Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 960

Volume 1 Chapter 960 Duel Avatar 2

A Duel Avatar is created when the Brain Burst program is installed on someone's Neuro Linker. It used to be thought that the program would scan a person's mind and learn their fears and desires, and from their trauma, it creates their Avatar. However, it appears that the vivid nightmare a new Burst Linker has is the person's own Incarnate projection of their desire.

In many cases, a Burst Linker also forgets about the contents of the dream but knows it was a nightmare.

In conclusion, they felt that the information within their brain would be invaded.

Haru didn't really like it since he felt that his privacy would be known, especially about fears and traumas. He felt that that data could be used to blackmail the player. He didn't know what was the purpose of the creator of "brain burst", but he didn't like it when an a.d.u.l.t tried to play with children's fear and trauma.

"Well, I want to see whether this program can really scan our fear and trauma to create our "Duel Avatar", is that alright?" Tabane asked.

"I'm not comfortable with it," Sumire said in a frown.

"What if the program also scans information about our world?" Charlotte asked with a worried expression.

Hearing Charlotte's question, it was also possible for the creator to learn about the existence of another world after the program scanned their brain. It would be a very dangerous situation if that happened.

"Don't worry, I've created a program to block our data which is scanned from our brain being transferred to the database of the "brain burst" so we don't need to worry about our information being known to the creator of the "brain burst"," Tabane said.

"Can we create a character by ourselves?" Sumire asked.

"It's possible, but do you have an idea what kind of character you want to create?" Tabane asked.

"Well, I'm not sure about that."

Sumire didn't really have any idea what kind of character she wanted to create and only asked that question on a whim.

But everyone had to admit that Tabane was genius since she was able to create a program to protect their data and was known to the creator of the "brain burst".

"Let's do it. I'm also curious about the process of character creation on "brain burst"," Haru said. He knew that everyone had fear or trauma within their lives and he was the same. He remembered his fear in the past when he was almost dead because of a quest when he fought in the world of Toriko, but it didn't turn into trauma rather he destroyed that fear and won that battle.

Sumire and Charlotte thought for a while and nodded. They knew the process of character creation from the information about "Accel World" from Kuroneko. They knew very well that they needed to have a nightmare for a night.

"So let's do it. Let's sleep right away so we can play the game tomorrow," Tabane said.

Everyone put their "Neuro Linker" on their neck and activated it while looking at the "brain burst" icon which newly appeared on their "Neuro Linker".

'The program doesn't analyze your imagination, but your inferiority complex.'

Haru remembered such lines from the anime of "Accel World" which he watched before he went for the quest.

"Then, let's go to sleep!"

Tabane hugged Haru's hand suddenly and walked into his room.

"Wait! Wait!" Charlotte quickly stopped them.

"What's wrong?" Tabane was confused and asked, "There are only two rooms in this condo and two people can only stay in one room."

"Then why do you need to stay with Haru?" Charlotte asked.

"Why not?" Tabane said.

Yes, why not?"

Haru twitched his lips and said, "I'll sleep on the sofa."

"No! You need to sleep in the bedroom! Or do you have an interest in my loli body?" Tabane asked.


Haru was speechless by this question. If he said those words then he was afraid to hurt Charlotte's feelings since her body was a loli type. But at the same time, he didn't have an interest in underage girls. However, it was different when they had entered a legal age.

"Then, I'll sleep with him. I don't have that much of a feeling for him," Sumire said.

"NO!" 2x

Then the three of them started to argue with each other.

"Then, how about all of us sleeping together?" Haru interjected their argumentation. He was tired and also wanted to go to sleep.


The three of them looked at Haru and didn't expect him to be this greedy and shameless again.

Sleeping with three girls?

Well, they didn't complain.


In the end, they decided to sleep together, but they didn't do anything dirty.

Haru also wouldn't touch them and he also didn't have that much thought on ecchi things on them, especially when they had turned 13-years-old.

It might be because they were in another world along with their intense activity during shopping before that they went to sleep quickly.

Before long the program started and they started to have nightmares.


Charlotte looked at the various buildings which were burnt and destroyed by Savage on the Gudenburg Empire. At that moment, she could only run, but she couldn't forget how fierce Savage was and how merciless it was. Looking at a lot of people who died because of it, she clenched her hand tightly and realized how powerless she was.

"Help me!"



Charlotte wanted to help them, but her bodyguard didn't let her go and kept running ignoring all the screams behind her.



Right after the Gastrea Virus had caused chaos on earth, Sumire who was going out with her fiance didn't expect that she would meet a Gastrea along the way. She didn't have the power to defeat Gastrea nor was there someone who was able to fight it around her surroundings.


Her fiance grabbed her hand to run away from their spot, but it might be their bad luck when the Gastrea chased after them rather than the people in their surroundings.

Gastrea kept running until it wanted to kill her, but her fiance pushed her away before he was bitten by the Gastrea.

Sumire could feel a warm liquid on her face which was poured from her fiance's body.


Sumire tried to call him but...


Realizing the situation of her best friend, Tabane could do nothing. She knew that Chifuyu's identity was special, but she could do nothing to help her. She felt helpless that she had never felt before thinking about the condition of her friend.



(BGM: Kanashimi no Mukoe - School Days).

Haru was surprised when he was suddenly being teleported to another world again.

"This place...."

Looking at the scenery in his surroundings, Haru felt familiar, or rather it was Brandish's house when he was going to cure the side effect of his magic. He didn't know what he was doing in this place, but suddenly he noticed that he wasn't alone. He was about to greet Brandish, but suddenly he felt a pain in his back.


Haru started to feel something hot and touched his back. He saw that his hand was covered in a red liquid before he looked at Brandish.

"Why did you leave me? I love you, I love you, I love you! Haru! Goodbye, I'll follow you after this..."

Brandish was full of tears before she stabbed his body several times without stopping yet Haru could do nothing.

'Death? Am I dead?'

Haru couldn't accept it, especially when he thought that he couldn't meet his loved one again. But when he looked at Brandish's resentful gaze and his paralyzed body, he knew that his life had ended.


Blinking their eyes, they could feel the warm sunlight on their bodies. The weather was very good, and the birds were chirping cheerfully, but their mood was very bad.


Holding their heads, they couldn't believe what had just happened to them.

"Ugh....." 4x