Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 952

Volume 1 Chapter 952 Producer

After watching their performance, Haru felt that the three girls really had potential and he also had promised Eli to help her to save her school. He also wanted to further expand the influence of "Love Live" from his television and thought to help Honoka, Umi, and Kotori in their activity to become the winner of "Love Live". He knew that the three of them were doing all of this on a whim, but he also decided to become their producer on a whim.

"P, producer? What is that?" Honoka asked.


Haru chuckled and explained what the producer was. He knew that Honoka's head wasn't good and he only explained that a producer's job was to help them.

"Really? You're going to help us?" Honoka asked happily.

"Yes." Haru nodded.

"Why?" Umi asked since she couldn't understand why Haru had decided to help them.

"Became I'm your fan," Haru said while looking at all of them with a sincere smile.


Looking at his smile, they couldn't doubt his intentions and thought that he was really their fan. They felt warm and happy hearing his words.

"Is that alright? You're quite busy, right?" Kotori asked. Even though she didn't know much about Haru's business, she wasn't clueless as Umi or Honoka about Haru's matter. She had seen him at work with his girlfriend and was also wondering whether his girlfriend would be alright for him to become their producer. She also looked at Maki who had been quiet and wondering what Maki's relationship with Haru was.

"It's alright," Haru said.

With that simple smile, Haru conquered the three girls instantly and made them feel happy that someone would support this much, especially when they heard their shortcoming from Eli before.

"Thank you very much." 3x

"Then as my first job as a producer, can I ask you a question?" Haru asked.

"Hmm?" 3x

"Is it alright to add more people?" Haru asked.

"More people?" 3x

"Yes, is that alright?" Haru asked.

The Muse trio looked at each other and nodded with smiles.

"Of course, we'd be happy if we had more people," Honoka said without hesitation.

The three of them knew that Haru wanted the best for all of them, but wondered why he wanted to add more people.

"You must be curious, why do I want to add more people, right?" Haru asked.


"Well, do you know the meaning of Muse?" Haru asked.

"Isn't it a soap advertis.e.m.e.nt?" Honoka asked.

"No, of course not!" Umi refuted this silly girl.

"Muse is a goddess from Greece. In the legend, there are nine goddesses so isn't it better to have nine people?" Haru asked.

"Nine!" 3x

They thought that it was an interesting idea.

"But how can we gather that many people?" Kotori asked in worry. She knew that the students in her school didn't have much of an interest in a school idol and it was very hard to invite them.

Maki didn't say anything, only looked toward the window while listening to their conversation. Somehow she was quite envious of the three of them since they would able to spend time with Haru. But at the same time, she was also envious of them since they were able to do something fun with their friends. She didn't have a friend and with her personality, it was very hard for her to take an initiative or accept the invitation from someone who wanted to get close to her.

After being accepted into Otonogizaka High School, Maki didn't have a friend and she spent most of her time in a music room. It wasn't bad, but it also wasn't good either. She sighed softly while wondering when their conversation would end.

"I've thought of five people so you will have eight members from now on," Haru said. He felt a bit hesitant to add that "Nico Nico Nii" girl so he decided to tell them that there were only five members.

"Five, that much?"


"Well, first is the glasses girl and the orange-haired girl who has watched your performance before. I can tell that they're very interested in becoming an idol and you can invite them," Haru said. He couldn't invite them since he wasn't a student on Otonogizaka and it was also very hard to enter that school unless it was an after school or an event. He was a male and Otonogizaka was an all-female school considering his status, he was wondering whether it would cause a scandal later on.

"Oh, Hanayo-chan!" Honoka's eyes brightened up and nodded.

Umi and Kotori also agreed.

The three of them remembered those two girls from the first years and thought that it would be very happy to have them join.

"Then who next?"

"Next will be your vice-president and president of your school," Haru said.


"P, president? Is that alright?" Honoka asked unsurely since Eli had reprimanded them earlier.

"You've heard Eli's words before that your dance is a mess and I pretty much agree with it," Haru said.


The three of them were depressed when they heard it.

"But Eli is a professional dancer and she might be able to help you with your dance," Haru said.

"What?!" 3x

"Yes, if I'm not wrong she should be a ballerina during her childhood," Haru said.

"How did you know that?" Maki asked. She could see the relationship between Haru and Eli was pretty good and she couldn't understand how both of them could know each other.

"Nozomi is working at my shrine and Eli often comes from time to time to help out. Of course, we know each other," Haru said.

"Hmm...." Maki glanced at Haru with a suspicious expression.

"Umm... can I ask something?" Umi asked.


"What is your relationship?"

The three of them had been curious since they could see that Haru and Maki were very close to each other.

"We're childhood friends," Haru said.

"Eh?!" 3x


Haru was wondering how many times they would show this reaction to him and how many "eh" they would say to him.

Maki blushed and looked away. She didn't deny it but somehow she felt a bit embarrassed. She glanced at Haru before sighing since she wanted to have more than...

'W, what am I thinking of! There's no way!'

Maki looked at this playboy once again and snorted.


Haru looked at Maki with a helpless expression.

"But how can we invite the president?" Kotori asked.

Nozomi was very kind to the three of them, but Eli was different since Eli tried to oppose them from creating their idol group.

"I'll do something about Eli, but you can invite Nozomi, right?"

"Yes!" 3x

"Then for the last..."

Haru looked at Maki who happened to look at him.

"W, what...?"

Maki blushed when he looked into her eyes.



Her heart thumped and wondering whether this guy wanted to confess to her.

'N, no... not in this place...'

Maki was ready, but she was too embarrassed to confess right in front of her upperclassmen.

"Maki, do you want to join Muse?" Haru asked.


Maki blinked her eyes and couldn't say a word for a few seconds.

"Yes, Maki-chan, please join our group!" Honoka also said.

"Please join us!" 2x

Kotori and Umi also joined.

"W, what....?!" Maki's face was as red as her hair.

"You've made us that song! Your song is very great, Maki-chan!" Honoka said.

Haru was surprised and asked, "Maki, you're the one who has made that song?" He didn't expect the one who had created Muse's song for that concert was Maki.

"Y, yes, what's wrong with that?" Maki twirled the tip of hair while asking that question nervously. She knew that Haru was also a good composer and wondered what his opinion was about the song which she had created before.

"It's a great song. I like it," Haru said without hesitation.


Maki blushed, but she smiled. "O, of course! I, I'm the one who made it!"

Everyone smiled looking at Maki's reaction.

"Then let's celebrate Maki who has decided to join Muse!" Haru suddenly said.

"OOOHHHH!!!!" 3x

The three of them also joined in with hippie smiles.

"Eh! W, wait!!!!" Maki hadn't said that she had decided to join!

However, they knew that this girl would join Muse.

Everyone was laughing and thought that their days as a school idol would be very fun!