Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 954

Volume 1 Chapter 954 Quest?

Everyone opened the "group chat" right away when they felt their smartphone vibrated.

Some of them were quite surprised since it hadn't been that long after the quest on the world of Fairy Tail had been completed yet another quest appeared again. They weren't sure what kind of quest it was and what kind of world it would be. That was why they were quite curious and opened their smartphones right away.

[New Quest of the Dimensional Group Chat]

[Quest 1: Download Brain Burst 2039 or BB2039.exe]

[Quest 2: Become Burst Linker]

[Quest 3: Learn the Incarnate System]

[Quest 4: Enter Unlimited Neutral Field]

[Quest 5: Conquer Dungeon]

[Quest 6: Create a Legion]

[Quest 7: Defeat Seven Kings of Pure Color]

[Quest 8: Conquer Imperial Palace]

[Quest 9: Become Level 9]

[Quest 10: Become Level 10]

[Quest 11: Defeat Chrome Disaster]

[Participant: Four people]

[Reward: 2000 points and a random reward]

[System Note: The time will stop in the participant world]

[Countdown: Before Chrome Disaster is defeated]


'What world is this?'

Some of them didn't even know what kind of world this quest came from, but part of the quest intrigued them.


Then they also realized that there wasn't any "invitation new member" which usually appeared on each quest, but the number of quests was really a lot which made them flabbergasted.

Tsunade: "Kuroneko, do you know anything?"

Kuroneko: "Yes! I know what kind of world this is and it is impossible to complete...."



Shinobu: "What do you mean?"

They didn't understand why Kuroneko suddenly told them that it was impossible to complete this quest since they had never heard her be this pessimistic.

Kuroneko: "Well, let me tell you more about this quest."

Kuroneko: "This quest is from the world of "Accel World"."

"Accel World?"

They weren't sure what kind of world it was.

[Ding! Kuroneko has sent a novel, anime, and manga of "Accel World"]

Kuroneko: "It might take a lot of time to watch the show. I'll explain it to all of you. In short, Accel World is the world of VRMMORPG in the future."


Kuroneko: " VRMMO (short for Virtual Reality Massively Multiplayer Online) game is a virtual reality multiplayer video game. In this quest, we need to play a virtual reality game which is known as Brain Burst in the world of Accel World."

Kuroneko: "By the way, Brain Burst is a fighting game."

Charlotte: "So why is this quest impossible to complete? I don't think that it is very hard to complete this quest."

Everyone agreed with Charlotte's statement since in their mind this quest would be quite easy to do, especially when they only needed to do a fighting game. Most of the members of the "group chat" were fighters and they were very proficient at fighting. They didn't think that they would lose against a player in the game.

However, some people didn't care much about the difficulty of this quest and became excited about when they heard about virtual reality game.

Tabane: "Virtual reality game! I'm very interested!"

Even though Tabane had developed an IS, she had never thought to develop a virtual reality game. It might be possible for her to develop a virtual reality game, but she knew that it wasn't that simple since a virtual reality game was connected to the brain. Her knowledge wasn't that proficient in that area and she needed to learn more. She also thought that it wouldn't be a bad idea to check out the technology in the world of Accel World.

Sumire: "Interesting. A virtual world, huh?"

Sumire was a doctor and of course, she was interested in a game that could be connected to a human's brain.

Kuroneko: "If it's that simple then I'm pretty sure that everyone can quickly complete this game, but there is a requirement to play this "Brain Burst"."

Gintoki: "What is it?"

Kuroneko: "The requirement to play this game is to use a Neuro Linker shortly after birth and use it very often."

Kuroneko: "We're not coming from that world and we're not even using a Neuro Linker from our birth so it is impossible for us to play this game."


Everyone was in shock when they heard it. They didn't expect that this quest would be impossible to complete, but reading Kuroneko's explanation about the requirement to play "Brain Burts" then they would also think that it was impossible to be completed since all of them didn't use a "Neuro Linker" shortly after their births.

Kouha: "Wait, what is Neuro Linker?"

Kuroneko: "A Neuro Linker is a collar like a personal computer that can communicate wirelessly with the user's brain. It has two functions: "Virtual Reality" and "Augmented Reality"."

Kuroneko: "Then let me explain "Virtual Reality" and "Augmented Reality"."

Kuroneko: "Virtual reality is more of an own created world, a network that everyone can use. Virtual reality will transport the user's avatar to a local network where they can play many simulated games or have a talk with other virtual avatars."

Kuroneko: "Augmented Reality is more of a specter reality, for example, the "Brain Burst" game. The MMORPG elements that take place in the real world but don't cause any damage in the real world when they are fighting. Once activated with the Neuro Linker, it will take you to different places that are located in each district or prefecture in reality."

Kuroneko: "There is a lot of trouble to complete this quest such as money, "Neuro Linker", the requirement to download "Burst Linker" and play it, then a lot more."

Tabane: "Actually, it isn't impossible since we might able to hack this game, especially Haru."

Tabane: "Haru's hacking skill is a monster!"

Shinobu: "For money's problem in that world, Haru can get it easily, right? The same as what we have done on our quest in the past."

Tsunade: "Now that you mention it, where is that Haru?"

Luffy: "Haru!!!!"

Gintoki: "Haru!!!!"

Korosensei: "Then how about we wait for him while watching the "Accel World" first? We need to understand the quest first, right?"

Everyone agreed and decided to watch "Accel World" while waiting for Haru to enter the "group chat".


Utaha, Megumi, and Sora were sleeping comfortably. They had to admit that this night was very wonderful for them.

Haru looked at his standing anaconda and sighed. He looked at the three girls and smiled. Kissing three of them, he went out to take a cold bath to calm himself. He was about to go out but noticed that his smartphone had been vibrating for a while.


Haru saw a lot of notifications and chats from his wife.

Esdeath: "Haru, what is the quest about? I don't really understand."


Haru checked the "group chat" and read what the quest was about. He also read the log of chat and understood what "Accel World" was. He also understood why Kuroneko had told everyone that this quest was impossible to complete.

Haru: "Have you watched "Accel World"?"

Esdeath: "I'm watching it now."

Esdeath: "So the future is going to be like that?"

Haru: "That's possible, but for our world, it might need a lot of time to develop similar to the "Accel World"."

Esdeath: "Hmm..."

Haru: "You don't have the interest in joining the quest?"

Esdeath: "Everyone in that world seems to be very weak."


Haru wasn't that surprised and understood Esdeath's reason why she didn't have that much interest in the quest.

Haru: "I'll research it for a bit."

Esdeath: "Ok, but I might not join this quest though."

Reading her reply, Haru thought that Esdeath started to become cuter somehow.