Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 95

Volume 1 Chapter 95 Cafe Open 1

Haru was cooking bread in the kitchen while wearing his chef uniform.

Yuri was helping him placing the bread on the display. She was wearing a maid uniform that looked both s.e.xy and cute.

It was a week after the radio interview that the promotion of his cafe on that radio was quite a good response on his social media.

However, the reaction of his little sister was very horrible and he was ignored for a few days since his appearance on the radio. He was glad that she wasn't mad anymore and could work with relief right now.

"I have finished placing the bread on the display," Yuri came to the kitchen while looking at him.

"Alright, thank you, can you help me to place this bread too?" Haru asked while giving her a tray of bread.

Yuri nodded, "Yes, let me help you." She took the tray and said, "Oh, will come to the cafe later." She smiled since he had talked with them a few days ago and she had received their permission to live here.

"Auntie and uncle will come?" Haru asked with quite a susprised expression. He knew that both of them were quite busy with their jobs.

Yuri nodded, "I have told them that today the cafe will open, they have told me that they will come later." She looked at the bread on the tray and couldn't help but gulp, "But still the smell from this bread is very good." She wanted to eat the bread on the tray right away.

His menu was mostly bread and cake but the number was quite limited since he wanted to sell his coffee and other beverages. He didn't have enough employees and he couldn't realize his dream to open a maid cafe. He felt quite sad but he had already told the world about his cafe and decided to start his second plan. He decided to make bread since he could have prepared it earlier. He needed to stay at the counter to make a beverage and bread was a perfect choice. Though, this would make him into a bakery rather than a cafe.

Haru was wondering whether he could make a cat robot to become the cook in his kitchen since he wanted his free time to train his power.

"Can I try the bread?" Yuri asked.

"Sure," Haru nodded and was confident with his bread. He had bought a lot of bread recipes from 'Yakitate Japan!' in a group chat. He wanted to see their reaction when they ate his bread since the reaction of everyone who ate bread in that anime was quite funny.

Yuri took the bread in the tray. She held it on both of her hands and could that it was very soft and bouncy. She gulped and took a bit on it, "HMPHHHHH!!!!!"

Haru, who saw her, knew that she would start her reaction soon. He only hoped that she didn't make an exaggerated reaction that was similar in that anime such as becoming a super saiyan suddenly in the kitchen. He just couldn't imagine such a cute girl would have blonde spiky hair suddenly.

"AMAZING!!!" Yuri shouted and suddenly started to describe the feeling when she ate the bread.

Haru blinked his eyes when he saw her reaction since it was just too funny. He took his phone and started to take pictures of her.

*Click! Click! Click!

Yuri who was in trance suddenly realized that her picture had been taken.

"Your reaction was very funny," Haru said.

"No, don't take my picture!" Yuri didn't want him to see her embarrassing side. She felt hateful towards this bread who made her make such a funny reaction, but she couldn't stop eating it. Her mind was in contradiction until she ate the entire bread. She wanted to take his phone and deleted her picture.

Haru didn't let her and raised his hand high. He believed that he had seen this scene before and probably could continue all the way.

Yuri also realized the same thing and thought it was a good thing to happen.

They were very close to each other and their eyes were focused on each other. They wanted to say something to each other until someone suddenly disrupted them.

"What are you doing?"

This voice made both of them startled and turned their heads together.

"S - Sora? What are you doing here?" Haru was a bit surprised to see her here.

"I'm thinking to help you since this is your first day to open your cafe but I have never thought that you will flirt with your waitress while hugging each other now?" Sora was really annoyed. She thought that the girl was ugly or a middle aged woman but the girl in front of her was very cute. She had never heard that he would employ such a cute girl.

"This is?" Yuri had never met her.

"This is my lit-," Before he finished his words, his mouth was closed by her, "Hmph?" Haru looked at her with puzzlement.

"We're cousins," Sora answered.

'Cousin?' Haru looked at her strangely.

"Oh, nice to meet you, my name is Yuri Nakamura," Yuri introduced. She looked at both of them and felt that their features were a bit similar. She thought that both of them were real cousins.

"Sora," Sora answered with a plain tone.

Yuri looked at her weirdly and wondered whether she had done something wrong. She looked at him asking for help.

"Sora, are you going to help?" Haru asked.

Sora shook her head and said, "No, I'm going to have a free meal here." She didn't want to help him anymore and was quite annoyed right now. She walked out from the kitchen and sat on the seat near the counter. She looked at the menu and asked, "Give me, pain au chocolat and warm cocoa."

Yuri looked at her and turned toward him, "Is this okay?" She felt that this girl was quite rude.

Haru nodded, "It's okay, she is quite spoiled, you don't need to think that much and it's our job to give the best service to their customers."

"Hey, hurry up!" Sora shouted.

"Ok, wait a bit," Haru said and looked at Yuri, "Give her the bread, I'll prepare the beverage."

Yuri nodded, she felt that the first job was a bit hard since she had to handle such a spoiled girl but she kept putting on her fake smile and served her order. She knew that this girl would become a docile cat after she ate his bread.

Sora looked at the bread for a while and decided to eat it right away since it smelled really good.

Haru who had cooked his bread and changed his uniform into a barista uniform. He looked at Sora who ate the bread happily. He thought that this girl was really cute, similar to an angel. He suddenly rubbed his chin and thought to make the best bakery in the world in the future, 'Maybe, I should rename my name to St. Pierre or Pantasia.' He looked at her and asked, "How is it?"

"It's really good," Her mood had improved when she ate this bread. She nodded at him and continued to eat the bread similar to a squirrel eating the nuts.