Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 957

Volume 1 Chapter 957 New House

Haru was in his astral mode and used his light magic to make himself invisible. In this form, he was invincible in this world and he could also use this form to steal a lot of things. Even though he knew that stealing was very bad, it was necessary since his money was useless in this world.

Entering the department store, Haru looked at this place curiously.

The design of the department store wasn't that much different from his original world. If there was something different then the material was a bit different, but overall, there wasn't that much change. Then the number of clerks had decreased, but he didn't see a robot or artificial intelligence as clerk.

However he also understood that if they used a robot or an artificial intelligence then it would add unemployment in this world. Everyone needed money and the economy needed to move.

Using a robot or artificial intelligence might decrease the cost of operation, but at the same time, it might also harm the market. But he really wanted to copy this digital transaction since it would erase the corruption in his company since with this transaction it was simply hell for someone to forge the data.

Haru ended his thought and found an electronic shop that sold a "Neuro Linker".

Now, why did he need to go to the department store? Since it was the most complete store in human society.

Haru had also thought about building a department store in his world, no, rather a department store. He thought of building a for the headquarters of his business since he wanted to create a building that could represent all of his business in his original world.

Of course, he would also rent part of the building inside for the store, restaurant, office, etc. He knew that real estate was a profitable business and he also had some money left from his hunting.

Anyway, he could talk about that matter later since he needed to get "Neuro Linker" as soon as possible since three women had been waiting for him.

Though, he had to admit the number of people who entered the department store wasn't that much compared to his world, and it might be because it was at noon or most people would choose to buy something through an online store.

Haru wasn't sure, but he had time to research this world for a while.

It might not be related to the previous sentences but, Sumire, Charlotte, and Tabane were women, not girls. Why is that? Well, it is mainly because of their age.

Even though Charlotte had a body similar to a middle school student, she was around 20s and she was older than Tabane.

Out of the three, Sumire might be the oldest since she was in her early 30s, then Charlotte who was in her late 20s, then lastly, Tabane who was in her early 20s.

Haru was the youngest, but if he added his age in a previous life...


Haru held his head since the memory of his previous life seemed quite hazy for some reason. He didn't think too much, even though the past was important, but the future was also more important.

Looking at his surroundings, Haru could see how people in the future would live.

'Everything is digital, huh?'

Haru thought that this world was simply a treasure trove. He could copy a lot of things in this world and bring it back to his original world. He didn't waste his time and stole four "Neuro Linkers" for everyone then went back quietly passing through several walls for a shortcut.

'I wonder if the main character has started the game..'

Haru wasn't sure which timeline that he had been teleported into and felt a bit curious about the main character in this world. The name of the main character was a bit similar to him "Haru".

If Haru was "Haruka" then the main character of this world would be "Haruyuki".

Haru knew that "Haruyuki" had an inferiority complex and he was quite surprised to know that the main character of this world had an overweight problem.

Usually, the protagonist didn't have an overweight problem, even if their face wasn't handsome or standard, but it was rare for a protagonist to be written as fat.

But well, it was quite an interesting story.

Haru looked around while thinking that he could see a camera in various places around the street before he came back to everyone. He returned to his normal form which surprised everyone.


They were scared since this guy appeared so suddenly.

"Don't surprise us!"

They sighed in relief since they had ended the video and this guy seemed to not notice anything. If Haru knew that the three of them were watching his p.o.r.n then he would be in a rage and hacked Tabane's computer and deleted everything within since he didn't expect that someone had recorded his mating video.

Haru took out four "Neuro Linkers" and said, "I've brought it."

Their eyes brightened up and they took it one by one.

"Don't use it first."

Haru stopped them and said, "Tabane, can you forge data inside our "Neuro Linker" first?"

"Ay ay, sir!"

Tabane took four "Neuro Linkers" and connected it with her hologram computer. She started to forge the data for all of them.

"How old should we be?"

Everyone looked at Haru for confirmation.

Haru thought for a while and asked, "Is it alright for me make all of you younger?" He felt that it was quite unreasonable for all of them to stay at their original age considering the oldest players inside "Brain Burst" were only 15 years old. Even though they might able to hack inside the game, it was pretty weird for them to play the game. Luckily, he could manipulate an age and it was pretty easy for him to make all of them became younger.

"Sure." 3x

They agreed to change their age and it was also pretty interesting to be younger again.

Tabane gave the "Neuro Linkers" to the three of them and also put one of them on her neck.

Everyone also used their "Neuro Linkers" on their necks.

"Well, I've forged our identity, but I can change our identity again after we have gone to the condominium that I bought," Tabane said. She had to admit that it was very easy for her to do a lot of things in this world considering almost all of the things in this world were done digitally.

If she wanted then she would be able to do a lot of crazy things in this world!

Everyone nodded and decided to check their "Neuro Linker". Upon turning it on, they could see a hologram panel right in front of them. They could do a lot of things with it such as reading books, browsing the internet, playing games, etc.

Haru thought that he also needed another "Neuro Linker" for his other activity.

"Now, let's go! I don't want to stay in this place any longer!" Tabane said and left the alley. She was a girl, even though it was necessary to stay in this dark place for a while, but it didn't mean that she liked it.

The three of them also followed Tabane out of the alley.

Upon entering the street, Haru had to admit that this place was quite clean. He could see a lot of cars on the street. Even though the car wasn't that different, it was driven by an AI as a safety measure.

"Where is the condo?" Haru asked.

"Over there."

Tabane pointed her finger at a high rise building which could be seen from their location.

They could see the overall building was very sophisticated with two buildings which were connected by a bridge between them. They couldn't see the below part of the building since they were quite far away and it was hidden by various buildings on the street.

"From now on that place will be our house!"

Tabane smiled and said, "Let's have fun until the quest is over!"

"O...Ohh..." 3x

They smiled and walked together toward their new house.

Tabane walked beside Haru and grabbed his arm while thinking that she could do a lot of things with him during this quest.