Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 947

Volume 1 Chapter 947 Fun Time At Hyakkou

Looking at Sachiko, Haru could tell that her mood was pretty good. He was inside his private room, but he received a guest and that person was a Sachiko Juraku who was the Public Moral Committee Chairwoman of the Student Council.

Sachiko has ankle-length light grey hair that has a single hair strand laying on her chest on the left side, red eyes that has narrow cat-like pupils, and her nails painted in black.

Overall, she was a very beautiful woman, but her personality was a bit sadistic.

Haru also had a feeling that this girl was also bis.e.x.u.a.l, but he wasn't going to comment about that.

After his position had been changed to Kirari's secretary, he didn't bother to go to the student council room since it was too troublesome. Unless there was a meeting or something important, it was very rare for him to go to the student council room since it was better to stay in his private room since it was more comfortable.

"What's wrong? You seem to be in a very good mood?" Haru asked.

"Oh? Can you tell?"

Sipping the tea which was brewed by Haru, Sachiko had to admit that it tasted very good. If possible she wanted to have him for herself. Looking at Haru, she was thinking about how to make him into her, though, she knew that it was a bit impossible since she knew that he was owned by a snake that could eat her anytime.

"Yes, did you find something interesting?" Haru asked.

Sachiko nodded and said, "Yes, I've found someone interesting and I want to make her my pet."


Haru was speechless, but he wasn't that surprised by Sachiko's hobby.

Sachiko had a pet and the name of that pet was Mikura Sado.

Mikura Sado was a very beautiful girl and she was a personal pet of Sachiko in this school.

Sachiko had offered her pet to him, but Haru rejected it since he didn't have an interest and he didn't want to make trouble with Kirari since he knew very well about Kirari's personality. She might close her eyes about his girlfriends outside, but if it was inside this school then she might do something cruel to those girls.

That was why he had never touched anyone in the Hyakkou.

Even though Haru loved a woman, he also respected the wishes of his girlfriends. Even if Kirari didn't say anything, but as her fiance, it was something that he had to do.

It was no secret that he had dated Kirari in the school and if the students knew that he was cheating on Kirari then Kirari's reputation would be bleak.

Haru didn't care about his reputation that much since he could protect himself, but it was different from Kirari since she was a student council president of this school and that position meant a lot of things.

To protect that position, it was also necessary to have a good reputation since there were a lot of people who targeted Kirari's position considering how profitable it was to become the student council of the Hyakkou Academy.

"Who is her name?" Haru asked.

"Saotome Mary."

"New student?"

"Yes, she's in her 1st year. Her gambling ability is very good. She also challenged a gambling den a week right after she entered this school."

"Did she win?"

"Yes, she owns that gambling den now."

"Wow, that's amazing."

Haru was really surprised at this moment and thought that Saotome Mary was a rare talent.


Sachiko was speechless and said, "But compared to you, she is nothing."


Haru was speechless and said, "Don't compare her with me, I can tell that she's very talented from your story."

"Yeah... I really want to get her into my hands," Sachiko said.

"Such an ambitious person won't get bent that easily."

"But isn't that what makes it fun?"

"Well, that's true. I won't spoil your fun. Just good luck," Haru said.

"Thank you." Sachiko smiled and said, "Your tea is very good."

"Do you want more?"



Haru prepared another tea for Sachiko since as an owner of this room. He needed to entertain his guests very well. Though, he hoped for her to get out quickly since with this girl around it would be hard to enjoy a moment with Kirari later.

"I've heard that you have bought an NBCUnited, is that true?" Sachiko asked.

"Oh, you know about it?" Haru asked.

"Of course, there has been a lot of talk that you're going to become the "King of Media" after you've owned NBCUnited. Oh, right, I need to congratulate you," Sachiko said with a smile.

"Thank you." Haru smiled and said, "Right, I need to give you thanks for helping me, do you want something?"

Sachiko had helped him to buy both a football club and a baseball club in this country.

Haru had bought Kashima Antlers for a football club and Yokohama BayStars for a baseball club. The price was quite cheap compared to the football team and the basketball team which he owned overseas. To buy two teams, he didn't really need Sachiko's help, but with Sachiko's help, the process of negotiation became faster.


Sachiko looked at him with a smile and said, "How do you want to repay me?"


Haru smiled and asked, "Do you want to put my neck with a collar?"

"Is that alright?" Sachiko was excited when she heard it.


Haru was speechless when he saw her reaction.


Sachiko was disappointed that Haru was joking. She thought for a while and said "Then, can you bake me a cake?" She had tasted Haru's cooking and she felt that it was even better than most of the chefs who had graduated from Tootsuki.

"Alright, I'll bake a cake for you tomorrow."

"Good." Sachiko nodded with a smile.

Haru thought for a while and asked, "Now that you mention it, where is Mikura?"

"She should be playing with Saotome," Sachiko said.

"Her owner has shown an interest in another girl. I'm sure that she's jealous," Haru said.

"Hmm... that might be possible."

Sachiko rubbed her chin and wondered why she only realized that her pet was jealous that she showed attention to another girl. She thought that Mikura was quite cute for some reason.

"Anyway, how long are you going to stay here?" Haru asked.

"What? You're going to chase me away? Don't you feel happy with a beautiful girl like me beside you?" Sachiko asked.

"Well, that's true, but it is very rare for you to come here." Haru smiled and asked, "So what is Miboumi doing?"

"You know?" Sachiko asked, but she didn't show a surprise expression.

"I don't know how you can even think there's information that can be hidden from me," Haru said.

Shrugging her shoulders, Sachiko said, "Well, but isn't it good for Kirari? She might be bored without someone trying to rebel against her."

"You don't need to worry about that since I've always made her happy every day," Haru said with a smile.


Sachiko looked at Haru and felt very jealous of Kirari. It wasn't that rare for a child from a rich family to be engaged from a young age, but having Haru as a fiance was a dream for every girl in this era considering his strength, ability, wealth, appearance, etc, especially his personality which was different from those of the second rich generation.

Sachiko sighed and really felt jealous of Kirari at this moment.

Then the door was opened and there was Runa, Yuriko, Ririka, Sayaka, and Kirari who had entered his room.

"Oh, good afternoon everyone." Sachiko smiled when everyone was coming.

Kirari nodded then walked to Haru and sat on his lap.


Everyone was speechless at Kirari's action, but they had gotten to it somehow. Even so, they felt bitter.

"So how about we try something fun?" Kirari said and took out a costume of a magical girl from the shelf on Haru's table.

"We're going to gamble and the loser is going to wear this costume."

It was the fun that Kirari often did during the lunch break with everyone that the loser of the gamble needed to wear an embrassing costume.


They sighed in relief and thought that this costume was better than yesterday. Looking at each other, they were wondering who would wear such an embarrassing costume for today.

Haru sighed and wondered whether he needed to make his private room bigger.