Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 951

Volume 1 Chapter 951 First Peformance

Looking at his surroundings, there were no people beside them (there was something, but this person was hiding).

Haru sucked deep breaths and was wondering how those girls felt when they saw there were no people who watched their performance. He could feel their disappointment, but at the same time, he was glad that he was able to come in time or else...

Haru wasn't sure what was going to happen, but they might stop or they might continue to become a school idol, but those things didn't really matter since they had decided to perform. Looking at three girls on the stage, he had to admit that he really appreciated their persistence.

(BGM - Muse - START;DASH!!!).

"Hey, hey, hey, START:DASH!!

"Hey, hey, hey, START:DASH!!"

Muse started their song, Haru had never heard this song before, but he had to admit that it was a very good song, especially when it was sung during this moment.

"Even baby birds swaddled in the down,

"Will someday flap their wings and take to the sky,

"They'll soar up high with wings that grow big and strong."

Haru was attracted and listened intently to the song, staring toward the stage, then moved unconsciously closer toward the center seat.



Haru knew that there was someone inside beside them, and this person was hiding. He wasn't sure what the intention of this person was, but he didn't think that this person would mean harm. He ignored this person, but he didn't expect to hit this person by accident.

Haru lowered his head and saw a girl with a twin-tail hairstyle wearing uniforms of Otonokizaka High School, who was bending over and caressing her knees with tears.

Haru felt sorry for this girl, but he was also wondering what this girl was doing in this place.

Under Haru's skeptical eyes, the girl with black hair and a twin-tail gradually raised her head to reveal a petite and cute appearance. From her big watery eyes, he could see that this girl was embarrassed because someone had found her hiding in this place.

Then the girl in a pony-tail raised her hands above her heads, made a gesture near her twin-tail hair then smiled cutely while looking at him.

"Nico Nico Ni!"


Haru felt goosebumps after looking at this girl. He was wondering how this girl was able to do such embarrassing things. Even though he wasn't the one who did it, he also felt embarrassed by it.


Looking at Haru's reaction, the girl also knew that her situation was pretty much embarrassing. She didn't know what to do. His reaction was very bland and only stared at her with a speechless expression which made her get up quickly and run away.

After this incident, Muse's song was almost over.

As the song slowly ended, the three Muse girls showed a sweet smile and with that their first concert had ended.

*Clap!* *Clap!* *Clap!*

Warm applause sounded, and three sweating girls looked at each other with a smile, and at the same time made a gesture toward the sky.

"Haru, what do you think of our concert?" Kotori asked. Even though her first impression of him wasn't good, she was happy that he had brought a lot of people with him to watch their concert.

"In my opinion, your performance was perfect, but if you want to ask me whether there is something wrong then..."

Haru touched his chin looking at the nervous expression of Muse trio. He smiled and said, "You should wear safety pants when you dance next time."

"Eh!" 3x

The three girls screamed and pressed their skirts with their hands in unison.

'What's the use of holding it down now?'

Haru had seen everything under their skirt and at the same time, he lamented that this concert was good. If it was in the anime, then their panties wouldn't be shown since all of them would have an anti-gravity skirt.

When he sighed in his heart, he suddenly noticed that Kotori's expression was a bit wrong.

"Kotori, is there something wrong? Your face seems quite pale," Haru asked.

"I might be too tired from dancing." Kotori shook her head and smiled. "It's okay. I just need to take a break."

Haru wanted to say something more, but a serious voice interrupted him.

"Did you finally notice it? It's your shortcomings!"

With long golden hair, Eli went down to the stage and looked at the eyes of the three Muse.

"It's just one song, but you are already tired. How can you become an idol with this?"

Eli was very serious and didn't show mercy to the three of them. She looked sternly at the three of them and said, "School idol isn't a game! Other than your pretty good voice; your dance, physical strength, and everything else is simply a mess!"

"We know that we have a lot of shortcomings, but we will work hard!"

Honoka clenched her fist and showed a firm expression.

"Can you succeed only by hard work?"

Eli refuted Honoka and said, "I believe that you have seen other school idols. Do you think that their popularity can simply be obtained by hard work alone? It's naive! These school idol groups either have financial assistance from their school or a sponsor! With their strong background, everything is possible! But with the current situation of our school, there is certainly no way to subsidize you with enough support, or do you have someone who is able to support the three of you?"


The Muse trio was dumbstruck.

The source income of Honoka's family was a Japanese sweet shop. Even though her family wasn't poor, her family couldn't be said to be rich.

Although Kotori's mother was a chairman of Otonogizaka High School, with the current situation of this school. There was no way that her mother was able to support the three of them.

Umi's parents were dojo owners and traditional dancer teachers. Her family condition could be said the same as Honoka, it was also impossible for her parents to support them.

In conclusion, the family of three girls couldn't afford to pay too much to support them, but even if they were rich, their family might not strongly support them to become a school idol.

After all, in the eyes of the majority of people, their behavior was only on a whim and they might be bored sooner or later.

"These things can be discussed later, but I've something to ask."

Just when the atmosphere was awkward, everyone heard the only male voice in this auditorium.

"Eli, why do you know so much about a school idol?" Haru asked.

"Ah?! this!"

Eli blushed instantly and stepped backward helplessly.

Haru's aggressive step followed her, smirking close to Eli's face. "This is because you also want to become an idol, right?"



Everyone including Nozomi and Maki, the two girls who Haru had met, along with Muse trio were in shock.

Eli as the student council president was the one who strongly opposed them becoming a school idol and it shocked them when they heard that she wanted to become an idol from Haru's mouth.

"Nonsense! What nonsense!"

Eli had that idea, but it was very embarrassing when this hateful guy exposed it to everyone.

"You can continue to talk! I've something that I need to do on the student council!"

Eli snorted at Haru and walked away. She took another glance at him and somehow wanted to beat him up later.

"What a tsundere..."

"Huh?! Why are you looking at me!"

Maki blushed and yelled when Haru and everyone were looking at her.

Nozomi: "I'm guilty."

Rin: "I'm guilty."

A pair of twin-tails hidden under the seat: "Nico Nico Nii!"

Hanayo Koizumi: "D, don't bully Nishikino-san like this."

Maki: "Haru! I'll ignore you!"



Cheerful laughter echoed in the auditorium, but at this moment, Kotori's cry broke this joy.

"What's wrong, Kotori?!"


Before Kotori fell to the ground, Haru rushed up and caught her in his arms.

"Hurry up to the hospital!!"

Everyone followed him and went to his car to go to Maki's hospital.

After more than three hours, everyone sighed in relief when they knew Kotori's situation was alright.

Everyone sighed in relief when they heard her condition from the doctor.

It seemed that Kotori had injured her feet during practice and during the performance, she endured the pain. She was lucky that Haru had caught her before she fell on the stage or else...

Kotori didn't need to go stay in the hospital and she could go home right away since she only injured her feet.

Haru offered everyone to take them home and they also agreed considering Kotori's situation and it was already very late. He also wouldn't let the girls go back at night alone. Even though this country was pretty safe, it didn't mean there weren't any criminals.

When everyone entered his car, Haru remembered something and said, "Right, I've something to ask all of you."

"Huh?" 4x

In the car, there was Maki, Umi, Honoka, and Kotori. They were looking at Haru curiously hearing his words.

"Can I become your producer?" Haru asked.

"Huh?!" 4x