Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 948

Volume 1 Chapter 948 My Boss My Love

Seri was a workaholic, but even so, she had always been coming back early to her boss's house, especially when she wasn't taking care of her boss's matters overseas. She had a lot of teams, but for big matters such as the acquisition of one of the biggest media giants in the US. She needed to attend it directly together with Ritsu since she knew that her boss didn't intend to show his face to the public.

Seri felt that it felt like a dream since her boss was only 16 years old yet he had become one of the biggest media bosses in the world. She was of course happy and knew that his future was limitless. She wondered about his future, especially after he had graduated from high school since at that time she was sure that he would be more than a media giant.

Seri wouldn't be surprised if this world was under his palm.

Thinking about her future too, she became even more excited, but then she started to blush when she thought about the incident which happened in London before. She had hugged his anaconda by an incident and after that incident, there were also a lot of incidents that were happening between the two of them which somehow made her embarrassed and shy.

Seri had just come back from the US and looked at the home where she had been living for the past few months. Unlike her cold apartment, even though this place was huge, it was very warm, especially when she could eat Haru's food every day.

The only thing which made her lament would be her relationship with her boss. It was hard, but she really loved her boss, but the age difference between the two of them made her discouraged. This year she was 27 years old and that meant she was 11 years older than him. Her parents often talked to her asking her when she was going to marry, but she didn't want to marry since she wanted to focus on her career.

Becoming the trusted person of Haru meant that she had a lot of authority and she didn't want to lose it. Her parents also knew about her career, but they also wanted to have grandchildren. She also didn't lack a partner considering her figure and appearance, but thinking back there wasn't anyone who was able to shake her heart beside her boss.

'But 11 years old...'

The age difference between the two of them was too big which somehow made it quite immoral. If she was 10 years younger than she wouldn't hesitate to chase him, but...


Seri shook her head and entered her boss's house.

"Oh, Seri, welcome back."

Seri looked up and saw Haru who was wearing shorts and a t-shirt. She came back quite late, but she didn't expect to see him welcome her. She felt warm and smiled back at him.


Haru raised his eyebrow and said, "Just how many times I've had to tell you to call me Haru."

"It can't be helped, you're my boss after all," Seri said with a smirk.

"Well, you must be tired, right? Have you eaten dinner?" Haru asked.

"Not yet."

"Then do you want udon?"


Seri almost drooled when she thought about Haru's food. If she didn't know that he was a student of Hyakkou then she thought he must be a student from Tootsuki.

Both of them walked together while talking about trivial things. It was a night and there wasn't anything important. He didn't really want to talk about business since it was troublesome.

Seri also knew that and she felt quite grateful to this kind of small talk since it was one of her enjoyment.

There were a lot of rooms in Haru's house and one of them was for Seri.

Seri's room was similar to a two-room apartment with a huge living room and two rooms within. It was designed with a mix of modern style and Scandinavian style.

In the past, Haru's building was an apartment building, and it had a lot of rooms. Each room was very large, and he didn't change some of the apartments within only some of them for his research room, gym, etc.

"Sit down first, I'll make your dinner quickly," Haru said.

Seri nodded.

It felt weird for her own boss to make her dinner, but she had gotten used to it somehow. She plopped on the soft sofa and massaged her shoulders. Having big b.r.e.a.s.ts had advantages and disadvantages.

The advantage was obvious and she could feed her baby in the future without worrying about b.r.e.a.s.t milk. But the disadvantage was also obvious since it was very large, it was very heavy. She often had a backache since she was too tired to maintain her posture.

Seri wanted to take her bra somehow. Looking at Haru who was in the kitchen, she quietly took off her bra and felt quite relaxed somehow. She closed her eyes for a bit before she heard the dinner was ready.

"Your dinner is ready."

"Thank you, Haru."

Looking at Haru again, Seri looked away to hide her blush. She loved this feeling of being pampered, but it was hard when her opponent was only 16 years old. She shook her head since she didn't want to think about such messy things. Smelling a delicious aroma from udon, she couldn't help but gulp.

The udon was pretty simple with a clear brown broth and various vegetable tempura which was arranged beside it.

Seri was also hungry and ate all of them quickly with gusto. It didn't take her a long time to clear up all of her dinners.

Beside udon, Haru had also prepared her a mochi which was filled with her favorite sweet red bean paste.

The chewy mochi and the sweetness of the red bean paste made her face full of smiles and sloppy. She felt that she was sleeping on the top of a cloud and saw a Laputa in the sky.

"Take off your suit, I'll give you a massage," Haru said.


Seri was startled.

"You don't want to?"

"No, that's a bit too much! You're my boss!"

"It's alright, it's alright."

If his subordinate was a man then he wouldn't do this, but whoever made Seri was a beautiful girl with very big b.r.e.a.s.ts. His girlfriend also had big b.r.e.a.s.ts and he understood the problem of women with big b.r.e.a.s.ts.

Under Haru's smooth persuasion, Seri could only agree and laid on her stomach after taking off her suit since she didn't want to see her at him. She had taken off her bra after all!

Haru had to admit that this woman was very beautiful and such a seducer, especially when he could see a bra that was dangling on the table. he was a bit speechless, but didn't say too much since it seemed this woman forgot about it.

Haru was on the top of Seri and pressured some points on her back. He thought that he might need to learn "Hokuto Shinken" in the near future. Besides how strong that technique was, it could be used as a method to give a very pleasant massage.



Haru took a deep breath when he heard Seri's m.o.a.ns. He shook his head and thought to be patient since when he came back to his room then Sora, Megumi, and Utaha would be waiting for him. He couldn't attack his subordinate since it would be a crime.

'Well, if there's consent...'

Haru quickly erased the dirty thought on his mind and focused himself on this massage session.

Seri kept m.o.a.ning since Haru's technique was very good and she felt that she had been liberated. Her back, shoulders, and almost every part of her body felt very comfortable. She even forgot that there was a man who had a very hard time holding himself behind her since it felt very good.

The massage session was only 30 minutes long, but for Haru, it felt like an eternity. He didn't hear her m.o.a.n again since she was sleeping. He could hear her soft breath and couldn't help but smile. If he pressed on her erogenous point then she would be horny rather than sleeping at this moment.

Carrying her in his arms, Haru brought Seri to her room and placed her on her bed. He covered her body with a blanket and said, "Goodnight."



"I like you."


Haru looked at Seri who was sleeping and could only shake his head. He wanted to move forward, but in the end, he didn't do anything. Quietly came out and went back to his room since it was hard to calm down in this place.

Seri was sleeping, but she had a very beautiful dream. In that dream, she wore a beautiful dress and someone was there looking at her with a happy expression. Both of them moved closer and...

Since it was a dream then she could do anything, right?