Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 935

Volume 1 Chapter 935 Kuroneko Doesn't Have A Friend

Inside the bathtub, Kirari felt quite tired after that activity, but she had to admit that she felt very satisfied. Resting her head on his chest, she liked to draw a circle on his stomach. She looked at him and asked, "How about sleeping here?"


"I'm sorry, but I have to go back," Haru said and felt apologetic since he also missed his other girlfriends. His stamina was still high and he wanted to do more, however, he knew that Kirari couldn't handle it anymore so she didn't force her, but then, you know....

Kirari raised her eyebrow and asked, "You know, how lucky that you've eaten my body every day, right?"

"Well, you're also lucky to have eaten my body too," Haru said with a smirk while hugging her haist.

Snorted, Kirari didn't stop him from hugging her.

"You can live at my house too if you want," Haru said.


Kirari looked at him for a while before kissing him. Parting their lips, Kirari looked at him and said, "Give me time." She thought that it would be great to live with him, but she couldn't accept it when there was another girl beside herself. She had accepted their relationship, but it didn't mean that she was alright with it. The problem was that she loved this guy so much that it made her think that she needed a strategy to monopolize him.

Haru nodded and patted her head. "I'm not forcing you."

"I know."

Kirari thought for a while and said, "Now, that you mention it. Your private room is done so we can do it at school too."

Haru had to admit that it was a very interesting proposal, but somehow it was also dangerous.

'But it's in my room...'

Haru had donated quite a lot of money to his school and he felt that the school would be pretty safe. "Let's try it later."

Kirari smiled and snuggled into his chest.

"Alright, alright, if you keep teasing me then I want one more time."

"Let's do it. Until I've slept."


Kirari felt something hard on her bottom and her hand quietly moved down caressing his anaconda. Her entire body shuddered and thought that she might not be satisfied with someone else besides this guy in her life.

"I love you."

"I love you too."


Haru had just taken a bath in Kirari's house, but this time he had taken more baths in his house.

Sora, Megumi, and Utaha were in the large bathtub together with Haru.

Well, rather than calling it a bathup, it was better to call it a pool because of its size..

Haru looked at Sora and he could see that Sora seemed to be very tired.

"What's wrong? Something happens at school?"

Sora sighed and rested on Haru's chest.

"Haru, do you know Jabami Yumeko?" Megumi asked.

"Is she your lover too?" Utaha asked.


Haru felt strange when they mentioned Yumeko since the last time he had seen her was during the entrance exam of his girlfriends. He knew that they would meet each other, but didn't expect Sora and Megumi to be in the same class as Yumeko. He explained to them how was his meeting with Yumeko on Macao together with Sora in the past.

Listening to his story, they nodded and didn't think that something had happened between Haru and Yumeko, especially when Sora was together with him at that time. Why did they believe it?

It was because Sora was known to have a very heavy brother complex and with Sora around them at that time, they didn't think that Yumeko would have a chance to get closer to Haru.

"Right, Haru, is it alright for us to go Kanagawa?" Utaha asked.

"Kanagawa?" 3x

Haru, Sora, and Megumi looked at Utaha curiously.

Utaha nodded and said, "Yes, I'm thinking about a plot of my novel so I need to go to Kanagawa." The novel was another thing, but she also wanted to have a date alone with Haru to another city.

Sora and Megumi understood it and they somehow wanted to go out with him too.

"Alright, are you alright this Saturday?" Haru asked.


Utaha was happy when he agreed without hesitation.

"Kanagawa, huh?"

Thinking for a while, it might be his first time going to Kanagawa. He looked at Megumi and Sora. "Is there any place that you want to go?"

"Eh, us too?" Megumi asked.

"Yes, if there is a place that you want to visit then we can go together," Haru said. Glancing at Utaha who started to sigh, he added, "Of course, this trip, I'll go with Utaha alone."

"Thank you, Husband."

Utaha was happy and kissed his cheek.


'I'm not your husband yet...' Haru was speechless, but well, he was happy when this girl was happy.

"Oh, right, I've bought a new stocking," Utaha said.

That was some of the good news he heard today, since Utaha's stocking was somewhat special. He had tried to buy it at a random place before, but she didn't want to wear it since it didn't feel good on her legs. He started to wonder whether he should buy a stocking company, no, a lingerie company would be good so he could get various lingerie for his girlfriends.

Utaha had gotten a new date, Megumi and Sora also thought about where they should go with Haru for their date.

"Well, let's get up. My skin is going to shrivel up if I continue to stay in the bath," Haru said. He wasn't Shizuka, he didn't have a hobby to take a bath every time Nobita teleported to her house.

They nodded and walked out, drying their bodies before going to his room and doing something exciting for the entire night.


Kuroneko didn't have a friend.


It might sound sad and a bit pathetic, but it was the truth.

Besides the members of the "group chat", she didn't have friends.

Kuroneko was able to manipulate thunder, electricity, etc, but she didn't have the ability to create a friend. Somehow she felt jealous of Haru who could get along with everyone. But at the same time, she had advanced beyond humans and she had become a magician. She had a hard time understanding the thought of a normal human, no, it didn't mean that she was bad at making friends, definitely not!

Kuroneko had tried to search for a magician in her world, but she didn't find anything and her world was pretty much normal. She sighed and thought of a countermeasure for this problem. After thinking for a while, she found out how to make a friend and the answer to that problem was to register into an otaku community. Then finally, she joined the social networking service group called "Otaku Girls Unite!" under a nickname of "Kuroneko".

Kuroneko had to admit that this group was quite fun and somehow she was quite hooked, but suddenly...

Saori Bajeena: "How about we have an offline meeting?"


Kuroneko didn't expect this development, but somehow she was quite excited!

Kuroneko: "Well, sometimes meeting a human from a lower plane is also a good experience."

Kuroneko felt quite satisfied with this message, but there was a member who annoyed her.

Kiririn: "Ha? What are you talking about? I don't understand!"


Kuroneko felt annoyed when she read this name. This member had only joined the group a few days ago, but both of them had always fought with each other. She couldn't handle it anymore and this time she would show this girl why she was being called a "Queen of Darkness".

Kuroneko: "I'll curse you!"

But Kuroneko didn't have any experience with offline meetings. She thought that she should ask someone with the most experience in that area.


Kissing three girls who slept soundly, Haru took his phone since it vibrated.

Kuroneko: "Help me!"