Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 94

Volume 1 Chapter 94 Radio Interview

Sora was in her apartment and opened radio apps on her mobile phone.

Kato was also by her side playing at their apartment since she was quite free. She didn't have that many friends and they were probably ignoring her most of the time.

"Is he going to be on the radio?" Kato didn't expect that he was quite famous. She didn't read his novel since he had never told her about his book.

Sora nodded, "Yes...." She was waiting for his show to start and answered absentmindedly. She had prepared an app record to save his show on the radio.

Kato rubbed her chin and wondered how big her 'brother complex' was.

"Hello! Hello! This is Ami-pon! Your super cute and a beauty announcer!"

"Eh, Ami-pon! We're on the radio! No one can see you!"

"Eh? But I'm a beauty, right?"



"Alright, enough of her gags, welcome to Youth Library Works! Today, we have a special guest! He is one of the quite famous light novelists that has sold his book around 150,000! He is a super unorthodox romance novelist! Please, welcome, Haru-sensei!"

*Note: Haru = Spring in English.

Kato and Sora were a bit worried about this radio show.


Haru, who listened to their introduction couldn't help but sigh. He put on his smile and started to join the show, "Hello, everyone, I'm Haru-sensei, I'm the writer of 'Spring Strom!', I hope you don't ask a difficult question for me, also what do you mean by quite popular? And the total sales are increasing right now and not 150,000!"

"Hahaha, Sensei, you're funny, most people will be nervous usually."

"Really? Maybe I can change Ami-pon and work here together with you."

"That's true! That will be fun!"


"Yes, we're bullying you," Haru and Tora said at the same time.

"UWAAAA!!!" Ami started to cry.

"Enough of the gag and let's start with the question," Tora said.

"You're going to ignore me again?" Ami asked in disbelief.

"Hmm, alright, enough of that," Haru nodded.

"......" Ami was on the side while making a circle with her finger, "Alright, Ami-pon is not a wanted child."

"Of course not, aren't you Ami-pon, the most beautiful and charismatic announcer? I'm happy that I can join your show," Haru suddenly said.

"Really?" Ami suddenly became spirited.

"Yes! Yes! That's why stop depress since it's started to get annoying," Haru said.

"Annoying....." Ami got a shudder when she found out this young man was a sadist. She felt it was pretty nice being bullied by a younger guy.

"Iyaaa! But still, I don't know that Sensei is very young, how old are you this year Sensei?" Tora asked.

"Hmm, I should be 15 years old this year," Haru said.

"Nice! Nice! Sensei, there are a lot of questions that I have wanted to ask and your fans also have a lot of questions for you too!" Tora said excitedly.

"Yes, I also want to ask you a question too, Sensei," Ami became quite excited.

"Sure, this is a rare chance for me to enter a radio show, you can ask a lot of questions but you can't ask a personal question, alright," Haru said.

"Oh, personal question? For example?" Ami asked.

"My three sizes, my home address, my real identity, and my sleeping posture," Haru said.


"I can understand both your home address and real identity, but why are your three sizes and sleeping posture a secret too?" Tora asked.

"Hmm, it's an interesting question, but let's start with another question," Haru said.


"Hahaha, Tora-san is being ignored!" Ami was happy.

"Ahem, then let's start with the most question that has been asked by everyone," Tora said.

"Good," Haru nodded.

"Why is your heroine a widow and someone in her late 20's? Are you interested in an older woman?" Tora asked.

"Really? Do you want to go out with this big sister after this?" Ami was quite excited.


Sora gnashed her teeth when she heard Ami-pon trying to flirt with him.

"Sora, calm down," Kato tried to calm her.

Sora nodded and took a deep breath.


Sakura and Kyouko were also listening to this question.

"It's him....." Kyouko said with a sigh.

"Is his type is an older woman?" Sakura asked.

Kyouko rubbed her chin and her face blushed, "Now, I understand why he said that he will love me more when we get older." She felt a bit complex right now.


Sakura looked at her with a sour expression.


"That's true, my heroine is quite niche compared to mainstream novels who make their heroine a small girl or a high school girl," Haru said.

Tora and Ami nodded at the same time.

"But it's also the strong point of my novel, it provides the reader with an exciting story that has never been explored," Haru said.

"Do you have experience dating an older woman? You're quite young, I'm not gay and don't really want to admit it, but you're more handsome than me, I'm sure you have a lot of experience in this area," Tora suddenly asked.

Haru rubbed his nose, "I don't have any experience with an older woman, but maybe I can try it with Ami-pon after the show."

"Hey! Are you trying to flirt with me?" Ami smiled.

"Hmm, you can interpret it that way, I'm just saying that you're attractive in my eyes," Haru smiled.

"Hmm, what to do?" Ami said while twirling her hair.

"Alright, enough of a flirt, both of you! I'm feeling lonely here," Tora wanted to cry.

Haru and Ami laughed in response.

They continued with their interview and it had become more excited but Haru also had sweatdropped since the question was a bit strange most of the time. He hoped this would increase the total sales of his book since he had sacrificed too much with this embarrassing show.

The audience who listened to their show couldn't help but smile since it was quite fun.


"He can become a good announcer," Kato said as she enjoyed the show.

"No," Sora said.

"Why?" Kato asked.

"Because there is Ami-pon on that radio," Sora wanted him to go home as soon as possible.


Kato was speechless.


"Alright, the show is almost over, is there something that you want to say to everyone, Haru-sensei?" Tora asked.

"Of course, I have, first, I have to thank both of you for inviting me to this show, truthfully, I'm quite nervous at first but you guys rock," Haru said.

"Oh, don't praise us, you will make us blush, dammit," Tora was happy.

"We can invite you again," Ami-pon said with a smile.

Both of them were quite happy since usually, a novelist was quite calm and didn't say a lot of words, in their show and it made them troubled.

"Oh, I can't wait for that, the second, that I'm thankful for my family, fans, editor, friends, etc that have supported me until now, I can't be here without you guys, I love you and please continue to support me, lastly, I have an announcement to everyone that I will open a cafe, please come there when it's open," Haru said.

"Alright, with that, the show is over."


"By the way, do you still go out with Ami-pon?" Tora asked.

"To know that answer, you must listen to the next show!" Haru suddenly said.

"Interesting," Tora smiled.

The show was over and the audience couldn't help but smile. They needed to listen to the next show to know whether he really asked her on a date or not.


"Kato, tell him that I'm sleeping," Sora said with an annoyed tone and walked to her room.

Kato didn't answer her and wondered whether her 'brother complex' had reached a dangerous level.