can you use your power?" Shinobu asked.

Kuzuha felt strange since she felt that a lot of information was filled into her head and she knew how to use her new ability.


Kuzuha was also curious about her new power and tried to use it right away. She fully concentrated and used her power to create a pillar of earth.



A large pillar of the earth around 20 meters high was created before them and they were sure that Kuzuha would soon become one of the powerhouses on the "group chat" with her new ability.

Even without this "creation" ability, Kuzuha's power was quite powerful since she had also been trained in another world in that past. Her magic was also related to an earth type of magic which meant she became several times stronger with this new power.

With this power, Haru believed that she could defeat Akatsuki easily since he knew that she was talented.

Kuzuha tried various power which she could do using this new ability such as turning the earth into sand or turning her skin into metal. There were a lot more abilities, but she needed to research it a bit more.

Teppei was quite interested in Kuzuha's ability and thought that he should buy it when he had gotten enough points in the future.

"Then last is...."

Then everyone looked at Haru at the same time.

They weren't sure but this guy's luck was very high. It might be because of his origin as a harem protagonist that made his luck better than most people.

Haru had never gotten points or "zonks" in his entire time when he opened his reward. Even if some of his rewards seemed quite useless at first sight, in his hand, that ability shone and became a very powerful ability.

Especially after Haru had shown how he had developed his "Horo Horo no Mi" and even achieved an awakening.

Unless it was Esdeath who owned a Zanpakuto then they didn't think someone was able to defeat him since in his "astral form" he was unbeatable.

Haru had erased the weakness of "astral form" which was weak to the element ability and as long as he wasn't being attacked by an attack which related to a soul then he would be alright in the entire battle.

"Hurry up and open it! We're going to go back soon," Tsunade said.

"Alright, alright, don't be in a hurry."

Opening his reward, Haru was also quite curious about what kind of ability he would get. He really hoped that this ability wasn't something which would turn him into a lewd beast again or give him a strange side effect.

[Congratulations, you have got the "Ocean" ability]


The ocean is an ability that allows the user to make powerful currents of water, turn their body into the water to avoid attacks, or even create an entire ocean in a plane different from the normal world.

"Creating an entire ocean in a plane different from the normal world?"


They were speechless by this ability.

This ocean is described as the domain of the gods, a space created by the Graces. This dimension is inescapable for those who do not have a power level equal to or greater than that of roughly a single archangel.

Grace? Gods? Archangel?

They weren't sure where this power originated from, but they had to admit from the description alone that this ability was very powerful.

Haru had to admit that this new ability was very suitable for him.

"Haru, try to use your power," Shinobu said.

"Try it?"

"Yes, go and try it!"

Everyone was also curious about Haru's power and its effect. Creating an ocean? They were wondering how he would create an ocean from nothing.

"Kouha, try to protect everyone," Haru said.

"Alright, leave it to me," Kouha said.

Taking a deep breath, Haru used his power and suddenly he teleported to another plane which was filled with nothing but water.

Everyone was also teleported together with Haru and they were lucky that Kouha was beside them and he had protected everyone using his gravity manipulation. Looking at their surroundings, they felt that this "ocean" was a really scary power since they felt that they had been teleported to somewhere with nothing but the ocean itself.

"This is crazy..." Sumire felt that her brain couldn't understand how Haru was able to create an ocean from nothing.

"Don't think about it, just accept it," Charlotte said. Her situation was better since she had some understanding of Haru.

Teppei threw a seed and created a large tree that was able to float on the water.

Everyone landed on the top of that tree and suddenly thought that this place could become their private place for a party or something.

"Well, it seems that the time is almost up," Haru said.

Everyone looked at their smartphones and in five minutes they would be teleported back.

Haru deactivated his power and everyone returned to their previous spot. He sighed in relief when everything had gone well until someone reminded him of something.

"Haru, your uniform! You were at school before the quest, right?" Kuroneko said.

Looking at his clothes, Haru knew he almost f.u.c.k.i.e.d up. "Thank you." Changing into his uniform, he sighed in relief and said, "So let's meet again next time!"

"See you next time!" 13x

Esdeath and Tsunade walked toward him and kissed him.

Their stay was very enjoyable and they wanted to go on a quest again in the future. Then a light enveloped them and teleported them back to their original world.

Looking at everyone who had been teleported, Yajima smiled; but then his expression turned serious since he knew that another enemy would appear soon.


Yajima needed to prepare himself or should he go for the initiative?