Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 956

Volume 1 Chapter 956 Mating's Video

Haru, Charlotte, Sumire, and Tabane had been teleported to the world of "Accel World".

"It hurts!" 4x

They held their heads since they couldn't get used to the aftereffects of the teleportation.

When Haru felt better, he started to look around.

"Alley, again, huh?"

Haru was wondering how many times he had been teleported to an alley, but at the same time, it was great since there weren't anyone nor cameras in this place. He remembered that there were a lot of cameras which were known as "Social Cameras" in this world. It was a great thing that the world would be peaceful with this camera, but at the same time, it would also make their quest became even more difficult.

Thinking about this world, Haru also thought that it would be very strange for someone to own a laptop. He was sure that a lot of people used a "Neuro Linker" in their daily life and it would be very strange for someone to not use it considering how useful it was.

"So what are we going to do now, Haru?" Tabane asked. Her head was a bit dizzy, but her condition was a bit better than Charlotte and Sumire."

Haru put his hands on the head of Charlotte and Sumire to cure their dizziness.

Sumire and Charlotte felt better and sighed in relief.

"Well, the first thing that we need to do is to get a "Neuro Linker" since without that device we won't be able to do anything," Haru said.

"Neuro Linker, huh? How can we get that?" Charlotte asked.

They didn't have money nor identification in this world. In other words, they were aliens and they were in a very troublesome situation.

"I'll steal it from someone first then I'll steal it from the store for all of us. During my trip to steal, you can research a bit on the "Neuro Linker"." Haru looked around and said, "This place is quite safe for now and after we have gotten "Neuro Linker", we can start to walk out from this place."

Charlotte, Sumire, and Tabane agreed with Haru's decision since there were a lot of things that they needed to watch in this world.

The first problem was money.

Haru could use his "steal" ability to get money in another world, but in this world, it was impossible.


Because in this world money is cashless!

Haru couldn't steal digital money nor did he have an account to save the money. With the development of technology, paper money would be erased and would be changed with digital transactions, especially with the development of virtual reality.

So his "steal" was useless in this world.

Haru needed to get a "Neuro Linker" before he got his money from hacking various bank accounts first.

The second problem was identity.

In the past, Haru could use his laptop to forge his identity. It was possible to do it in this world, but he didn't have the device to forge that identity. He needed to own a "Neuro Linker" or something else since he was sure that his laptop would be conspicuous considering the popularity of "Neuro Linker" in the past 15 years.

"Neuro Linker" was a personal computer and its function was similar to a laptop. Even if someone kept using a PC at their home, for a laptop, only a maniac would use it.

The third problem would be the camera.

The four of them were aliens and the street was full of cameras. If they had a "Neuro Linker" then Haru or Tabane might be able to hack the cameras, but it was different when they didn't have anything.

"Haru, you don't need to steal "Neuro Linker" from a stranger, but you can steal the new "Neuro Linker" for all of us. For the money, identity, and the rest, I can help you to get it," Tabane said with a smug expression.

Haru looked at Tabane and only remembered it. "Oh, right! You're going to use those rabbit ears?"


Tabane smiled then started to use her hologram computer. Her hands started to type very fast, creating an identity and a bank account for all of them. She bought a condominium nearby along with stealing some money from random bank accounts for all of them.

Her rabbit ears were a bit special since with these ears, she was able to hijack the network within her surroundings.

In terms of hacking skills, Tabane was only a second to Haru, but in terms of the device, Haru lost to Tabane.

Looking at Tabane, Haru sighed and thought that he was stupid to use an old school laptop. He was a bit jealous of Tabane's hologram computer, though.

"Well, I'll get a "Neuro Linker" for all of us," Haru said and turned himself into invisible by bending the light using light magic.


Sumire and Charlotte couldn't say anything since it wasn't their specialty area.

Charlotte might have had the ability to hack, but she didn't have a sophisticated device such as the hologram computer of Tabane. Looking at Tabane, she also thought to develop it after she had returned, or rather she decided to ask Tabane directly.

"Tabane-chan, do you have another hologram computer?" Charlotte asked.

"Yes, I have it. Do you want it?" Tabane asked.


"How about you, Sumire-chan?" Tabane asked with a smile.


Sumire sighed since someone had never called her "-chan" in the past few years and somehow it felt quite weird. Most people would be weirded out by her since she was known as a genius doctor and was known for her corpse fetish. That was why no one had called her with "-chan" suffix since no one thought that she was cute.

Well, someone might have been during her childhood, but that kind of thing doesn't really matter now.

Thank you," Sumire said. Her specialty was the human body along with machinery, but a hologram computer was very useful for her too after all.

"Okey! Leave everything to Tabane-chan!"

Tabane puffed up her chest showing off her big bust to everyone.

"Right, what is the red mark below your lab coat?" Charlotte asked while pointing her finger at Sumire's coat.

"Oh, it is blood." Sumire sighed and said, "I haven't gotten a good sleep after surgery last night." She yawned and wanted to go to sleep.

"It's very hard," Tabane said, feeling a bit sympathetic.

"It is."


Charlotte was speechless but didn't think too much. Her tolerance against weirdos was very high since she was also a weirdo.

"But as a girl, you need to take care of your hygiene. It would be bad if Haru smelled your body," Tabane said.

Sumire raised her eyebrow and asked, "Do you think that guy has an interest in a woman such as me? You're cuter and more beautiful than me, Tabane-chan."

Tabane shook her head and said, "Sumire-chan, you're cute and beautiful! Your a.d.u.l.t charm is simply magic!"

"Thank you," Sumire said with a smile. Every woman loved being praised as beautiful, of course, Sumire too. But since she had always been staying in the laboratory, her fiance died, and after becoming Four Sages in the world of Black Buller, no one had even praised her for that.

"Haru is also a lewd beast! I've been observing him since our quest on the world of Fairy Tail! His stamina, endurance, and ability are simply inhuman! I can show you his video with Esdeath and Tsunade if you want," Tabane said.

"Really? Can you show it to me?" Sumire was very interested in Haru's reproduction method.

"Of course."

Tabane nodded and showed a video of Haru mating with his women. No matter how many times she watched it, she couldn't get enough of it while thinking about replacing herself with one of the two women in the video.

"Hmm.... he might be a really lewd beast in human's skin."

Sumire nodded in agreement.


Charlotte became even more speechless while hoping for Haru to come back as soon as possible!



Haru felt his nose was a bit itchy. 'Is anyone talking about me?' He shook his head and thought that it was impossible since he was in another world and the time was stopped in his world. He didn't think much and went to the nearby department store to get a "Neuro Linker" for all of them.