Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 949

Volume 1 Chapter 949 Boys In Puberty Are Sensitive

In the afternoon, every member of the student council gathered together and discussed the school festival which would be held shortly.

Unlike the majority of schools which would start their school festival in autumn, the Hyakkou Academy would start their school festival in spring two months after the entrance ceremonies.

The reason for this was pretty simple and that was because of tradition.

Haru also didn't think too much about it and accepted it.

Then there was also another difference between Hyakkou and normal school and that was the visitor.

Unlike the majority of schools in this country which would accept a visitor, the Hyakkou Academy didn't accept visitors considering the activity which happened in this school.


Yes, because of the gamble which was placed in this school no one besides its students, teachers, and alumnus were accepted to enter this school.

Even the parents of the students were forbidden since gambling was illegal in this country. But because of the power and influence of Hyakkou Academy, everything was possible.

School with a century of history with a lot of descendants from famous clans, rich businessmen, politicians, and famous public figures had considerable power within the society and it might not be exaggerated to call it a little country within a country.

Kirari, as the student council president, controlled all of the influences, financials, etc within the school and was a very powerful figure. With one word from her, it was very easy to make a student in this school have a miserable life.

Kirari had always wanted to be the president of this school since it made her feel that she owned a large aquarium and she was happy to see the fishes eating each other inside.

Haru knew Kirari's method was bad, but since she was happy then he didn't say anything since he also had heard that there was someone who was worse than Kirari in the past. Even though her fiance might be cruel, she didn't do anything after all and even gave a chance for everyone who was very good at gambling to become rich, but also gave a chance for those people who weren't good at gambling to enter hell.

Looking at everyone who was discussing a school festival, he felt bored and wanted to sleep. He knew that with a school festival the amount of money which circulated on the school would increase and it would increase the profit of the school.

Thinking about the profit, he was sure that there were a lot of people who wanted to change Kirari's position. Becoming a student council president of Hyakkou Academy meant that person would control money, authority, and everything within the school.

Closing his eyes, he was waiting for the meeting to be over. Rather than thinking about the school festival, he was thinking about a method to save the school of Eli and Nozomi. He recalled his meeting with Umi, Kotori, and Honoka; he thought about Love Live. He knew that the three of them had decided to become school idols.

'If that the case...'

Haru thought that it was better to see their performance first before he could make his decision. He didn't know whether they were serious, but if they were serious then they would be able to save their school with his help.


Kaede Manyuda, who was talking about the plan for the student council, noticed Haru who closed his eyes. He frowned and said, "Kasugano-senpai, we're in a meeting and it is not a time to sleep."

"I'm not sleeping," Haru said, but he didn't open his eyes.


Kaede wanted to say something, but someone interrupted him.

"Manyuuda, just continue, nyaha~" Runa said.

Everyone nodded hearing Runa's words, but somehow it made Manyuda frown. It might be because he was a new student that he couldn't accept Haru who closed his eyes blatantly during the meeting. He felt that he was being ignored and being ignored was something that he couldn't accept. However, everyone beside him didn't care much whether Haru was sleeping or not since Haru's actions didn't bother anyone, though, it might be because of his identity that no one said anything about it.

Manyuda took a deep breath and continued. He glanced at Haru and glanced at Kirari. He had an ambition and he would change the position of Kirari in the future.


Manyuda was annoyed and left the room in a hurry, but no one came after him.

"Well, he seems to be annoyed," Miboumi said while looking at Haru.

"Boys in puberty are sensitive," Haru said in joking manner.


'You're also in puberty!'

But well, with Haru's words, it felt quite reasonable that Mayuda was annoyed because he was in puberty.

Haru thought that it wasn't that simple and it might also be related to Manyuda's upbringing. He didn't know what had happened, but he didn't care much either.

Then no one continued to talk about Manyuda since Manyuda's relationship wasn't that good with everyone.

Some of them went out and some of them stayed.

The ones who stayed were Runa, Yuriko, Kirari, Sayaka, Ririka, and Haru.

"Haru, you sure love to cause trouble," Kirari said with a smile.


Haru was speechless at Kirari's words.

"Haru, you don't have an interest in the school festival?" Yuriko asked.

"Of course, I'm interested. Let's play together when the school festival starts later," Haru said.

"Then who is going to take care of the club?" Yuriko asked and her eyes changed a bit sharp. She had a feeling that this guy was going to leave everything on her.

"Can you?"


Yuriko sighed but said, "I might as well usurp your club."

"Hehehe, usurp it, usurp it," Haru said with a smile.

Yuriko snorted, but she didn't dare to usurp nor she wanted to take the Traditional Culture Club from him. It might be because of her personality and she was also comfortable with her position since he had given her a lot of things. She also knew that with his backing everything was very smooth and rather than betraying him it was better to be close with him.

They talked for a bit before they went back to their class.

When Haru was going back to his class, he thought of visiting Otonogizaka since the concert of Umi, Kotori, and Honoka would be held today.


Umi, Kotori, and Honoka distributed their leaflets to everyone at the school.

"Please come!" 3x

The three of them had decided to become school idols and they would start their performance in a few hours. Before that, they thought to distribute more leaflets so everyone would come to watch their performance.

Haru had helped them and let them place their performance poster on his cafe and they thought that there would be a lot of people who would come today.

They were full of spirit and thought that their performance would be successful!


Eli and Nozomi looked at the three of them from the distributing leaflet in front of the school entrance.

Eli was a bit annoyed by the three of them and thought that they were too naive to think that they were able to save the school by becoming an idol.

"Ericchi, what if Haru is going to help them? Do you think that it is impossible for them to save the school?" Nozomi asked with a smile.


Eli was surprised when she heard it. "Haru is going to help them?"

"From what I know, the three of them are Haru's acquaintances. If they're serious about becoming a school idol then it isn't impossible to save the school with Haru's help," Nozomi said with a smile.


Eli was silent then looked at the three of them again. Her feelings were a bit complex. On the other hand, she was annoyed since she thought that they were just playing around, but she also hoped for them to be serious so Haru would help them. If Haru decided to help them then it wasn't impossible to save this school.

Eli didn't want to trouble Haru, but it was depending on the method. This time, if Honoka, Umi, and Kotori were serious about becoming an idol then they would receive the greatest support from him.

'If they failed....'

Eli blushed and wondered whether she should make her own idol group. Looking at Nozomi, she thought that it was possible, but somehow she was quite embarrassed about it.

"What's wrong?" Nozomi asked.

"N, Nothing!"

Eli thought to talk about this matter to Haru whether becoming an idol was a good idea or not.