Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 933

Volume 1 Chapter 933 Entrance Ceremonies 1

Coming back to his original world, Haru sighed in relief but also felt weird since suddenly it happened so suddenly and made him think that everything was just a dream, however, he knew that it was reality.

"What's wrong?" Runa asked.

"Nothing," Haru said. "How about we hurry up or else we might be late." He put his hands on Runa's shoulders and pushed her outside the class.

Runa didn't really mind and walked while talking to each other.


The entrance ceremony for the new students of the Hyakkou Academy had started and the first year who had just entered the school listened to Kirari's speech.

Kirari didn't mention gambling in this school and only talked about how she welcomed everyone in this school.

Mary looked at the podium and looked at the members of the student council. Somehow, she couldn't wait to integrate with the prince and princess in this school.

'So that's Kasugano Haruka, huh?'

Looking at the silver-haired young man, Mary had to admit that guy was very handsome. She hurriedly shook her head and it was better to not think too much about getting a boyfriend since it was better to think about the future first. She also didn't think that Haru would also look at her considering the number of girls in this school. Looking around, she realized that she wasn't the only one who couldn't look away from him. She sighed and shook her head at those girls thinking that they were too horny.


Yumemite snorted inwardly hearing the girls who kept muttering about Haru who was also on the podium.

'He won't look at your fugly face!'

Yumemite bit her nail and thought how to make him look in her direction. She wanted to become a popular Hollywood actress and win an Academy Award, but she couldn't do that alone. She knew that having a relationship with him would be a shortcut for her dream.

'But how?'

The only thing which she could think of was to join the student council.

'Student council, huh? I'll join that group soon...'

Yumemite had made up her mind and wouldn't give up no matter what!


After confirming the location of their class, Sora and Megumi went together to the gymnasium to join the entrance ceremonies. They sat next to each other, but suddenly they heard a familiar voice.

"Seibami-san, is it alright for me to sit beside you?" Yumeko asked.

"The seat is free," Sora said.

"Thank you." Yumeko smiled and said, "Seibami-san, Kato-san I'm happy that we'll be in the same class."


Sora was speechless when she found out that Jabami Yumeko would be in the same class as her.

"Is it alright to call you Sora-san and Megumi-san?" Yumeko asked.

"Yes, and is it alright for me to call you Yumeko-san?" Megumi asked.

"Of course!" Yumeko smiled. She wasn't sure, but somehow she often forgot about Megumi. She was wondering whether Megumi had a weak presence.

If that was the case then Yumeko felt Megumi would become a great gambler if Megumi decided to be one.

"For the representative of the 1st year, Shinomiya Kaguya."


Usually, during the entrance ceremony, the student with the highest score needed to do a speech during the ceremony.

Megumi, Sora, and Yumeko looked at Shinomiya Kagura who walked calmly toward the podium.

Kaguya was a beautiful young girl with long black hair, white skin, a slim build, red eyes, and her hair down to her back.

They could see that Kaguya's expression was quite cold.

"Yumeko-san, do you know her?" Megumi asked since she felt that Yumeko knew something.

"Oh, she's quite famous" Yumeko looked at Megumi and said, "She's the daughter of Shinomiya group." She felt that it was quite normal knowledge, but she didn't mind explaining it to them.

Shinomiya Zaibatsu is one of the biggest conglomerates in the city. The company is said to have about two hundred trillion yen and owns a lot of banks, cars, and trains.

Megumi and Sora nodded and didn't feel that surprised after hearing the "Zaibatsu" name since their husband-to-be was also very wealthy.

"Well, let's be quiet for now since she's about to give her speech..." Sora said and made a quiet gesture with her finger.

"Coldness of winter, then warmness of spring....."

Shinomiya started with her speech and everyone listened quietly.

Sora looked at Shinomiya and wondered whether that girl would become the boss of this school.



After the entrance ceremony, Mary thought that she would have a new life, but...

"I haven't seen you in forever Mary-chan! I'm so happy we get to attend the same school again!"

"Yeah, me too, Hanatemori-san..."

Mary had a helpless expression on her face. She didn't expect to meet her acquaintance during elementary school in this high school. But she didn't feel that surprised when she remembered that Hanatemori was a girl from a rich family.

Tsuzura Hanatemari is a beautiful girl with a very kind personality. She has long dark blue wavy hair with bangs and light blue eyes. She comes from a very wealthy family and has known Mary Saotome ever since elementary school.

Mary calmed herself and decided to ask the question which she had been wanting to ask. "....Hey, do you mind if I ask you something? What is everyone doing?"

After coming back to her class, Mary saw that every student in her class was playing poker, roulette, etc. If she didn't meet Hanatemori in this class then she might think that she had entered the wrong class and entered a casino by mistake. She could also see everyone exchanging money with each other which somehow confused her. 'What the hell is going on with this school?'

"Ah, that is...."

Hanatemori started to explain to Mary about the rules of this school. In this school, gambling was allowed and it had become a tradition. Everyone was even encouraged to gamble in this school to train their competitive mind.

"Be careful, Mary-chan. There's a rumor a student that enters this school from a high school is targeted every year. I heard that they're not used to gambling and are an easy mark...."

(Hyakko Acadademy isn't only a high school, but also a high school).


Shrugged her shoulders, Mary said, "What the hell, I'm not interested in gambling. Gambling is just a waste of money."

"Well, if you say so...."

"Good day, miss scholarship student~~"

Mary and Hanatemari turned and saw a girl with light hair that was tied into two curly short ponytails.

"I'm Aiura Kokoro. Pleased to meet you."

Smiling as best as possible, Mary said, "Right, pleased to meet you too."

"I see you're talking to Tsuzura. You must not know the rules here yet, huh?" Kokoro said.

"Rules, what do you mean?"


Kokoro pointed at the tag on Tsuzura's neck and said, "See the tag Tsuzura's wearing? The tag is a sign that she is a "housepet." It's her "housepet tag" and this school runs on a class system."

"Class system?"

"The student council solicits donations from the students. In reality, the 'donations' are basically mandatory so we call them 'taxes'. We're all ranked by how much we give for these 'taxes'. Anyone in the lowest 100 ranks is deemed to be a 'housepet'. Boys are called "pochi", and girls are called "mike"."

"I see...."

Mary felt that this school was quite weird.

Chuckling, Kokoro took a bottle filled with water and said, "If you become a housepet it is going to be pretty rough. I mean...." She opened the bottle and poured all of the water on the top of Hanatemari.


Hanatamari could only sit without being able to do anything.

Kokoro smiled coldly and said, "Housepets aren't allowed to oppose us, humans. It doesn't matter what we do with them~~"

"Wh... What the hell are you doing!"

Mary couldn't comprehend the situation in front of her. Look at Hanatemari, who didn't even fight back against Kokoro, and everyone who didn't care about this situation, she felt that this school was messed up for the first time.

"So, do you have any money, Saotome-san? If you can't pay the taxes you'll end up like this. It depends when they're due, but I'd say if you can't pay at least 100,000 yen you'll be a housepet for sure."


Hearing that number, Mary was in shock.

"I know that number is a bit too much, but you can earn that by gambling." Kokoro smiled and said, "How about I teach you about gambling?"

It was her first time gambling, but Mary knew that she needed to do it or else...


Student Council.

Everyone gathered together since it was the first day of school and of course since it was a new year there was a change within the position of the student council.

Kirari Momobami as the student council president.

Ririka Momobami as the vice president of the student council.

Sayaka Igarashi as the Secretary.

Aoi Miboumi as the treasurer.

Runa Yomozuki as the Head of the Election Committee.

Sachiko Juraku as the Public Morals Committee chairwoman.

Sakura Miharutaki as the Beautification Council president.

Kasugano Haruka as the General affairs.

There were also two new members such as Kaede Manyuda and Yuriko Nishinotouin.

Well, his position didn't really matter since he didn't have any job, but Kirari's words caused him to be speechless.

"Well, Haru, you can step down from your General Affairs position," Kirari said with a smile.


No one was sure what to say for a moment.