Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 950

Volume 1 Chapter 950 Scene Of Carnage

After school was over, Haru went directly to Otonogizaka to watch the performance of Honoka, Umi, and Kotori. He didn't invite his girlfriends since he felt that it would cause trouble. He was coming to the all-girls school and he was too lazy to make an argument with his girlfriends. He could imagine Utaha's poisonous mouth was going to drive him crazy, Megumi was going to look at him with cold eyes, Sora would be complaining all the time, Erina would be sulking, and Kirari would be smiling all the days while pinching his waist.

It was full of happy trouble, and it was the reason why he didn't bring them.

Though he was wondering whether Iwasawa, Shiina, and Yuri would come since he had given permission to Kotori, Umi, and Honoka to place down their leaflets in his cafe.

Then Haru decided to ask them, but it seemed that they couldn't come since they were a bit busy.

Yuri was busy with her kendo club since there was a tournament soon, Iwasawa seemed to have found someone that she could invite for a band, and Shiina got lost on the way after she met a cute cat.


Somehow he needed to drag Shiina when he found her later, but it was almost time for the concert and he didn't want to be late for it. Parking his car nearby, he took off his blazer before he entered Otonogizaka High School.

It wasn't his first time coming to this school since before he had come to coax Eli, but he didn't have time to enter this school. He didn't know the location of the concert and the school was strangely quiet. He didn't see anyone at the entrance school and thought that it was time for clubs. Scratching his head, he decided to search for someone to ask the location of the concert.

"Well, there's another 15 minutes."

Haru walked inside while looking at the scenery around. He couldn't believe such a beautiful school would be abolished. He really thought about buying this school since it would be good for his daughters in the future. Walking for five minutes around the school, he could see various things, but the most interesting thing was two alpacas which were kept within the school.

Two alpacas with brown and white fur were kept inside the pen.

Haru only looked at two alpacas curiously and two alpacas were also looking at him curiously. It might be because he had awaken "Haoshoku Haki" that two animals could notice that there was something different about him than a normal human. It didn't know whether it was a human or not, but somehow they felt quite relaxed beside him.

"Hum... Hum... Hum..."

Haru was surprised since it was his first time to know that alpaca would hum. He caressed both of the alpacas and it showed a comfortable expression. It also tried to lick him showing how obedience they were, but he dodged it since they smelled f.u.c.k.i.n.g bad. He had enough of playing and left them which somehow made them sad.

After looking around the school for five minutes and playing with alpacas for two minutes, he found someone to ask about the location of the concert. He didn't hesitate and called out to this girl.

"Excuse me!"


The girl turned her head but didn't expect the one who called her to be a young man. Her expression made her nervous and was wondering why a young man would appear in the all-girls school!

"Ye, yes!"

Her voice was so low that it would be very hard for someone to hear her voice.

This girl had yellow hair and a meek appearance. She wore quite large glasses that covered her eyes, but it didn't hide the beauty of her face. Her cheeks seemed so soft that it would be good to be touching them all over.

But the moment he called her over, her body subconsciously shrank and the eyes behind the lenses started to sob, like a frightening baby deer in front of a lion, her posture showed an expression as if "please attack me".

Then what should Haru do in this situation? Of course, he wouldn't attack her!

Looking at the nervous girl in front of him, Haru was wondering whether the girls on the all-school girls weren't comfortable with a male. He maintained a meter and half distance between the two of them and was about to ask something, but someone interrupted him.

"Kayochin, why are you here, nyaa~?"

With an energetic voice, a girl with orange hair stormed within the two of them. Then she realized that Haru was beside the glasses girl. She looked at Haru and asked cautiously, "What do you want to do with Kayochin, nyaa!" She knew that her childhood friend was very cute but her friend was very bad with a boy. She was wondering what Haru was going to do with her friend.


Haru raised his eyebrow and didn't see cat ears or tail behind this girl's cute butt.

"It's my trademark nyaa, is there something wrong with it, nyaa?" The girl said and showed an offended expression.

Haru didn't think too much and asked, "I want to watch my friend's concert, do you know the location?"

"Concert?" 2x

"Yes, they're trying to become school idols. It is my first time here and it'll be great if you can show me the way," Haru said.


The orange-haired girl was confused, but the glasses girl seemed to be excited.

"Oh, don't tell me that you're going to watch it too?" Haru asked the girl with the glasses.

The glasses girl nodded excitedly several times and had lost her fear when he asked this question.

"So is it alright for me to go---"

Haru was about to ask, but someone interrupted him again.


The three girls turned and looked at a red-haired girl who seemed to be surprised, happy, then looked away with a blush. She twirled the tip of hair with her finger before closing the distance between the two of them.



"Eh?" 2x

Two girls seemed surprised when Haru called this red-haired girl by her first name.

"What are you doing here?" Maki asked. She was wondering whether this guy was looking for her which somehow made her mood quite good.

"I'm going to watch a concert with those two girls, do you want to come?" Haru asked.

"Eh?" 2x

Two girls were wondering when they agreed to watch a concert with Haru.

"Concert? Is it those three girls from the second year?" Maki's eyes turned sharp.

"Yes?" Haru nodded.


Maki was somehow disappointed, but at the same time, she needed to know what was the relationship between him and three girls from the second year.

The orange-haired girl looked at Haru and Maki before asking, "What is the relationship between the two of you, nya~?"

The glasses girl was also curious.

"We're childhood friends," Haru said with a smile.

"Hmph!" Maki looked away with a blush.

"Oh, not a couple, nyaa~?" The orange-haired girl asked with a smile.

The glasses girl seemed to have an overload and a lot of smoke came out from her head when she heard this question.


Maki denied it with a blush.

Ignoring the "nyaa nyaa girl", Haru looked at Maki and asked, "Maki, do you want to watch a concert with us?"

"Well, if you ask me then I don't mind accompanying you."

Maki also wanted to watch the concert, but since Haru had invited her then she didn't mind coming with him. She started to walk and said, "Let's go! We're going to be late for the concert!"

"Yes!" 2x

The glasses girl and the orange-haired girl followed unconsciously.

Haru also walked beside them, but suddenly he noticed the presence of someone behind him.


Haru felt two soft things pressed into his back but he wasn't clueless at the identity of this person since he knew this feeling pretty well and who this person was.


Eli pulled Nozomi away from Haru then asked the young man who had made her heart flutter every time they met each other. "What are you doing here?"

"I'm watching a concert."

"Those three girls?"


Eli and Haru looked at each other for a while and somehow they couldn't look away.


Suddenly Maki interrupted them and pulled him to wake him up.

Eli noticed Maki and Maki also looked at Eli. Both of them looked at each other and somehow knew that there must be something between them and Haru.

"Is this "Shuraba", nyaa?"

(Shuraba has a meaning of "Scene of Carnage", but it is usually a word that is used to describe the situation when a lot of girls fight over a single male).

"S, Shuraba? Help me!" The girl with glasses screamed for help.

Haru was speechless and suddenly felt glad that he didn't bring his girlfriends or else this situation would be a lot worse. He also wondered why the glasses girl tried to ask for help even though he didn't do anything.

Nozomi stood beside Haru and whispered, "You're very good! You can make a harem the moment you enter this school!" She gave him a big thumbs up.

"Cough! Cough! Let's go to a concert first. We're really going to be late," Haru said trying to retreat first.


Umi, Kotori, and Honoka stood up on the stage behind the curtain. The three of them held hands together while talking to each other.

"How many people are going to watch?"

"It should be more than 20 people!"

The three of them were full of positive energy.

"But what if there isn't anyone who comes?"

"We have Haru as our first fan! Of course, we have someone coming to our concert!" Honoka said.

Hearing Honoka's words, they were full of smiles. It was very hard to become an idol, especially when no one recognized them, but one person had recognized them. It was enough for now and today they will do their best!

"That's right! The concert is almost going to start. We should each say a number!"

"Ok." 2x




"Muse music...

"Start!!!" 3x

With the face of expectations, the curtain was slowly opened, and after the dazzling light which greeted them, the scene in the auditorium gradually appeared before of the three girls.


No one was inside the auditorium and from what they could see no one was coming to their first concert.

The hands of three girls that were holding each other became tighter, and they all felt that each other's palms were slowly becoming cold.

Their eyes searched the entire auditorium, desperately trying to find a familiar figure, but there was no one else in the auditorium except the one who stayed to help.


There were no words that could describe the feelings of the three girls at this time.

They thought that they were strong, thinking that even if no one came, they could laugh hard.

But when there was no one under the stage, even when the most anticipated person wasn't there, apart from the disappointment in their hearts, there was only despair!

Even the most optimistic and strong of the three of them, Honoka bit her lips and tried to hold something that came out from her eyes. She couldn't utter a word and couldn't say anything to support her friends since she was left with disappointment.

"Come on! The concert is almost over!"

"It's your fault that we're late!"

"Me? It's my fault?"

"Yes!" 5x


A noisy voice came from the corridor, and the familiar voice made the three girls who had fallen into despair raise their heads and looked at the door leading to the corridor with a hopeful expression.

The first one was a meek girl with glasses and an orange-haired girl. Then both student council president and vice president also came. Behind them was a girl with red hair that reached her shoulder and seemed to be in a bad mood since she was sulking along the way.

The last one was a young man with familiar silver hair and only wore a white shirt and checkered pants smiled slightly, and made gesture toward the three girls who had been watching on the stage for a while.

"I've come," Haru said lightly.

"Un!" 3x

The three girls nodded excitedly. Wiping the tears from the corner of their eyes, the three young girls from Muse looked at each other, this time, they would show their best performance!