Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 96

Volume 1 Chapter 96 Cafe Open 2

Haru saw the time and decided to open his cafe. He looked outside and saw a lot of people. He was quite surprised and happy at the same time. He opened his door and let them smell of his bread and coffee. He could that they were in a trance and smiled, "Welcome to Fleur De Lapin!"

The people outside were only going by the booming of the radio and on the internet a week ago. They thought it was kind of interesting for a novelist to open his own cafe and thought to visit the place when they were free. They had never seen the face of that young novelist but it didn't really matter since the smell of the bread and coffee inside the cafe spoiled their sense of smell. They saw that the cafe was open and couldn't help but want to enter.

"Is this the smell of bread?"

"How can it smell this fragrance?"

"Ugh, I'm getting hungry."

They started to enter the cafe, no, bakery, since this place was full of bread. They could see that this place was quite neat, tidy, and gave them a cozy feeling at the same time. They felt really comfortable and didn't want to get out of this place. They looked around and saw instructions on how to order in this place. They read it for a while and started to choose their order to the waiter. They wanted to order it as soon as possible since they had become very hungry when they entered this place.

Haru was glad when he saw the expression of his customers, even though he still wanted to open a maid cafe but to do that he needed to employ a cute girl.

Yuri who was at the counter helped with the order of the customer along with the payment.

Haru saw the order automatically on the screen on his bar and started to make the beverage. His movement was very smooth and skillful. He was also confident with his product since he had bought a recipe from the group chat. He had decided to open his cafe in the limited time since he didn't really want to spend his entire time to open this cafe. His purpose to open a cafe was to relieve his stress from training while looking at a cute maid. He wanted a barista and chef to help him manage this cafe.

Haru was wondering whether he could create a robot to become a chef and barista in this cafe since he only wanted a cute girl as his employee.

"Please enjoy your order," Haru said, giving them his warmest smile.


Yuri who became the guest felt that this job was quite hard but she really enjoyed it. She could see that the customers were enjoying their order with a happy smile. She also saw her parents and both of them enjoyed it too. They still had their jobs and didn't stay too long after greeting them.

Haru thought that his greatest reward was his big stamina since he didn't expect that he would be this busy. He was both glad and overwhelmed since it was his first time to open a cafe but he still enjoyed it. Though, he was a bit regretful since it made him unable to talk with his acquaintances and his little sister. He thought that he really needed a robot to make a beverage in his cafe as soon as possible.


Sora was sitting in the counter seat together with Kato.

Kato had come together with her from earlier, even though she was ignored by him for a while but as an apology, he had given her a free bread and beverage. She really enjoyed it and didn't expect that he had such a deep skill in cooking.

"There are a lot of people," Kato said while eating the bread. She thought it was good that his business was booming.

Sora shook her head and said, "No, it's not good, he will have less time to be at home later." She pouted while looking away.

Kato only looked at her for a while and drank her strawberry juice.


Sakura and Kyouko also came to his cafe since both of them had heard it from the radio.

Kyouko was still nervous to enter and didn't really want to enter this place.

"Let's enter Kyouko," Sakura said while pulling her hands.

"A - alright, but you should help me to order the menu, alright?" Kyouko asked.

"Good, I will help you," Sakura nodded.

They entered his cafe and saw that it was a bakery rather than a cafe but they didn't really think too much about it. They were in a trance when they smelled the smell of the bread and coffee in this place. They waited in line until it was their time to order.

"Hello, please tell me your order," Yuri said with a smile.

"Alright, please give me this one and that one," Sakura said.

"Yes, please wait for a while," Yuri said and started to prepare their orders.

"Excuse me, where is Haru?" Kyouko asked.

"Hmm? Are you his friend?" Yuri asked.

"Yes, we're his friends in middle school," Sakura answered.

"I'm sorry, he is very busy right now since there are a lot of orders," Yuri said to them. She had a bad feeling to let them meet each other.

Kyouko and Sakura looked at each other and felt a bit disappointed.

"Alright, please tell him that both Sakura and Kyouko have come to his cafe," Sakura said.

"Yes," Yuri nodded and she wasn't sure whether she told him or not.

Sakura and Kyouko took their order and wanted to eat it right away.

"Did he want to enter Tootsuki Academy?" Sakura asked.

Kyouko shook her head, "He shouldn't, his cooking is good but he doesn't really want to make it into a job, maybe it is only a whim or something."

Sakura looked at him and asked, "You know him that much?"

"You will know that naturally when you date him," Kyouko said with a blush.

"Do you want to date him again?" Sakura wasn't sure but she felt very uncomfortable when she asked this question.

Her cheek was reddened and she opened her mouth slowly.

"Ah, let's eat the bread first, I'm very hungry," Sakura said and stopped her to answer her question.

"Alright, that's a good idea, I'm also curious about the taste of this bread," Kyouko nodded.

They started to eat together and the taste made them really surprised, "IT'S GOOD!!!"

Sakura enjoyed his bread but at the same time she felt very uncomfortable when she had to listen to her answer before, 'Why?'

"Sakura, this is very good, right?" Kyouko asked.

Sakura who was daydreaming woke up and smiled, "Yes, this is good, how about we go out for a while?"

"That's a good idea," Kyouko nodded.

Sakura decided not to think too much since her time was limited it was better to do something happy every day, 'But why am I feeling uncomfortable?'


Utaha had called him several times but it was useless since he didn't accept her call. She sighed when she saw that the cafe was quite crowded. She didn't like crowded places and wanted to go back until she saw his little sister. She was thought to familiarize herself with her sibling-in-law, "Hey, little sister."

Sora turned her head and saw an unexpected girl. She frowned and asked "Kasumigaoka-san? What are you doing here?" She didn't expect this girl to come to his cafe.

"Of course, I want to see his cafe, no, it is a bakery?" Utaha said while looking around. She looked at her and asked, "Isn't he want to open a maid cafe?"

Sora didn't really like her but it would be too much to ignore her, "He didn't have enough hands to open a maid cafe."

Utaha nodded, "By the way, can you tell him that I'm here?"

"No way," Sora rejected her.

Utaha smiled and thought that it was kind of cute for his little sister to have such a 'brother complex'. She would enjoy her time teasing her until he had done his job.