Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 955

Volume 1 Chapter 955 Four Scientist

After reading and watching all of the information about "Accel World", Haru opened the "group chat" and he could see that everyone was very excited about this quest.

Haru: "Well, there are four people who want to go?"


When everyone was being asked, they weren't sure how to answer him.

Yajima: "Who do you think is the most suitable?"

Haru: "In my honest opinion, the group scientists should go to since in this quest the people who are going on this quest need to hack the game or the "Neuro Linker"."

Sumire: "Haru, you should also go."

Charlotte: "Yeah, you have the power to manipulate age. If we're not able to hack the game, then you can change the age of everyone to a baby and then put a "Neuro Linker" on all of us before returning to our normal age again."

Tabane: "I agree! We might also need your supernatural power just in case."

Yajima: "So it has been decided? The four of you, right?"

Kouha: "Well, I've also thought that Charlotte, Sumire, and Tabane might need to have the skill to protect themselves and this is a good chance for them to have a skill, ability, or magic after the quest."

Even the youngest one, Kuzuha, had the ability to protect herself.

Tabane might have an ability since she wasn't a normal human and she also had developed an IS which was known as the strongest weapon in her world, but Sumire and Charlotte didn't have an ability and only a normal human with a very good brain.

Even if Sumire and Charlotte couldn't help in the fight, at least, they needed an ability to run away, protect, or hide from the battle.

Sumire and Charlotte also agreed and didn't mind joining this quest since this quest was safer than the usual quest. They didn't need to unify the country, fight against a monster, become the strongest, etc; and they only needed to play a fighting game. If they only played a game then they were confident that they were able to complete this quest.

The only thing which they needed to think about was how to solve the requirement to play that game.

Haru: "So everyone agrees that Tabane, Sumire, Charlotte, and I are the ones who are going for the quest?"


Everyone agreed and thought that it was best to send the four of them. Except for the four of them, the rest of the members of Group Chat didn't know much about technology and some of them also felt a bit strange that they needed to fight against a bunch of children during the quest.

The oldest player who played "Brain Burst" was 15 years old and the oldest one would be on 3rd of middle school or 1st of high school.

If they were fighting against a.d.u.l.ts then they might be interested, but they were fighting against children which somehow made their feelings quite complicated. They didn't have a hobby of bullying little children after all.

Haru might have the power to change their age, but even so, it didn't mean their mentality turned younger.

Haru: "When are we going?"

Tabane: "Wait! I'll prepare for something first!"

Charlotte: "Me too!"

Sumire: "Do I need to bring clothes?"

It was the first time for the three of them to have a quest together and somehow their feelings were mixed with both enthusiasm and nervousness.

Haru: "Just bring what you think is important. It doesn't matter how many things you want to bring, as long as you can bring it, it is all good?"

"Yes~~" 3x

Teppei: "Be careful, Haru."

Haru was a bit surprised when he received a chat from Teppei and quickly replied, "Is it alright for you to join the chat?" He knew that Teppei had become a spy on the terrorist organization and he thought that it would be bad for him to talk on the "group chat" since they might realize that Teppei didn't lose his mind since on the story Teppei acted like he was being brainwashed by the villain in Toriko's world.

Teppei: "It's alright, it's alright, I'm on the toilet after all."


Everyone was speechless reading Teppei's reply.

'Is there a toilet in the terrorist organization?'

Well, of course, there was a toilet on the terrorist organization.

Haru shook his head and didn't think too much since he needed to about the quest. He also needed to prepare, no, rather he decided to go back to sleep since it was late at night. It wouldn't be too late for him to prepare for the quest after he had woken up from sleep.


"Hmm, I need to bring this! This one too!"

Tabane put everything she needed into her hyperspace arsenal. She was quite excited since she would go out for the quest. Then she also smiled when she thought that she would spend her time together with Haru during the quest.

Charlotte and Sumire were extra, Tabane also didn't mind being with both of them since they were very fun to be with.

Sumire was known as a corpse lover and Charlotte was a loli genius.

Tabane thought that she needed to bring a lot of cosplay since it would be fun to change her clothes from time to time.


"Mei Mei, take that one," Charlotte said.


"Where are you going, Char?" LiZA asked.

"Another world," Charlotte said.

"Eh? Really?"

"How long?"

"Can you bring me?"

LiZA and Mei Mei became interested and asked Charlotte a lot of questions about another world.

"I don't spend that much time and it is a bit impossible to bring all of you with me now."

Charlotte didn't expect that in the span of a few days that she would be able to go to another world twice.

First, she had gone to the world of magic then now, she went to the future world. She was also quite curious about this "Neuro Linker" which was able to make her able to enter the virtual world. She thought that she also needed to bring that technology into this world since with that thing it would be possible to train Slayers better.

If there was a virtual world, then the Slayers in her world would be able to train in a lot of dangerous situations against Savage without getting hurt since they could do a simulation by using virtual world.

Charlotte continued with her preparation since she wanted to go on a quest as soon as possible.


Sumire was in her laboratory taking a lot of things and putting them on her trunk. She wanted to buy the ability to keep his belongings such as a space ring, hyperspace arsenal, or space magic, but she didn't have that many points at this moment.

Looking at the number of the trunk which she had brought, Sumire thought for a while and decided to bring all of them.

"Well, there is Haru after all."

Sumire knew that Haru could keep a lot of things within his body because of his ability. She didn't need to worry that she couldn't bring all of her belongings.

Thinking about the quest, Sumire was also very interested in the world where they would be teleported for their quest since the people in that world were able to develop virtual reality. She knew how hard it was to develop it since something that was related to the brain was very complicated.

The human brain was very mysterious and also very complex.

Sumire knew once she was able to copy virtual reality into her world then it was possible to train soldiers in the country to fight against Gastrea without getting hurt. There were a lot of benefits to developing virtual reality and with Haru's status as the leader of Japan, it would make it easier for her to make everyone accept the virtual reality device. She was also wondering how the people in that world were able to develop virtual reality which made her curious.


Waking up in the morning, Haru was resting on the sofa while looking at Sora, Megumi, and Utaha who prepared breakfast. He could prepare breakfast for them, but they told him that they wanted to prepare breakfast for him.

Haru wasn't sure why but he could see that the three of them were in a good mood somehow.

Thinking about virtual reality, Haru felt that he was really lucky. He thought that he needed to buy "Nentendo" after he was done with this quest.

Even though "Nentendo" was a famous game company, its performance had been sluggish in the past few years.

"Nentendo" had tried to buy the game copyright of Pokemon, but Haru didn't accept it since he knew how profitable Pokemon was.

Haru bought NBCUnited and he didn't have that much money in his account at the time. he needed to do another hunt before he could buy "Nentendo".

With his status as a mogul, it would be easier for him to promote his product better and he could see the value of "Nentendo" would increase several times once he had bought it.

"Haru, the breakfast is ready," Megumi said.

"Thank you."

Haru smiled when he smelled a delicious aroma from the kitchen. He thought that this was a very beautiful morning and decided to go to the quest after he had finished his breakfast with his beautiful wife-to-be.