Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 940

Volume 1 Chapter 940 Offline Meeting 2

"Let's order something first," Haru said.

"A, alright!"

Kousaka nodded and looked at the menu book. Glancing at Haru, he wanted to ask him a question, but he felt that it was a bit rude.

"First time here?" Haru asked.

"Y, yes!"

"Well, don't be that nervous. This place is pretty simple and all you need to think is that you can eat delicious food while being served by a cute maid," Haru said.

Looking at the maid in this cafe, Kousaka agreed with Haru's statement. "Do you often come here, Kasugano-san?"

"No, it's my first time coming to this place."

Haru wasn't lying since it was his first time to come to the maid cafe in this world. Looking at Kousaka's expression, he smiled and said, "You don't believe it?"

"Well, you seem to be very used to everything in this place," Kousaka said.

"It is because I'm not nervous. Just boldly come and order since you might find this place interesting," Haru said.


Kousaka nodded and even though he hated to admit it, he was quite nervous coming to this place alone.

When they were talking to each other, the maid came to them and asked, "Master, how would you like being addressed?"

"What's that?" Haru asked curiously.

Kousaka was also looking at the maid curiously.

"You can pick what you want us to call you."

Haru was surprised. He might have come to the maid cafe in the past, but it was only once, and at that time, he came with Utaha. After that, he had never come to the maid cafe and he didn't know that a maid cafe had this kind of option where he could request the maid to call you with something else besides "master".

"Such as?"

"Master, my lord, whatever-kun, Onii-chan, etc. There are many options. You can pick whatever you like," the maid said with a smile.

Haru looked at Kousaka and asked, "Kousaka-kun, do you have a request?"

"Well, whatever you want. I'm okay with anything."

Kousaka sighed and felt that he had come to a different world.

"Then you can call me "master" and this guy a "pig" since he's a masochist," Haru said since he wanted to test this maid's professionalism.

"Eh?! What the hell, Kasugano!" Kousaka was mad when he heard Haru's words. He wasn't a masochist and he wasn't happy being called a "pig"!

"I understand, Master."

The maid bowed respectfully toward Haru then glanced at Kousaka with disdain. "Hurry up and order your food, you pig!" She looked at Kousaka and asked, "How is it? This is my first time to have a masochist as a customer. Are you satisfied with my abuse?"

"I'm not a masochist and don't call me a "pig! Also, I'm not happy with such abuse!"

Kousaka refuted this maid, but he also glared at Haru since this guy was the source of this trouble.

Haru chuckled and said, "I'm sorry, miss maid. But I was joking earlier, he's a sis-con. You can call him "Onii-chan"."


Kousaka was speechless, but he didn't refute it since it was better than being called a "pig". But he felt quite complicated being called "Onii-chan" since his little sister didn't even call him a "Onii-chan" and their relationship was rather very bad.

The maid also chuckled and said, "Alright, master, what do you want to eat for today?"

"I'll order omelet rice," Haru said.

"I understand." The maid nodded and asked Kousaka, "How about you, Onii-chan? What do you want to eat?"

"Then, I'll order the same."


The maid smiled and said, "I can write a message for you in ketchup. What would you like?"

"I'll leave that to you, is that alright?" Haru asked.

"Yes, leave it to me!" The maid smiled and looked at Kousaka.

"I'm the same," Kousaka said and wanted to go back as soon as possible from this place.


The maid bowed her head before leaving them to prepare their food.

After the maid had gone, Kousaka looked at him hatefully and asked, "Did you have fun making fun of me?"

"I was joking, Kousaka-kun. Don't get angry, are you dissatisfied because you were being called "Onii-chan"? Do you want me to ask the maid to change it into a "pig" again?"

"No! I'm not angry about that! Also, how many times do I need to tell you that I'm not a masochist!"

"So you're a sis-con?"

"No, I'm not! I'm not masochist nor sis-con!"

Kousaka took a deep breath and felt that his throat felt a bit parched since he had talked quite a lot.

"Here's water."

"Thank you."

Kousaka thanked him after Haru had given him a glass of water.

"So what are you doing here?" Haru asked.

Kousaka sighed and said, "My little sister is having an offline meeting with her otaku group on the internet. I'm here because she has asked me to accompany her here."

"Hmm... so you are really a sis-con, huh?" Haru said with a bland expression.

"No, I'm not! Also, don't look at me with that expression!"

Kousaka suddenly felt tired from talking with Haru. He didn't remember how many times that he needed to correct Haru that he wasn't masochist nor sis-con.

Looking at Kousaka, Haru knew that most of the harem protagonists in the story would be a "straight man" or someone who would correct the joke on the story. But he had to admit that it was quite fun to talk with him.

"Well, I'm also the same."

"Eh? Really?"

Haru nodded and said, "Your little sister might meet with my friend at that offline meeting."

Kousaka was a bit surprised, but then he asked another question. "So your friend is female?"


"Not a girlfriend?"


Kousaka looked at Haru weirdly and asked, "You have got a girlfriend?"


Haru looked at Kousaka and said, "I have a girlfriend and for your information, I don't have an interest in a male so if you want to confess to me then I'm sorry."

"I'M NOT!!!!"

Kousaka really wanted to flip their table right away, but then he heard a greeting from the maid again.

"Welcome home, Ojou-sama."

There was a group of girls who came together at the maid cafe.

Haru and Kousaka didn't need to guess that it was a group of otaku groups which was being participated by Kuroneko and Kousaka's little sister.

Haru could see Kuroneko who glanced at him. He waved his hand in response which made her snort at him.

"Your friend?" Kousaka asked.



Kousaka looked at Kuroneko and felt weird by her dress, but he had to admit that she was very cute. Then he also noticed his little sister who had come together with everyone.

"Your little sister?"


"It seems that she doesn't fit well with everyone," Haru said.

The clothes of otaku female otaku groups were either plain or wearing cosplay such as Kuroneko. But Kousaka's little sister wore very trendy clothes which made her very different from the rest.

Haru and Kousaka observed the group and heard the leader of the office group name was Saori Bajeena.

Saori Bajenaa was very tall for a girl and she was at least 180 cm high which was taller than Kousaka, but shorter than Haru. She wore a flannel shirt, glasses with swirl lense which was similar to an anime character, wash-up jeans, thick backpack, and sneakers.

Then the maid served their omelette rice.

"Sorry for making you wait, Master, Onii-chan."

Two omelette rice was served in front of Haru and Kousaka.

Kousaka's omelette rice was written with a "love" symbol by the maid with ketchup, but Haru's omelet rice was written with a phone number.

The maid made a gesture for Haru to call her up later.

Haru nodded and smiled at the maid since this maid was really cute.


Looking at the interaction between the maid and Haru, Kousaka was speechless and asked, "You're going to call her?"

"I'm not."

Haru said, but he saved the maid's phone number since it might be helpful when he came to this world again.


Kousaka didn't think too much and enjoyed his omelette rice.

The two of them ate their omelette rice while observing the group meeting. Looking at Kousaka's little sister and Kuroneko, Haru and Kousaka knew that they had failed to integrate with everyone which somehow made them sigh.