Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 962

Volume 1 Chapter 962 Duel Avatar 4

"Ocean Stingray", "Maroon Owl", "Sunset Lop", and "Lilac Deer" were the names of their Duel Avatar.

"Maroon Owl" was Charlotte's Duel Avatar. She had the shape of a humanoid mecha with maroon color. Her weapon was a sniper rifle and there were six interceptor drones around her similar to wings.

"Sunset Lop" was Tabane's Duel Avatar. She had the shape of a humanoid mecha with rabbit ears and legs which were similar to a rabbit. She didn't have a weapon and it seemed to be a close combat type Duel Avatar.

"Lilac Deer" was Sumire's Duel Avatar. She had the shape of a humanoid mecha with a large deer's antlers on her head. She also didn't have a weapon nor did she have an accessory similar to Charlotte's Duel Avatar.

The three of them had a humanoid shape with some parts similar to an animal, but Haru was different.

His shape was similar to a large stingray mecha which made him speechless. He also couldn't move his body properly since he was on the land.

"Damn, what the heck?!"

Charlotte, Tabane, and Sumire laughed when they saw Haru's "Ocean Stingray".

"Ocean Stingray" was Haru's Duel Avatar. He had the shape of a large mecha stingray with a large sharp tail similar to a sword.

Haru didn't have legs which affected his mobility. In a sense, his Duel Avatar mobility might be good inside the water, but it was different when he moved on the land since he couldn't move properly and didn't have legs. He also didn't have hands which made it even harder for him since he couldn't even crawl.

"Haru, can you move?" Sumire asked.

"I can, but it is very hard."

Haru could move, but his speed was very slow.

The three of them kept laughing when they saw Haru's Duel Avatar.


"Laugh! Laugh! Laugh all you want!"

Haru was speechless. He felt a big crisis since with this shape it would be very hard for him to have a battle against another player. He moved his tail and felt quite relieved since he could see that his tail was a very dangerous weapon. His teeth were also very sharp, but he didn't think that he would be able to use them in the battle since it would be very hard for him to move.

"Well, it isn't like you're going to lose even if you're in this shape, right?" Sumire said.

"Hmm... that's true."

Haru knew that it might have something to do with his "ability", but he hadn't checked his ability yet.

"Have you checked your ability?"

"Not yet."

"Then let's check it. Click on your name under your HP bar."

Everyone clicked their name under the HP bar then a hologram screen which showed their "normal attack" and "special ability" appeared.

"My normal ability is to "shoot" and my special move is to "drones,"" Charlotte said. She could see that the six interceptor drones on her back would become an automatic drone which could be manipulated automatically to attack the enemy with a beam attack. She was wondering whether these drones could be used as wings since she remembered the main character used his imagination to fly. Then in her case, she should able to make the drones on her back become wings too, right?

"My normal abilities are "punch," "kick," "ram" and "magnet manipulation"; my special move is "push and attract"," Sumire said. She felt the ability of her Duel Avatar was quite interesting, but she needed a lot of gauge to perform her "magnet" ability so she couldn't use it arbitrarily.

"My normal abilities are "punch" and "kick"; and my special move is "terrain change"!" Tabane said cheerfully. She jumped around and felt quite happy with her Duel Avatar since it owned a very interesting ability. She tried to jump as high as possible then her head hit the ceiling.


Because of that act, the ceiling almost crumbled and Tabane's HP decreased.

Haru looked at the list of his normal attack and special ability, and somehow he understood why his shape was similar to a stingray since the ability of this Duel Avatar was too cheating.

"How about you Haru?"

"Well, my normal ability is "stab", "flap", and "physical permeation"; and my special ability is "Linear"," Haru said. He decided to try his "Physical Permeation" ability since he was curious. He moved his tail and used it to attack the ground several times.

*Baam!* *Baam!* *Baam!*

His special gauge increased and he could use his "Physical Permeation" ability. Using this ability, his body started to fall into the concrete ground, but he quickly moved his body by swimming on the concrete. He could see the special gauge bar slowly decreasing when he used this ability and understood the gist of this ability.

"Physical permeation?"

Hearing Haru's name and seeing it being used in front of them, they felt that this ability was very cheating.

Physical permeation is an ability to phase through any object.

Haru swam very skillfully, even though it was dark swimming inside the concrete. It was also the reason why he swam near the surface so his eyes could see the surrounding area clearly.

While he was swimming, he wanted to try something and swam toward Charlotte.

Charlotte didn't know what Haru wanted to do since this guy was swimming toward her.

"H, Haru, what are you going to do?"

Charlotte wasn't sure, but she felt nervous since Haru was about to ram toward her.

Haru jumped and passed through Charlotte's body before landing on the concrete once again and continued to swim.


"Lop, try to attack me," Haru said.

"Oh, you're going to call me Lop now?" Tabane asked.

"Well, we're in the game after all," Haru said. He didn't use his skill again and stopped on the land without moving.

"Alright, let me try to see whether your ability is really that powerful or not!"

Tabane moved agility jumping around before sending out a powerful kick towards Haru.


The part of the floor was destroyed, and Tabane landed on the floor below, however, Haru was alright since Tabane's attack passed through his body.

"This... is there a way to attack you?" Charlotte asked.

"Of course, this ability isn't invincible..."

Haru explained the limit of his ability. First, he needed to have a gauge when his gauge was emptied then he couldn't use that skill. Then the second was that he needed to deactivate his skill during an attack since his attack would pass through if he activated his skill.

"Then as long as you activate that ability no one is able to attack you?" Sumire asked while twitching her lips.

"Yes." Haru nodded.

"I can't believe it!" Tabane jumped to their location from below then activated her special move.

"Terrain Change!"

Suddenly the hard concrete ground turned into molten lava.

Charlotte and Sumire didn't expect this situation and they were boiled within the lava which caused their HP to keep decreasing.

Haru had activated his "physical permeation" and the lava terrain didn't decrease his HP. He swam very fast toward Tabane before jumping and stabbing her with his tail.


Tabane raised her hands to block Haru's attack. She wanted to counterattack him, but her attack had passed through Haru's body, but when she was about to attack him again, he had attacked her once again.

Haru and Tabane fought each other very fiercely, but then there were two people who were being ignored by two of them.

"Umm, can you do something about us first?" Sumire asked while being drowned within the pool of lava.

Charlotte could only sigh before she drowned in the pool of lava.