Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 945

Volume 1 Chapter 945 School Idol

Honoka, Umi, and Kotori were working out on the nearby shrine which had been renovated. They remembered that this shrine was a haunted shrine in the past, but a few months ago, this shrine had been renovated so suddenly and it seemed to have been reborn.

The dilapidated, scary, and old shrine had turned into a beautiful shrine that would make everyone relaxed the moment they entered this shrine. It was because of that there were also a lot of people from the neighborhood visiting this shrine.

Honoka, Umi, and Kotori didn't know who was the priest nor the owner of this shrine, but it seemed that it was alright to use this place and they had received a permission from the shrine maiden in this shrine.

In the past few days, they had decided to work out in this shrine since it had long stairs that were perfect to build their stamina.

Today, they also trained but this time it was different since someone called out their name.



Honoka, who was tired, turned her head and saw a tall figure calling out her name.


Umi and Kotori also stopped and turned to see Haru who was running in their direction. They didn't expect to see Haru in this place early in the morning.

Kotori's expression turned unnatural when she saw Haru since this guy knew that she was working at the maid cafe. But it was good that he didn't tell anyone about it which somehow made her relaxed and shy at the same time since she was worried that he would use her secret for his gain since she often saw it on that kind of manga.

Kotori's face flushed so suddenly and she quickly covered her face.

"Umi, Kotori, good morning," Haru said.

"Good morning, Haru," Umi said politely.

"Good morning, Haru!" Kotori said with a bright smile.

Haru looked at Honoka and asked, "Are you sick?"

"Huh?" 3x

This question threw them off.

"N, no, I'm not sick, what's wrong?" Honoka asked in confusion.

"Well, you wake up in the early morning and work out too. I guess that there must be something wrong with you," Haru said with a worried expression.


Umi and Kotori tried to hold their laughs, but Honoka couldn't laugh at his joke.

"I'm not sick!"

Honoka was annoyed when this guy teased her.

"But it is very rare for you to work out in the morning, did you join a Umi's dojo or something?" Haru asked. He knew that Umi's parents owned a famous dojo in the neighborhood. Even though he didn't join, he knew about it.

"No, she didn't join my parents' dojo," Umi said calmly.


"Be a surprise! We're going to form a school idol!" Honoka said with a smile.

"School idol?" Haru was dumbfounded since he had never expected this answer.

Kotori nodded and said, "Yes, do you know about it?"

Haru thought for a while and said, "It is an idol that is formed by high school girls to join Love Live, right?"

"Haru, you know about it?" Honoka was surprised since she only knew about Love Live a week before.

"Well, it is quite famous after all and there are also a lot of promotions about it on the television," Haru said. He didn't think that it was necessary to tell them that he owned the television network which owned the "Love Live" program since he was sure that it would shock them.

"Eh, is it really that famous?" Honoka was surprised.


Haru, Umi, and Kotori were speechless.

"But anyway, we'll do our performance next month! Please visit our concert!" Honoka said.

Haru nodded and said, "Of course, I'll come. Do you have a pamphlet? If you want, you can place the announcement of your concert at my cafe."

"Eh, is that alright?" 3x

They were surprised and happy about it.

"Of course, next month, right?"

"Yes!" 3x

Their faces were full of smiles since they had Haru's support.

"Just place it in the cafe when you buy bread before the concert," Haru said.


Honoka nodded since she often went to Haru's cafe. Even though it was quite rare for Haru to come to his cafe, his bread was as delicious as ever.

"So why did you suddenly decide to form a school idol?" Haru asked curiously, but he had some ideas why they wanted to create a school idol.

Their expression seemed sad when they heard Haru's question.

"Well, if it's hard for you to tell me then you don't need to tell me," Haru said.

"It's for our school," Honoka said.

Haru nodded and said, "I've heard that your school might be abolished, right?"

"Eh, you know about it?" 3x

They were surprised when they heard it and wondered how this guy was able to learn lot of things.

"I know the president and vice president of your school," Haru said.

"Eh? You know that strict president and Nozomi-chan?" Honoka was surprised. She remembered when her plan to create an idol was rejected by the school president of her school and because of that, she felt the president of her school was very strict. But for Nozomi, her impression was quite good since Nozomi often talked to them during their training since Nozomi worked as a shrine maiden in this shrine.

Nozomi was also the one who had given them permission to train in this place before.

"How did you know them?" Kotori asked curiously.

"They're working in this shrine from time to time," Haru said.

"Haru, you often come to pray?" Umi asked.

"Pray? No, I'm the owner of this shrine after all," Haru said.


"EHHHHHH!!!!!!" 3x

Haru felt the reaction of the three of them was too exaggerated.

"Don't be that surprised." Waving his hand, Haru said, "You can use this place to train."

"Thank you very much!" 3x

They were grateful after hearing Haru's words.

Honoka was clueless, but Umi and Kotori knew some of Haru's identity since this guy often appeared on the news.

Umi and Kotori blushed when they remembered Haru's photo in swimwear which had become a trending topic in the past. Even though Haru wasn't a public figure, his identity was also very famous.

Even though Haru didn't like exposure, it didn't mean that he hid his identity. In today's age, it was necessary to maintain some exposure to the public since if he kept hiding behind the scenes then someone might create a conspiracy gossip about him.

Talking to each other, they continued their work out and he stayed with them for a bit to teach them a method to make their stamina stronger.

To become an idol, it was necessary to have strong stamina since being an idol was a very hard job.

In today's Society being an idol was often underestimated them since they always smiled on the stage or screen, but in truth, it was hard to maintain a smile while dancing and singing. Without strong stamina, it was simply impossible to do it.

"Haru, where is your house?" Honoka suddenly asked curiously. She thought that Haru was living in his cafe, but it seemed that wasn't the case. She thought about playing at his house since she was curious.

Umi and Kotori were also curious, but somehow they had some ideas where it was.


Haru pointed at the largest building around the area which could be seen from the shrine.

"Oh, that famous apartment building! I've heard from my mom that someone has bought the entire building. I wonder who is rich enough to buy it."

Honoka thought if she had that much money that she could buy the school and slept for her entire life without the need to study anymore. She also didn't need to worry about being reprimanded by her mother when she got a bad score during her exam.


Umi and Kotori were speechless and really thought that their childhood friend was really stupid!

"I wonder."

Haru smiled and said, "Then, I need to go back first. You should go back since you need to go to school, right?"

"Yes!" 3x

"Right, you might not have started, but when I see the three of you who have worked hard. I can't help but want to become your fan, so don't give up and I'll cheer you up!"

"Yes" 3x

The three girls felt warm when they heard it. They didn't expect that they would have their first fan so quickly even though they hadn't shown their performance, but one thing for sure, they were going to do their best on their first performance!

Waving his hand, Haru left them to go back.

"Honoka, you seem very close to Haru."

Umi and Kotori were a bit curious.

"Oh, he often comes to my house," Honoka said with a smile.


Umi and Kotori blushed at that moment and thought that their childhood friend had become an a.d.u.l.t without knowing it.

"H, Honoka-chan...!"

"H, how shameless, Honoka!"


Honoka was clueless, but she didn't think too much and thought about buying bread before she went to school later since she was quite hungry at this moment.