Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 934

Volume 1 Chapter 934 Entrance Ceremonies 2

Sora, Megumi, and Yumeko were in the same class.

Sora wanted to go home as soon as possible since she felt quite bored in this school and Yumeko was too annoying for her.

Every new student sat down on their seats waiting for their homeroom teacher. They didn't talk to each other but waited for the teacher to come.

Then the door was opened and a figure of a beautiful woman entered the class.

The beautiful woman stood in front of the podium and introduced herself.

"Hello, everyone, I need to congratulate you as a new student at Shuchiin Academy. My name is Minagawa Akane and I'll be your homeroom teacher for the next year," Akane said with a smile.


Sora wouldn't expect this woman to become her homeroom teacher. If she didn't know this teacher had slept with Haru then she might respect her, but now...

The male students seemed to be very excited when they knew that Akane was their teacher and thought that it was their luck to have a lot of beautiful girls and beautiful teachers in their class!

"Let's get going and start with the introduction."

Akane looked at the attendance list and said, "Fujimura Chika-san, please..."


The pink-haired girl started to introduce her name with her hippy smile. She was thinking about talking with Megumi, but suddenly she forgot about Megumi because of her weak presence.

Yumeko looked at Sora and Megumi and thought that her school wouldn't be bored. She was wondering whether it was alright for her to go to Sora's home later.

Megumi looked at Fujiwara Chika while wondering whether she had seen her before or not.

'Have I seen her before?'

Thinking for a long time, it was her turn to introduce herself, but as expected the majority of people ignored her, and only Sora, Chika, Yumeko, Akane, and a blonde-haired girl who realized her existence. She had gotten used to it and she didn't really mind as long as her boyfriend could find him without problem.


Otonokizaka is a school located between Tokyo's Akihabara, Kanda, and Jinbouchou neighborhoods. A traditional school with a long history dating back to 1896, it used to be the top school in the neighborhood with an eminent name, so well-known that even other prefectures were aware of it.

But that school with a long history suddenly had a very big problem!

"The school is going to be shutting down!!!"

Honoka passed out directly when she heard this news.

"HONOKA!" 2x

Umi and Kotori caught her friend who was in shock because of this matter.

Of course, Ayase and Nozomi also couldn't accept this sudden decision and asked why the school had decided to be shutting down.

Their school was in crisis and they needed to do something to stop their school from being abolished!


"I'm going to release Haru from his position and change his position to my secretary," Kirari said.



It wasn't a secret that Haru and Kirari were dating each other which somehow made some girls in this room feel quite bitter, but there was nothing they could do.

Haru was a bit surprised at first, but when he felt that becoming Kirari's secretary was also quite good since he knew that he couldn't help much the Student Council that much because of his job.

Becoming Kirari's secretary was only a symbolic position and the one who did the job was Sayaka. Waving his hand at Sayaka, he felt that this girl had a yuri tendency, but he didn't intend to say anything.

Sayaka blushed and looked away.

The meeting was quite short and Kirari didn't waste too much time.

"Haru, let's go back," Kirari said.

"Alright," Haru said and took her hand.

They weren't shy around showing their affection and it was better to do that since there were a lot of horny girls who aimed for him every day.

Looking at how close Haru and Kirari were, every girl in this room was very jealous.

Sakura Miharutaki looked at her fiance, Aoi Mibuomi. Both of them had gotten engaged to each other, but she had never had him treat her the same as a girlfriend or lover. She sighed and felt very envious at this moment.

"How shameless..." Manyuda said while pushing the frame of his glasses.


Ririka was wondering whether she should go back now or not, but she knew that her sister was corrupted by that guy. But there was one thing that had always been on her mind. 'Is it really that good?'

Ririka was curious and wanted to check whether it was really good or not.


Haru and Kirari were talking together before a girl with twin-tail blonde hair ran in their direction.

When this girl was about to crash into Kirari, he hugged Kirari to avoid this girl.

The twin tail blonde hair girl seemed to not notice them and kept running.

"This girl...." Kirari frowned.

"Well, calm down. She might lose a gamble or something," Haru said and patted Kirari's head.

Looking at Haru, Kirari asked, "Do you think that she might become a house pet?"

"I'm not sure. I'm not Esper after all. Anyway, don't you want to go back?" Haru asked with a teasing smile.

Blushing, Kirari pinched his arm and said in a low voice. "You pervert..."

Haru smiled and was about to go back but another girl ran in their direction.

"Ah, President! Kasugano-senpai!"

This girl was Hanatemari who was chasing after Mary. Her expression dimmed when she saw how close Haru and Kirari were.

"If you're looking for that twin-tail girl, then she was running in that direction," Haru said.

"Thank you very much!" The girl bowed before running to chase after her friend.

Looking at the back of this girl, Kirari said, "That girl is a house pet."

"What's wrong with housepets? That position is quite good since you don't need to pay taxes every month," Haru said.

Kirari snorted and wanted to laugh somehow. If the one who had told that matter was another student then she would disdain them, but the one who had uttered those words was the richest man in this country which made her felt like it was sarcasm.

"Let's go back."



Mary and Hanatemari talked to each other before they decided to return since Mary wanted to have her revenge!

After returning to her class, Mary gave a blow to Kokoro and won the gamble with her wit. Smiling happily, she didn't expect to win 200,000 yen.

"Hehehehe, here 10,000 yen for you."

Mary gave some money to Hanatemari since this girl had helped her before.

"You're amazing, Mari. You're like Kasugano-senpai," Hanatemari said.

"Huh? Am I similar?" Mary was confused.

"Yes, Kasugano-senpai is in a similar situation to you and wins 100 million yen gambling directly," Hanatemari said.


Mary was speechless and understood now how Haru could become the richest man in this country.

Looking at Mary, Hanatemari felt a bit fidgety and said, "Um... Mary-chan.."


"W, would you please be my friend?"


"I, I'm slow and I've been "mike" forever. I also don't have any friends. I was just thinking I'd be really happy if you'd be my friend, Mary-chan."


But Hanatemari remembered her status and started to go depressed. "But I guess not, huh... Sorry, forget that I've said something...."

Frowning, Mary said, "..... Why the hell are you giving up..." She looked at Hanatemari and said, "Sure, I'll be your friend. However, I need you to do something!" Her expression was serious and she said, "You need to stop being a "mike"!"


"Don't you feel pissed off to be called a "house pet"? It would piss me off, so I can't stand my friends being called that either."

Hanatemari had never expected Mary to support her like this. She raised both of her hands and said, "R, right, I'll do my best!" She felt very happy at that moment.

"That's not all."

Holding Hanatemari's shoulders, Mary said, "We're going to stand above the rest. We won't be made fools again. If we have to gamble to make that happen... then we'll gamble and we'll win!"


Hanatemari was full of tears when she heard those words. She looked at Mary and held Mary's hands tightly. She knew that Mary was a girl, but in her mind, Mary was her prince.

"Yes, I'll do my best!"

"Ah... yeah."

Mary moved back a bit since she wasn't used to this closeness.

Now, it was the story of two girls at the Hyakkou Academy High School who fought against the enemy in front of them.

Then, what about Haru?

That guy was having fun with Kirari at her house, trying to relax after the quest, but that story would be written in the next chapter.