Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 942

Volume 1 Chapter 942 Erina's Gift 1

Coming back to his world, Haru was glad to see that Kuroneko was alright.

Even though he knew that she had trouble socializing herself, she did her best.

In his opinion, it didn't really matter whether Kuroneko made a lot of friends or not since she had a lot of great friends on the "group chat" and a cute little sister on her home. He also thought that it was better to have one or two close friends rather than 100 random friends.

Thinking of Kosaka, Haru thought that this guy was very fun. He had male friends, but it was rare to see someone such as Kosaka who was as funny as that guy.

His mood was very good and he was on his way to Erina. He had promised her to make a Shoujo manga magazine and he had made it.

After the success of Viking Weekly Manga Magazine, his company had decided to create a manga magazine for girls. His concept of this magazine was to create a manga magazine for teen girls in this country. Most of the manga in this magazine would be a romance manga, but there were also other genres with a female as the main character.

Haru also wrote the story for this manga such as "Kimi ni Todoke!", "Lovely Complex", "Nana", "Chibi Maruko-chan", etc. He had to admit that it was hard work even though he only copied it from the "group chat" and somehow he was also being worshipped by everyone in his company which somehow was quite troublesome.

The size of his publisher company had also increased since he also acquired another publishing company.

Haru didn't forget that the main business of the publishing company was for education. Even though the result of his manga magazine and the light novel was quite good, it wouldn't give a stable income. The popular work might create a lot of money, but it was hard to find it.

The majority of people would buy a book for education to study, dictionary, tests, lessons, work, etc. It might not create that much money compared to a popular manga or novel, but it would give a stable income for his company.

Anyway, his Shoujo manga magazine had been created and he named it Weekly Venus.

The magazine would be sold next month since it needed a lot of adjustment and promotion before it was sold. But he already owned the finished product for Erina since that girl loved to read Shoujo manga.


On Sunday, Erina was quite free, but she was anticipating her boyfriend to come since she knew that Haru would bring her a gift. She was wondering what kind of gift it was and she had been anticipating it for a while. Waiting at her house, she couldn't sit down and walked around since she also missed him.

After Erina became a member of Elite 10, her workload increased, especially when she also needed to do her tasting job at various restaurants. It was good that Haru often picked her up and played at her house which made them often do something quite lewd every time.

Her cheeks blushed and knew that sooner or later she would be eaten by Haru and she was wondering whether she needed to prepare something.

'But before that...'

Thinking about her cousin, Erina was wondering whether she should build an electric fence around her mansion so her cousin wouldn't disturb her time with Haru. She remembered every time Haru came to her mansion, Alice would come to her mansion as if Alice knew when Haru would come even though she had never told anyone about it.

If Erina didn't grow up with Alice then she thought that girl might have a "God's nose" which would make Alice able to smell Haru's smell from a long distance.

The distance between her mansion and Alice wasn't that far, but it also wasn't short.

Anyway, Erina didn't want Alice to disturb her time with Haru!


Then her smartphone vibrated and she received a chat from Haru that he had arrived in front of her mansion.

Haru had made LINE to make it easier for him to chat with his girlfriends and of course, the response was very good.

Erina loved to use LINE since it had a lot of funny stickers and it was very easy to contact him using it. But before that, she needed to run to the entrance of her mansion to greet him. Running as fast as possible, she opened the door and was about to greet her fiance with her greatest smile, but...

"Hello, Erina!"

Alice smiled and stood beside Haru.



Erina frowned and asked, "What are you doing here?"

"Oh, I've heard that Haru is going to give you a gift." Alice looked at Haru and asked, "How about me? He has prepared a gift for me too, right?" She felt jealous of Erina and wondered why Erina was the one who had become Haru's fiancee.


'Is he your fiance? Or am I his fiancee?'

Erina was speechless and wondering where Alice had learned about the matter of the gift.

'Is it Hisako?"

Erina shook her head and didn't think that Hisako would betray her, and thought that Alice might have heard her conversation with Haru before.

Haru was speechless, but his hand was pulled by Erina to enter her mansion.

Alice was about to enter, but Erina closed the door very fast.


"It hurts!"

Alice's forehead was slammed into the door and she caressed her forehead. She became resentful and asked, "ERINA, WHAT ARE YOU DOING!"

"Alice, I've something important to do. You can go back first," Erina said from the inside.

"No! I also want to enter!" Alice yelled.


Haru looked at Erina and asked, "You don't let her enter?"

"No, this girl is always bothering us!" Erina said and didn't remember how many times Alice had disturbed them.

Looking at how cute this girl was, Haru said, "If you're worried about her, then why don't we go out together?"

"Go out together?" Erina asked.

"You've been busy with your work after all. How about we take a break somewhere together," Haru said.


Erina blushed, but she was happy when she heard his proposal. She was about to agree, but she heard her cousin's voice.

"Erina, if you don't let me enter then I'll yell to the school that you're kissing Haru inside! I'll tell everyone that Erina is a pervert!" Alice yelled.


Erina's body trembled and she was wondering how to stop her cousin's stupidity.


Erina opened the door and could see Alice's smug smile which somehow annoyed her further then both of them started to argue with each other.

Looking at the interaction between the two of them, Haru said, "The relationship between the two of you is very good."

"We're not!" 2x

Both of them refuted Haru's words in synch.

Haru chuckled and said, "Now, now, let's just go inside together."

Alice nodded with smile and said, "Good! Let's go!" She hugged Haru's arm and pulled him.

"Why are you hugging his arm!"

If Alice wasn't her cousin, then Erina might really throw this rude girl outside directly. She tried to push her away, but Alice's power was stronger than she had imagined.

No matter how many times Haru had seen their interaction, it had never gotten old and funny at the same time.