Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 943

Volume 1 Chapter 943 Erina's Gift 2

Then, Haru, Erina, and Alice entered Erina's room together.

Even though Erina didn't want Alice to enter, it was impossible for her to stop Alice, especially when Alice was hugging Haru's arm tightly.

Haru didn't complain since he could feel the softness on Alice's body. Even though this girl was one year younger than him, her body was fully developed. He had to admit that the genes from the Nakiri Clan were very good since both Alice and Erina were very beautiful and their bodies also well developed.

Though, in terms of the size of "Oppai", Alice was bigger than Erina, but he wouldn't say it out loud.

"Where did you hear that I've brought a gift for Erina?" Haru asked. He was curious where Alice had learned about it.

"Oh, I've eavesdropped on Erina before," Alice said with a smile. But she tried to hide her blush since she knew that both of them often talked about something lewd. Looking at Haru who seemed harmless, she knew very well that this guy was a lewd beast who was ready to eat Erina anytime when he was given a chance.

However, Alice didn't hate it, rather she was curious how he would eat Erina. If possible she also wanted to be eaten, but she couldn't reveal it since his identity was Erina's fiance, not her.


Erina was in shock when she heard it. She really wanted to throw her cousin out and at the same time, she should be careful when she talked with Haru since it would be troublesome when Alice knew the content of their conversation.


Haru was speechless and flicked Alice's forehead.


Alice held her forehead and complained. "What are you doing!!" Even though it didn't hurt, she was a bit annoyed by Haru's action.

"Don't do that again," Haru said.

"Hmph! I know what you're thinking! You want to do a lewd thing with Erina, right? I'll help you! If you want then you can have both of us!" Alice said.


Erina had enough of Alice and didn't expect that Alice dared to say such a thing to Haru. She took a tape and closed Alice's mouth with it. If possible she also wanted to tie her up, but she couldn't find a rope in her room.


Alice's mouth was closed with tape and she tried to complain, but her words were very hard to comprehend since the voice which came from her mouth was very strange.

Haru shook his head and took out Weekly Venus which he kept on his jacket.

Looking at the magazine in Haru's hand, Erina seemed surprised and asked, "T, That is...."

"Yes, it is finished," Haru said.

Erina was very happy and kissed him since Haru really made the weekly shoujo manga for her.

After Erina had accepted her relationship with him, she read all of the manga and light novels which were written by Haru. Even though she didn't have a hobby to read a novel or a shounen manga, as long as it was written by him, she would definitely buy and read all the things which were created by him to support him.

In truth, Erina loved shoujo manga, but she was too embarrassed to acknowledge it. But this time, Haru had made a shoujo manga for her and of course, it made her very happy and felt that it was the greatest gift that she had ever received!

Alice didn't take the tape from her mouth and took the shoujo manga magazine in Haru's hand. She had gotten used to seeing Haru and Erina kiss each other. Even though she felt bitter, and also wanted to know what it felt like being kissed, she was also curious about this shoujo manga. She sat down on the edge of Erina's bed and started to read the manga since she also loved to read Haru's manga magazine.


Erina wanted to take away the manga magazine from Alice's hand, but she was stopped

"I have another one, you don't need to fight each other." Haru then took out another magazine.

"Thank you," Erina said with a smile.

"I'll rest on your bed first,"

Haru didn't bother Erina to read and he was also a bit tired after returning from Kuroneko's world.

Erina nodded and also followed him to read on her bed. She wasn't sure, but she could tell that Haru was tired.

Resting on Erina's bed, Alice also followed to sit next to Haru.

Haru was resting with two girls beside him and wondering whether he would be cursed by the readers if he kept flirting with girls every day. Looking at Erina and Alice who started to read with a serious expression, he knew that this magazine was successful. He was about to close his eyes to rest for a bit but his smartphone vibrated, he was wondering whether it was from a "group chat".


Haru opened LINE and Ritsu had sent him a photo of herself right in front of Rockefeller Center. He smiled and replied, "Done?"

Ritsu: "Yeah, it's done. The transaction is almost complete."

Haru had mentioned in the previous chapter that he had intended to buy NBCUnited and the negotiation had already been completed.

Ritsu: "Where are you?"

Ritsu knew that Haru had suddenly disappeared from this world for a while and she was curious where he had gone.

Haru: "Oh, right! I've gone to Kuroneko a bit earlier."

Haru: "I'm sorry."

Haru had forgotten to bring Ritsu to another world which made him feel a bit sorry somehow.

Ritsu: "....."

Ritsu: "You should tell me beforehand when you have decided to go to another world."

Ritsu: "I want to go too!"

Haru: "I know. I'll bring you next time."

Ritsu: "Alright, I'll go back after this. Do you want souvenirs?"

Haru was about to answer, but he heard a voice from his side.

"Who is Ritsu?" Alice asked.

Erina didn't say anything, but she thought that Ritsu should be Haru's girlfriend. She knew about it, but she didn't intend to talk about it. She had accepted their relationship and she was happy as long as she was with him.

"It's my secretary."

"Hmm, where is she?" Alice asked.


Haru looked at Erina and Alice before asking, "Do you want something? She can help you to buy it there."

Alice and Erina thought for a while and shook their heads.

"No, I don't have anything that I want."

"Me too."

Haru nodded and didn't force them.

Haru: "Aligator meat and cajun spice, is that alright?"

Ritsu: "Okay!"

Haru wanted to try some dishes and asked Ritsu for help to buy some ingredients in the US.

"If those ingredients have arrived, tell me. I'm also going to help you to make a dish from it," Alice said.


Haru was speechless since this girl kept peeking at his smartphone.

The three of them talked to each other after they had finished reading the manga.

Erina was very excited and asked him to give her the next magazine as soon as possible.

Haru was helpless and could only nod since whoever made her would become his wife in the future. He could only say that when the magazine was ready, he would give it to her as soon as possible.

Then they continued to talk about Tootsuki since Haru was curious about this school's curriculum. His school was a bit messed up and he wanted to see the difference between his school and their school since he had heard that Tootsuki was also a bit too extreme to teach their students.

Alice and Erina talked about a lot of things until they mentioned about something that would happen next month.

"Totsuki Friendship and Rapport Training Camp?"

The Totsuki Friendship and Rapport Training Camp is a first-year high school event at Tootsuki Culinary Academy. The Training Camp takes place several weeks into their first year. It's the first major hurdle that all Totsuki high school students must go through. Students are sent to Ttsuki Resort where they spend five days training.

The camp is supervised by some of the school instructors, the manager of the Resort, and also invited a number of the Totsuki graduates to participate in the camp as instructors.

During the camp, students are treated like employees by the Alumni. If a student does not meet an Alumnus' expectations or fails to complete a given task, the said Alumni is authorized to expel that student from the academy. Some years, as many as half of the participating students are expelled before the end of the camp.

Erina was quite busy preparing for this training camp and she also needed to go to this training camp.

"Right, how about you join us at this training camp, Haru?" Alice asked.

"What?" 2x

Haru and Erina were surprised by Alice's words.

"It's alright, right?" Alice looked at Erina.

Erina thought for a while and nodded. "Yes. you can come with us." She felt a bit lonely to leave him for five days and thought that it was better to invite him to the training camp since she knew that his school was quite free and also gave him a lot of privilege to skip anytime. She also didn't think anyone would stop him from joining since with her beside him no one dared to stop him from joining this training camp.

Looking at Erina and Alice who showed anticipation, Haru nodded and agreed to join their training camp as a visitor. He wouldn't join the training, but he might observe them since he was also curious about the lesson on Tootsuki.

Then it had been decided that Haru would join the training camp next month.

Erina was very anticipating it and wondered what kind of game they should play at the hotel and it might be possible for him to do a night visit in her room. She thought that she should prepare battle underwear beforehand for him for her preparation next month.