Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 936

Volume 1 Chapter 936 Living As Priest

After the entrance ceremonies, Haru's days were quite peaceful. He spent his time on school, dating, and created a schedule for his hunt. He also checked the data of his company from time to time since he couldn't leave everything to Ritsu, Seri, and his father-in-law since he was the owner of the company after all.

Thinking for the past few days, if there wasn't any Utaha, Megumi, Sora, Erina, and Kirari then his days would be quite bland. He had to admit that every day was very enjoyable especially after he had renovated his private room at the school. Change the wall to soundproof, add a bathroom, smell absorption, etc to help him enjoy his dating life with Kirari.

Kirari was also happy with his private room, but they couldn't use it too often since it would make everyone suspicious of them since it wasn't a secret that they were dating. Even though it was very good to do it at school, it would be dangerous if there was a scandal that they had been doing it at school which somehow would affect Kirari's standing as a student council president.

Talking about the student council, after his position had been changed into Kirari's secretary, his school life became easier since he didn't need to do any job on the student council, but he still enjoyed student council privilege at the school without doing anything.

Kirari's intention to change his position was to make it easier for him to manage his business since he had become her fiance by name, of course, as his fiancee, she would support her husband-to-be since his career was for their future. Well, it would also be for their children in the future which somehow made her blush.

Haru had been leading his team to hunt for more money since he had intended to become a mogul or media giant. He had the intention of buying NBCUnited (NBCUniversal parody). After he had bought that company, he would own a giant media company under his hand. Then after that, he could proceed with various things to make his business stronger.

If possible Haru didn't really want to show his face to the public and hid behind the scenes since it would be troublesome being known as a public figure. His intention to buy a media company was to make his life quiet since he didn't want to be bothered by media.

In Japan, Haru's life was guaranteed since he owned a big media company, and his grandfather was also a leader of a famous political group. His grandfather also helped him with various things for his business and he also helped him to promote his political group. Both of them helped each other and they were happy.

Being the fiance of Kirari and Erina also helped him a lot, he didn't feel uncomfortable being helped by his girlfriends, but well, he felt bad to have more women beside them, but he had a responsibility as a man to take care of his women and that was to make them happy with all of his might in this life.

Haru wasn't sure how many girls that he would be together with in his life, but he knew that he needed to limit it or else the number of the girls in his surroundings would be too much for him to handle in the future. He didn't want to be irresponsible, but somehow it was hard for him to not flirt with a girl for a day.

'Sora, Utaha, Megumi, Kirari, Erina...'

Haru had five girls in this world, and that number might increase in the future. Thinking about Erina, she was the only one who he hadn't eaten, but well, he wasn't in hurry.

Suddenly he remembered the "Shoujo Weekly Magazine" which he had promised Erina in the past had almost finished and thought to bring it to her a few days later.

On Saturday, Haru would go on a date with Utaha to Kanagawa. He would be lying if he didn't anticipate it and looked forward to their stay in that prefecture.


After coming back from his school, Haru went to visit his shrine. His shrine wasn't that famous, but it had a number of people who came to pray from time to time from the neighborhood and nearby area.

Haru had deliberately made this shrine not that famous since it would be quite troublesome if this shrine became famous since there would be a lot of people that would come in this place since he had intended to make this shrine a place for him to relax.

If he wanted, it was possible to make this shrine became famous by promoting this shrine on his television and website, but he didn't do that since he didn't need money from this shrine. Even if this shrine became famous, the money which was created from it wouldn't be that much since there was no way someone would donate a billion dollars to his shrine.

This shrine was his grandparents' shrine, and he only wanted to take care of it since he didn't want it to become an abandoned place.

Even though Japan wasn't a religious country, a religion had integrated into their tradition and the people in this country also often prayed to the shrine from time to time if they had something to wish upon such as career, education, love, etc.

If someone asked what was the belief in his shrine, then he would answer that it was a Shinto.

There were two popular beliefs in Japan, Shinto, and Buddhism. Both of them were different, but he wouldn't explain it since it was troublesome. The only thing which people needed to know was the life of their priest or monk.

(For your information Shinto is a priest and Buddism is a monk).

The most devout Buddhists may become monks or nuns, people who dedicate their lives to the religion and forgo most worldly possessions. Shinto priests used to become so only by birth, but these days anyone in Japan male or female who coul dpass an exam can become a priest.

Buddhist monks and nuns tend to live a more ascetic life whereas Shinto priests are typically in charge of officiating shrine ceremonies.

In other words, becoming a Shinto priest would allow him to marry someone. It was impossible for him to forgo most worldly possessions, and that was why he was glad that his shrine wasn't a temple.

Parking his scooter, Haru could hear the sound of someone sweeping the garden on his shrine. He knew that it should be Nozomi since she was working as a part-time shrine maiden at his shrine taking care of his shrine before and after school. He didn't know why she wanted to become a shrine maiden, but he was grateful to see her in shrine maiden uniform from time to time. But when he was about to greet Nozomi, he also saw Eli who also wore a shrine maiden uniform and also swept the garden together with Nozomi.

Looking at their expression, Haru could tell that there was something wrong with them.

"Nozomi, Eli, what's wrong?"

Hearing this voice, Nozomi and Eli turned and shouted, "HARU!!!!"


Haru wasn't sure why they shouted his name, but he knew that there must be something happening to them.