Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 958

Volume 1 Chapter 958 The Main Character

Before they went to the condo which was bought by Tabane, they went to the nearby clothing store to buy clothes for their teen form. They decided to become 13 years old when they started this game later and because of that their clothes which they brought from their original world wouldn't fit when they turned younger.

Haru looked at Charlotte, Tabane, and Sumire who were choosing their clothes at the clothing store. It had been a few hours since they had been in this store, he had to admit that no matter whether genius or not, all of the women from various worlds loved to shop. He had chosen his clothes and all he could do was to wait for all of them to end their shopping.

Looking at the three of them, he had to admit that woman's stamina during shopping was stronger than a man's. Even though they hadn't eaten, they were full of energy. He didn't complain and waited patiently since it was a man's job to wait for a woman when they were shopping.

In the end, it took them four hours before they decided to go condo to stay in their new house.

"You sure are patient," Sumire said.

"I've gotten used to it," Haru said simply. Inwardly, he sighed in relief since the shopping spree was over.

The three women chuckled hearing his reply.

Looking at the condo, Haru knew that this place was familiar, rather this condo building was the building where the main character of this world lived.

"Hehehe, praise me!"

Tabane looked at Haru and knew what this guy was thinking. She knew that the main character of this world was harmless and she had decided to buy a condo in the same building as the main character.

Why did she buy the condo in the same location as the main character? There were two reasons.

The first reason was to see the timeline where they were teleported. They wanted to see whether the main character had entered the game or not. They needed to defeat "Chrome Disaster" and it might be a bit too late if the main character had entered the game since with their level it would be too low to enter "Unlimited Neutral Field" where "Chrome Disaster" was located.

The Unlimited Neutral Field is an environment a Burst Linker can enter by using the "Unlimited Burst" command. In order to enter the field, the Burst Linker must be at least level 4, and executing the command costs ten Burst Points. It is also a zone encompassing the entire Accelerated World, but unlike the normal duel environment, it has no requirements on what to do when there. Burst Linkers are free to fight others, or NPCs are known as Enemies, as they so desire.

Like the normal duel environment, the entirety of the world is based on the real world as it is seen through the Social Camera Network, "skinned" with a semi-random Stage.

The stage change process is known as Transition. During Transition, the environment is completely reset, and any Enemies that were destroyed are reborn.

All across the world, there are places known as Leave Points, or Portals, that allow a Burst Linker to exit from the Unlimited Neutral Field. There is no other way to leave, besides physically removing a cable from a proxy server connected to the Global Net. These Portals are indestructible objects, and cannot be moved at all.

While in the Unlimited Neutral Field, Burst Linkers will feel the full amount of pain from their actions, rather than only half of it like they do in normal Duels.

It was necessary for them to enter that place since to complete their quest, they needed to enter that place.

That was why they needed to level as soon as possible and if the main character had joined the game, then it might be too late to raise their level.

The second reason was to know the main character and his group. Even though it wasn't necessary, the problem had always been attracted to the main character. They could use that phenomenon to solve their quest easier with the main character near them.

Haru also thought to help the main character to slim down his body. Some people might not be confident to help the main character, but he was confident to help the main character become slimmer and more confident. He sighed when he remembered the communication of the main character with the heroine and thought to help him.

The four of them walked together and they had arrived in their new house. They walked toward the receptionist to get the key from the staff of the building and confirmed that they were the owner of the new place.

The process was quite quick and they went to the lift to go to their condo, but when they were about to close the lift they heard a voice.

"Please wait!"

The four of them looked at a small and fat boy who was running toward the lift.

Haru stopped the lift from closing and let the small boy enter the lift.

"T, thank you very much...." the boy said while catching his breath after running. He wasn't good at sports and it tired him to run so quickly toward the lift.

"No problem," Haru said with a smile.

The boy was a bit mesmerized when he saw Haru thinking that this guy was very handsome. He also didn't remember that he had seen this person living in this building before, but at the same time, he shouldn't let him meet his mother since he felt a threat from him.

"Are you living here?" Haru asked.

"A, ah, yes!!" The boy was startled when he was asked but answered unconsciously.

Haru looked at the boy who was wearing a uniform and thought that this boy had just gone back from the school. He looked at Tabane, Sumire, and Charlotte while thinking about a reasonable alibi to live in this place.

The three of them also gave him a small nod.

Haru didn't have a reservation and said with a smile. "Oh, that's good. My children are also going to live in this place."

"Eh?!" 3x

Tabane, Sumire, and Charlotte were startled when they heard it, but they quickly calmed themselves while curiously watching him since they were curious what this guy wanted to say to the main character of this world.

That's right!

They had met with the main character of this world who was known as "Arata Haruyuki".

"C - Children?!" The boy seemed surprised since Haru seemed quite young.

"Even though I seem young. I'm in my late 30s," Haru said with a kind smile.


The boy was surprised and couldn't believe it since Haru seemed quite young, but when he thought about the current health technology then he thought it might be possible.

"Yes, the three of them are my wives," Haru said while introducing Tabane, Sumire, and Charlotte.


"T, three wives....?!" The boy seemed to be in shock. "T, that isn't possible!"

Sumire, Charlotte, and Tabane blinked their eyes while looking at this brazen man who dared to lie to a little kid that they were his wives.

"Well, we're not formally married, so you can say our relationship is similar to a lover," Haru said a smile.


The boy opened his mouth wide in surprise and felt that the reality was being turned 180 degrees. He didn't expect to see someone who was able to open a harem in real society. He thought that harem was only happening in the manga, but it seemed that he was too naive and young since it happened in front of him.

"Our children are going to be transferred to a nearby middle school and will be living in this condo so please be their friend and take care of them," Haru said.

"Ah, y, yes! P, please take care of me too," the boy said politely and nodded. He wasn't sure, but he felt very comfortable when he talked with Haru. Usually, a lot of people would look down on him, but Haru was different. He could see that Haru was looking at him the same way as a normal human. It might seem like something insignificant, but most people who met him would look at him in mockery, ridicule, scorn, etc so he had a good impression of Haru.

"Right, what's your name?" Haru asked.

"A, Arata Haruyuki!" Haruyuki quickly said.

Haru smiled and said, "Oh, our name is a bit the same. My name is Kasugano Haruka. See you later, boy." He patted Haruyuki's head and went out from the lift together with Tabane, Charlotte, and Sumire who was also saying goodbye to Haruyuki.


Haruyuki was stunned, still looking at the four of them before the lift was closed. He woke up and suddenly realized that he was too late to come out from the lift.

"A, ah, wait! I'm going out on this floor too!"


"Wives, eh?"

Haru could feel that Tabane, Charlotte, and Sumire were staring at him quietly. He sighed and said, "It's a reasonable lie, right?"


The three of them looked at Haru and realized how shameless this guy was, but at the same time, they also realized the reason why this guy was able to have a lot of women beside him.

Because this guy was so shameless!