Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 937

Volume 1 Chapter 937 Shrine Of Debauchery

Haru wasn't sure what had happened to both of them, but he calmed them down before bringing them to the living room of his shrine asking them what had happened.

Hearing his question, Eli felt quite that she might trouble Haru with her problem, but she felt that she could believe in him and knew that he could help her. But once again she felt that she didn't want to trouble him and she was afraid their relationship would change after she had asked for his help.


Nozomi looked at Eli and somehow

"Eli, I like you when you're smiling and I don't want to see this sad. So tell me, what happened? I want to help you," Haru said. He wasn't sure what had happened, but if someone bullied this beautiful girl then that person wouldn't need to think to stay alive tomorrow.

"Haru... Um... I know that it isn't your problem, but can you help us to save our school?" Eli asked with a nervous expression. She was happy when she heard he was worried about her, but she felt very bad to ask him this request since she felt that she would trouble him with her problem. She wanted to use her own power to revitalize her school, but Nozomi had told her to ask for help from Haru. Even though she didn't want to either, in the end, she decided to ask him since she was on her wit end. She couldn't think of a countermeasure to solve this problem, but she knew that Haru had the means to help her school.

"What's wrong with your school?" Haru asked curiously. He knew that Eli's school was quite a famous school in the neighborhood with quite a long history. He didn't think that there was a problem with that school considering how famous it was.

"Well, Haru, the truth is...."

Nozomi started to explain about the trouble of her school. She told him that her school would be abolished three years later since the number of students who entered their school had decreased. But this problem had appeared last year since every year the number of students who entered Otonogizaka kept decreasing.

There were three classes in the third year, there were two classes in the second year, and lastly, there was one class in the first year.

If this continued, there wouldn't be any students who would register on their school next year.

Hearing this problem, Haru understood why they were sad, but it was something inevitable.

The number of births rate in this country had decreased, and the number of schools in this country kept increasing. Otonogizaka was a school with a very long history, but it failed to change and it would be abolished soon.

"I know, but can I ask you why you want to save this school? Do you have that much feeling about this school?" Haru asked.

Eli smiled sadly and said, "Otonogizaka is my grandma's school and I will do anything to protect it."

Nozomi and Haru felt a bit surprised since they didn't expect that Eli's grandma would have gone to the same school as Eli.

"So Ericchi loves her grandma very much, huh?"

"Eli is very cute."

Nozomi and Haru smiled and teased this girl together.

Blushing, Eli felt very embarrassed and stood up to stop them. "D, don't tease me!" But then she slipped and fell toward Haru.

Haru caught her in his arms and hugged her waist to stop her from falling.

"You alright?"


Eli blushed and felt very embarrassed.


Looking at their interaction, Nozomi felt bitter, but then she decided to join.

"Me too!"

Unlike Eli, Nozomi's body was very soft and a bit chubby, but at the same time, her body was very huggable, especially that large chest.

Haru was also hugged by Nozomi and he had two beautiful girls in his arms. He was wondering whether this shrine would become tainted with his debauchery act. If that was the case then he hoped that his grandpa and grandma who had passed away would forgive him, especially when he really did that kind of act in this shrine.

"N, Nozomi!!!"

Eli was pressed by Nozomi closer to Haru which somehow made her able to feel his body and hear his breath. She had to admit that he smelled good and didn't want to stand up.

Nozomi was the same and also stayed on Haru's arms, but she was bolder than Eli and touched his body along with smelling it since his smell was really intoxicating her.

Haru's arms were large enough to hug both of them, but somehow it felt weird to hug both girls at the same time inside the shrine.


The three of them didn't say anything for a moment and enjoyed this quiet moment.

Haru had a hard time calming himself and decided to stop this weird situation.

"Well, how about we continue the talk earlier?"

Hearing his voice, Eli hurriedly moved away from him with a blush. Looking at her friend who didn't move away, she pulled Nozomi away from him.

Nozomi sighed, but she didn't fight Eli back.

"I've heard your problem, and I've several ways to help you," Haru said.

"Really?" 2x

Nozomi and Eli were very happy when they heard it.

"Yes, the first solution is that I can buy your school directly," Haru said. He didn't really mind buying Otonogizaka since he felt that he could revitalize that school.


Nozomi and Eli were speechless before rejecting his idea.

"NO!" 2x

They knew that Haru had a lot of money, but they didn't want him to use that money to help them.

Haru knew that they would reject him, but he really thought to buy a school since education was a good business.

"Isn't there another way?" Eli asked.

Haru thought for a while and asked, "Does your school have some achievement? It might be good to become an appeal to promote your school."

If Otonogizaka had some achievement then it was possible to promote it and it would be easier to attract a new student next year.


Nozomi and Eli thought for a while.

"It has a long history," Nozomi said.


Haru didn't think that was enough and asked, "Is there anything else? Such as extracurricular or something?"

"Well, the most recent achievements that stand out are sixth place in the Kanto Abacus Competition, the school choir received honorable mention in the district preliminaries, and the robot club being disqualified before their competition even began," Eli said with a sad face.


Haru was speechless and didn't think that those points would able to attract the attention of the new student next year. Thinking for a while, he was wondering whether it was possible for their school to make some achievement this year.

"Hmm... give me time, but you want to use your own strength to help your school, right?" Haru asked.

"Yes!" 2x

Nozomi and Eli knew that it was possible for Haru to save their school easily, but they didn't want to do that since they felt that they would use him.

Nozomi pondered for a while and suddenly thought of a good idea.

"Haru, if you can save our school then you can have two of us," Nozomi said while hugging Eli.

"N, Nozomi!"

Eli blushed and didn't expect her friend to be that shameless.



"Of course not!" Eli roared without hesitation.

They laughed and it felt very fun to stay together.

'Save their school, huh?'

Looking at the smile of Eli and Nozomi, Haru felt that he needed to protect those smiles and decided to help them to save their school. But somehow it also reminded him of his previous novel since the MC also needed to save his school.

"Oh, right! Haru, can I ask for another request?" Nozomi asked.


"Can I hug you again?"


Somehow it was very hard to reject this request, but Eli hurriedly stopped Nozomi. Looking at their interaction, Haru was wondering whether this shrine would turn into shrine of debauchery because of him.