Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 946

Volume 1 Chapter 946 Love Radar

Sora, Megumi, and Yumeko ate lunch together in their classroom.

Even though Sora didn't feel comfortable with Yumeko since this girl lacked a personal distance and often got very close to her displeasure, after a week, she had gotten used to this girl.

For Megumi, well, Megumi was Megumi, she didn't show hate, sadness, happiness, nor emotion. It was because of that that she had entered an enlightenment and became a "Saint Kato".

Anyway, the three of them often stayed together.

Then there was also Yuri, Iwasawa, and Shiina who also gathered together even though it was rare since their classes were different from each other.

For Utaha, she didn't join them since she was in the 2nd year and she often used the time of her break to sleep since she was fully awake during the night, especially when she was with Haru.

But let's talk about that matter later since that isn't the topic now.

Sora was quiet, Yumeko was quite a chatterbox, and Megumi was normal.

Yumeko always seemed to have a lot of topics, and this time they were talking about extracurriculars in their school.

In the past week, there was a lot of recruitment from various clubs in this school. The school didn't force them to join a club, but it could be a good topic to talk about with everyone.

"Sora, Megumi, are you two going to join any clubs?" Yumeko asked. Even though she didn't intend to join a club, she decided to ask anyway since she was curious.

"No." 2x

Megumi and Sora answered at the same time.

"Eh? How can you do that? The club is one of the things that you can only experience during your youth! You can't waste that chance to join a go-home club!"

Then suddenly someone joined their conversation.

"Oh, Fujiwara-san," Yumeko said with a smile.

Sora, Megumi, and Yumeko looked at the pink-haired girl with a ribbon on the top of her head. This girl was one of their classmates and somehow it was very hard to guess what was inside her head since she often acted like a child.

"So you have joined a club, Fujiwara-san?" Megumi asked with a quiet voice.

"Yes! I've joined a tabletop gaming club!" Fujiwara smiled and said, "How about the three of you join my club together?"

"No." 3x

They felt that Fujiwara's club was very strange.


Fujiwara seemed unable to accept it when they answered in unison. She felt that the three of them were bullying her somehow.

"Hmm... I'm sorry, but I'm a bit busy after school," Yumeko said.

"Oh, you work a part-time job, Jabami-san?" Fujiwara asked.

"Yes." Yumeko smiled and changed the topic. "Fujiwara-san, you've mentioned that club is one of the things which you can only enjoy during your youth."

"Yes, of course!"

"So what are the other things besides joining a club?" Yumeko asked.

Fujiwara seemed happy when Yumeko asked this question. She raised her finger and said, "Of course, there are a lot of things such as education, friendship, sport, and the most important things are...


Fujiwara seemed very proud and proudly raised her chest.

"Love! Oh, I have an interest in that!" Yumeko smiled and asked, "So Fujiwara-san have experience in love?"

Everyone in the classroom seemed to be very interested in their conversation. Everyone in the classroom was very interested in love, especially Sora, Fujiwara, and Yumeko who were among the most beautiful girls in the school.


Fujiwara said with a low voice since she was quite depressed at that moment.


Megumi, Sora, and Yumeko were speechless.

"Enough about me, how about the three of you? Do any of you have experience with love? Or do any of you have a boyfriend?" Fujiwara asked curiously. Her eyes were glancing at Megumi, even though she often forgot about Megumi, but sometimes she also noticed Megumi even though it was very rare and today was that rare day since she was very interested in the love life of the three girls before her.

"Hmm... I don't think that I have that experience in that area...." Yumeko said with a smile.

"I see..."

Fujiwara seemed to be disappointed when she heard Yumeko's answer since it felt a bit boring.

"But I guess I've got someone that I've been interested in," Yumeko said while looking at Sora.


'Why are you looking at me?'

Sora was sipping her juice, but she didn't say anything. She knew very well that Yumeko mentioned Haru, but she didn't feel that surprise since he had a lot of admirers. Even though Yumeko was very beautiful, he had told her that he didn't have an interest in Yumeko. Though, even if he had an interest in Yumeko, she wouldn't stop him since he had that ability to take care of everyone.

"Oh! Who!?"

Fujiwara's love radar suddenly rose and she was very curious as to who was mentioned by Yumeko.

Everyone in the classroom was also curious about who was this lucky guy who was being mentioned by Yumeko.

The guys in the classroom were also curious since if it was one of them then they would be lucky since Yumeko was a very beautiful girl and at the same time, they also felt envious.

"....It's a secret."

Yumeko had a mysterious smile on her face.


Fujiwara sighed and felt a bit disappointed since she couldn't learn anything.

"But I'm sure that Sora and Megumi have a lot of experience in that area, right?" Yumeko said while looking at both Megumi and Sora.

"Eh? Really?" Fujiwara became spirited once again and her love radar also rose once again in search of the answer to this love mystery.

Looking at Yumeko then Fujiwara, Sora said, "I have a boyfriend." She thought that it was a good chance so no one would bother her again in the future.


Everyone in the class who secretly fell for Sora had felt that their hearts had been shattered in pieces.

"Me too," Megumi said. Her presence was very weak, and no one seemed to notice her beside Fujiwara, Sora, and Yumeko. Oh, there was also another person and that person was Ai Hayasaka.

Ai Hayasaka was a beautiful, young girl with blonde hair that is usually tied up at the left side of her head with a blue scrunchie and blue-eyes.

Hayasaka sat three seats away from Megumi, Sora, Yumeko, and Fujiwara. As a maid of Shinomiya's family, she needed to gather information around the school and their conversation was of course included as that information which she needed to gather.

"Eh? Who? Who is that guy? Is he at this school?" Fujiwara was excited. She didn't expect that she had uncovered the identity of the boyfriend of one of the most beautiful girls at Shuchiin Academy. But she was more interested in Megumi's boyfriend since she knew that she had seen Megumi at the hotel in the Hakone area during Christmas. She was curious who was this Mr. Boyfriend that had taken the cute Megumi to the hotel. Her face reddened when she thought about what they were doing in the hotel, but she was too shy to ask about something like that.

"He's at a different school and we have been together for a few months," Sora said. She told the truth since Haru had only confirmed their relationship a few months ago.

"How about Megumi?" Yumeko asked curiously since she was also curious about the love life of her friends.

"Me? I've been with him for more than half a year," Megumi said.


Megumi and Fujiwara were surprised to hear Megumi's answer since Megumi had dated her boyfriend for quite a long time.

"Can I see his photo? Pretty please?" Fujiwara asked.

"Me too, can I see it too?" Yumeko asked.

Megumi looked at Sora and Sora gave her a nod. They were wondering what was the reaction of Fujiwara and Yumeko when they found out that they shared a boyfriend together.



Haru felt that his nose was a bit itchy for some reason.

"Did you catch a cold?" Sachiko asked.

"No, someone might talk about me."

Haru was wondering who talked about him, but he didn't care too much anyway.