Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 939

Volume 1 Chapter 939 Offline Meeting 1

Looking around, it was Haru's first time inside Kuroneko's room and he had had to admit that it was surprisingly normal. He had imagined her room would have been decorated in gothic style, but it wasn't that much different from a normal room with a tatami floor, table, chair, etc. There wasn't anything special in her room, but she owned a lot of books, especially both manga and light novels, which made her bookcase full.

"Satisfied with looking around my room?" Kuroneko asked with an annoyed expression and blushed when she remembered the thing which had happened earlier.

"Well, your room is surprisingly normal," Haru said.

Haru had teleported to Kuroneko's world but he was teleported in Kuroneko's bathroom right when she was taking a bath.

Kuroneko wanted to attack Haru with thunder, but she was afraid to destroy her house. Her sisters were also at her house and it would be troublesome to explain what had happened and she didn't want her sisters to have a misunderstanding. That was why she told him to get out hurriedly and also told him to use his light magic to turn himself invisible beforehand.

Then after that, both of them stayed in her room together since it was the safest place inside her house.

"How is my room in your imagination?" Kuroneko asked and felt a bit shy when her room was being observed.

In the past, she had also stayed together with him in Magi's world and there were also a lot of things that had happened between the two of them before. It was also the reason she was a bit calm when he suddenly appeared in her bathroom and thought that it might be related to harem protagonist luck.

"I thought that it'd be covered with a gothic dress or your favorite anime character poster or related goods," Haru said.

"Hmph! My hobby isn't collecting figurines," Kuroneko said.

Haru nodded and didn't think too much. "So when are we going?"

"The meeting will be held at the maid cafe in Akihabara in the afternoon," Kuroneko said.

"Shouldn't we go now?" Haru asked.

"Alright, let's go now," Kuroneko said.

Haru pondered for a while and asked, "After the meeting, can you accompany me to buy the most popular manga, novel, and light novel in your worold? I want to copy it in my world later."


Kuroneko was speechless, but she nodded. She knew that this guy loved to make money and she also felt a bit speechless when she heard he had become the richest man in Japan and all of that had been achieved in one year.

"Nee-chan, are you with someone?"

Kuroneko became panicked and said, "Hurry up and use your light magic!"

Haru sighed and turned invisible.

It was his first time in this world and wanted to see various cultures in this world to see whether there was a big difference between his world and this world.

"No one! I'm alone!"

Kuroneko said, but suddenly the door opened and her little sisters entered her room.

Fortunately, Haru had used his light magic to turn into invisible.

Looking at the interaction between Kuroneko and her little sisters, Haru had to admit that she might become a good mother in the future.


Even though Kuroneko had a strange hobby of wearing gothic lolita dress and often talked in an exaggerated way, she was a very beautiful girl. Her charming point would be the mole under her eye which somehow was quite similar to Haru.

If Kuroneko was quiet and a bit approachable, Haru was sure that this girl would be very popular and there would be a ton of males who would confess their love to this girl.

When Haru was in deep thought, Kuroneko felt was a bit surprised when she heard that Haru would accompany her on the offline meeting, but regardless, she was happy with it since she knew that he was worried about her.

It might be because Kuroneko also wanted to change the plot of the story that she wanted to invite Haru.

Kuroneko knew that from her story she had lost to the little sister of the main character in the novel which somehow made her annoyed. She couldn't comprehend why she had fallen for such an MC, but at the same time, she knew that it might be because of her lonely character.

Kuroneko didn't have a friend at school and it made her happy when someone talked with her and that person was the MC of this world, though, she hadn't met him in this world.

Along the way, Kuroneko explained a lot of things to Haru. It might be because she was happy that someone came to her world and she talked about a lot of things about manga, novels, anime, games, and light novels.

Haru listened to Kuroeneko's words and knew that her world wasn't that much different from his world. There weren't a lot of people who used smartphones and there weren't many popular apps. But even so, there were also a lot of interesting things in this world which were quite different from his world.

Haru thought that he should copy a lot of things in this world to his after he had gone back later. Thinking for a while, he hadn't had time to research the culture in Korosensei's world. He thought that he also needed to visit that world too. He was wondering about Kanzaki and wondering what she was doing right now. He also wondered about all of his friends in middle school and thought about checking them too.

Haru and Kuroneko entered the tram together to go to Akihabara.

Kuroneko wore her usual black gothic lolita dress, headband adorned with an artificial rose on each side and red contacts. Even though for some people it might be very weird, but it suited her very well and it wouldn't be strange to call her a beautiful girl.

After they arrived at Akihabara, they decided to separate from each other since Haru had decided to become an observer on her offline meeting. He went to the meeting place first which was located in the maid cafe while Kuroneko went to go meet with the members of the otaku group.

Haru was about to enter the maid cafe, but he noticed a young man who also wanted to enter.

'This guy...'

Haru knew about Kuroneko's story and knew that the young man beside him was the MC of this world. But he didn't intend to start a conversation with him and entered the maid cafe directly.

"Welcome home, Master!"

Entering the maid cafe, Haru and the young man were being greeted by a beautiful maid.

The maid looked at both of them and her eyes brightened when she saw Haru.

"Are both of you coming together?"

"No." 2x

Haru and the young man looked at each other after they answered that question.

Hearing their answer, the maid showed a regretful expression and said, "I'm sorry, but there are a lot of tables which have been booked and there is only one table free inside the cafe."

Haru looked at the young man and asked, "Is it alright for you to share the table?"

The young man nodded and said, "Alright." He didn't really mind sharing a table with Haru, and he was a bit surprised since he didn't expect such a handsome young man would come to this maid cafe. If he met Haru at school then he would think Haru as a "normie" or a student who was popular with girls and might change his girlfriend as much as the season changed within a year. But well, he was very jealous since the maid treated them differently which somehow made him feel that it was very unreasonable.

Sitting down at the same table, Haru and the young man looked at each other.

"My name is Kasugano Haruka."

"I'm Kyousuke Kousaka."

This time the two siscon met for the first time.