Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 959

Volume 1 Chapter 959 Dual Avatar 1

Coming out from the lift, they could see a lot of doors with a plate number in front the condo's door.

Tabane ran directly toward the door and opened the door with the key which she had gotten from the receptionist before.

"Let's enter! Let's enter!"

Haru, Charlotte, and Sumire entered the condo together with Tabane.

Haru looked at the small corridor in front of him with five doors which he could see from the entrance. He could tell that there were two bedrooms, one living room, one bathroom, and one room which could be used for a lot of things.

Compared to his house, this place was small, but it was big enough.

Closing the door, they entered the living room together. Inside the living room, there was also a kitchen and dining room which was located inside.


Tabane sat down on the sofa and became a bit sloppy. She would be lying if she wasn't nervous since it was her first quest without coming with everyone. She was wondering what would happen if they failed on the quest, of course, she didn't want to fail.

"Haru, I'm hungry," Tabane said lazily.

"Yeah, we're hungry."

"Me too."

Sumire and Charlotte also sat down on the sofa next to Tabane.

The three of them had tasted Haru's food during their quest on the world of Fairy Tail and of course, its taste was very delicious. They thought that it was one of the perks when they went on the quest with him.


Haru was also quite hungry and decided to cook something.

"Haru, what are you going to do with the quest?" Tabane suddenly asked.

"Can you hack it?" Haru asked.

"It's possible."

Haru and Tabane could hack the "Brain Burst" and even if they didn't do anything, they could hack their character in the "Brain Burst" and raise their level directly to level 10, but...

"It won't be fun." 2x

Haru and Tabane thought that it wouldn't be fun.

"Accel World" seemed to be a very fun world, and "Brain Burst" seemed to be a very interesting game. They could also use this chance to train their ability to fight within the game.

"So we're going to play it normally?" Charlotte asked.

"What do you think?" Haru asked.

Sumire and Charlotte nodded and agreed. Even if they didn't have that much of interest in fighting, it would be a good chance to train their survival ability. When fighting, they could leave it to both Tabane and Haru since the two of them were very good fighters. They also felt quite bad to cheat against little children when they were a.d.u.l.ts.

"Quick change our age, I'll forge our identity again and download "brain burst" to our "Neuro Linker"!"

Tabane walked toward Haru waiting for him to make herself younger.

There were a lot of things to be done to prepare their "Neuro Linker" such as creating different accounts since they would become younger, creating "Network Avatar", downloading a "brain burst", and lastly, creating a "Duel Avatar".

Just for information, "Network Avatar" and "Duel Avatar" are different.

"Network Avatar" is a character or an avatar that is used on the social network to communicate with their friends, family, or acquaintances.

"Duel Avatar" is a virtual avatar that represents a player in Brain Burst.

Haru put his hand on Tabane's hand and made her into 13 years old.

Tabane's body became smaller, from height, chest, and a lot more.

"Yay! Tabane-chan has become cute again!"

Tabane jumped and her clothes dropped which somehow made her n.a.k.e.d.


"Quickly change your clothes!"

Haru quickly covered Tabane with her clothes which had become loose because she had become smaller.


Charlotte and Sumire looked at Tabane in surprise. They might have seen Haru use magic and a lot of people used various abilities in the world of Fairy Tail. They thought that they had gotten used to it, but they were still surprised when they saw Tabane became younger and at the same time, they knew that they would also become younger too since they needed this disguise during the quest.

"You two?"

Haru looked at Charlotte and Sumire.

"Oh, change our age too," Sumire said with a rare smile since she also wanted to be young once again.

"I don't think I'll change that much," Charlotte said with a sigh.

Two of them walked toward Haru and waited for him to make themselves younger.

Haru held their hands and made them into 13-year-old teenagers.

Sumire and Charlotte looked at their bodies curiously and felt that they had become younger. Sumire had become younger and somehow she felt quite refreshed.

Charlotte didn't feel that much different since she didn't change that much.

Tabane didn't change her clothes and directly grabbed their "Neuro Linkers" to download "Brain Burst" for all of them.

Sumire and Charlotte also went to Tabane to help her and changed their clothes since they had become younger.

Haru also made himself younger since it felt quite strange for himself alone who didn't change his age to 13-year-old. Checking his entire body, he suddenly felt quite nostalgic after he became young. He looked at three young girls and continued to cook since he felt hungry, but before that, he needed to cover their bodies with clothes or something since it was so shameful for three little girls to show their n.a.k.e.d bodies in front of gentleman.

Tabane connected all of the "Neuro Linkers" to her hologram computer and it took her a short time to find "Brain Burst". She also found a similar game that was made by the same creator as "Brain Burst", but she didn't have that much of an interest. She transferred "BB2039.exe" to all of the "Neuro Linkers".

Charlotte and Sumire were also busy checking out the "Neuro Linker" to see what was inside since they were curious about how it could be connected to the brain.

"The dinner is ready."

Haru brought dinner to the table in the living room.

Smelling delicious food, Tabane, Sumire, and Charlotte stopped and started to eat quickly.

Haru also ate while thinking that it felt very easy somehow to take care of the three of them. He could see their curiosity on "Neuro Linker". He didn't blame them since he was also curious and he also wanted to check the internet whether "Sword Art Online" was connected to this world. There were a lot of things which he wanted to research in this world and somehow he was anticipating his life in this quest.

"Everything is done."

Tabane had eaten all of the dinners and said, "I've also put the file of "Brain Burst" to all of your "Neuro Linker"."

Haru took a napkin and wiped the stain on Tabane's mouth.

"So we can play right away?" Charlotte asked.

In order to install the Brain Burst program, the person needs to be invited by another Burst Linker and be sent an invitation through the Neuro Linker. This can only be done once for each Linker, meaning that each one can invite only one player to the game. Even when the invitation fails, a different player can't be invited. There are some specific conditions for the installation to be completed successfully, which are having the Neuro Linker on starting shortly after birth, and certain brain speed reaction. If all of the conditions are not met, then the installation fails. The Burst Linker who invited the person becomes their guardian and has a close connection with him/her.

But they were cheating and hacked directly into the game transferred right into their "Neuro Linker".

"Yes, but we need to create our "Duel Avatar" first and we can only play tomorrow," Tabane said.

"Create a "Duel Avatar"?" 3x