Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 953

Volume 1 Chapter 953 Two Beautiful Girls Of Shuchiin Academy?

Coming back to his house, Haru didn't expect that he would receive this treatment.

"Is it good?"

"Do you want us to wash it harder?"

"No, it's perfect," Haru said with a comfortable expression.

Megumi and Sora smiled and washed Haru's backs.

Utaha rested on the bathtub with a sigh then looked at Haru. She rested her chin on her hand and said with a smile, "You know, if someone knows that two of the most beautiful girls on Shuuchin Academy are your girlfriends then I'm pretty sure that someone will send you a curse."


Haru was speechless looking at Utaha who could say that he would be cursed with a smile, but her remark made him pretty curious.

"Only two?"

"Yes, me and Sora." Utaha looked at Megumi and said, "Megumi is lacking presence after all."


Sora and Haru were speechless hearing Utaha's words and looked at Megumi's reaction.

"Well, my presence is a bit weak after all," Megumi said with a bland voice and nodded in agreement with Utaha's words.


The three of them were speechless looking at Megumi's reaction.

"Anyway, where have you been? You're quite late," Utaha said.

"I'm sending someone to the hospital earlier," Haru said.

"Hospital?" 3x

Haru started to explain about Kotori whose foot was sprained and he helped her to go to the hospital along with her friends. He also explained to them that he wasn't alone and he also came with the girl's friends so they wouldn't misunderstand him. But they would misunderstand no matter what.

"So who is your target?" Utaha asked.


Haru was speechless and said, "I don't have a target. The three of you are..."

"Three?" 3x

Sora, Megumi, and Utaha raised their eyebrows.

"I mean five of you are enough for me," Haru said. He knew that he was a sc.u.mbag, but he treated his girls very well. He wouldn't do anything which would make them sad or hurt them.

"But I have a feeling that you're going to add more girls, right?" Utaha said while looking at Sora and Megumi.

"So who is it?" Sora asked while holding his standing anaconda tightly.


"I'm curious," Megumi said while washing his back.

They knew that their boyfriends were sc.u.mbags, but who made Haru's quality very high. Billionaire, handsome, smart, fun, good at s.e.x, etc; they knew that it would be very hard for him to stay with one girl and they were sure that he also had a lot of temptation in his surroundings. Even though they were sharing him with each other, they didn't really mind it since they loved him. They also wanted to stay with him forever and didn't have that much interest in other boys considering how their boyfriend was simply an incarnation of "God of Masculinity".


"You're okay with it?" Haru asked.

Sora snorted and said, "Anyway, it's useless to stop you." She hugged him and said, "But I don't want you to forget about me, alright?"

Haru hugged her while caressing her back tenderly. "Of course." He looked at Megumi and Utaha and also hugged two of them one by one. He also whispered to them with something which made them blush thinking that this guy was very bad, but somehow they also loved it.

"Right, I have a surprise for you after we got out of the bath," Utaha said.

"Surprise?" Haru asked.


Utaha nodded and smiled, wondering about his reaction later.


Haru was waiting in the living room while reading the report on his laptop. He had to admit that his progress was very fast, but it didn't mean that he was going to slow down. During this crisis, it was his chance to gather as much wealth as possible.

Haru looked at the report of his renewable energy company and it was going in a good direction. He had bought a lot of land from various locations in Japan to build a power plant using a wind turbine, geothermal, and solar panel. He also gave some of the blueprints to make the performance of his power plant better.

As a billionaire, he needed to have a good public image. He thought of making himself an environmentalist by developing a renewable energy company. He knew the world wasn't kind and there were a lot of people who were jealous of him. He didn't really mind it, but it was quite annoying when someone talked about you too much since he wasn't a public figure. It was also the reason why he decided to control the media so no one would comment or talk about him too much.

Even so, sometimes, he could also feel paparazzi who followed him or tried to search for his information. But of course, it was futile considering his security was top-notch and he also owned a "Kenbunshoku Haki".

Haru had been developing the distance of his "Kenbunshoku Haki". It was a bit hard, but he practiced very hard for it since he had a feeling that the fight in Toriko's world would start next year.


Haru turned and looked at three girls who had changed their hairstyle after taking a bath.


Haru was speechless. He was wondering what the three girls wanted to show him, but he didn't expect to see them change their hairstyle into a twin-tail. He suddenly recalled the thing which happened at Otonogizaka High School which somehow made him shudder since that girl made a gesture while saying "Nico Nico Nii!" was too.... how to say... cold? He wasn't sure how to describe his feeling at that time, but he felt that his body shuddered from invisible cold seeing her saying "Nico Nico Nii!"

But it was different when his three girlfriends were wearing a twin-tail hairstyle for him.

Utaha was of course very beautiful. Her body was the s.e.xiest among the three of them and the contrast of twin-tail and her body was so irresistible.

Sora had a petite body and she also often used a twin-tail at home or went out. But no matter how many times, he saw it. He felt that this girl was very cute and he couldn't wait to hug this girl.

But the most surprising one would be Megumi since this change really surprised him. She had only changed her hairstyle yet the change was so big on her. After cutting her hair short, it was quite hard to notice her, but after she put on a twin-tail with her short hair, this girl had transformed into the incarnation of loveable girl.

Haru believed that he might make Megumi absent from school tomorrow since he didn't think that he would make this girl go to sleep before dawn.

"It seems that you're satisfied."

Utaha nodded when she saw the reaction from Haru's anaconda.

Haru stood up and said, "How about we rest early?"

The three girls blushed and understood this guy's meaning.

"Umm..." 3x

They had to admit that this was a beast and they should call him a "Lewd Beast" next time.

The four of them entered his room and didn't notice that his phone vibrated. If Haru saw it then he might stop since there was another quest for the "group chat".