Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 964

Volume 1 Chapter 964 Tag Match 1

The world suddenly turned into a wreck with a lot of abandoned buildings with a night sky as a curtain that covered the entire place.

It was a very depressing place, but there were a lot of humanoid figures with various shapes sitting on the top of the building.

The only light in this place was numerous drums that were burning with fire inside.

This place was inside the "brain burst" and the stage just happened to change on the "End of Century" stage.

The humanoid figures who sat down on the top of the building were spectators who were going to watch the match which was about to happen. They were all players of "brain burst".

"Hehehe, I wonder who is going to play the match."

"New player, right?"

"I wonder how long they'll be able to play their first match."

All of the players who watched this match thought that the new players would lose since it was normal to lose since it was their first time.

"But it is quite rare for someone to have a tag match on their first battle."

Usually, someone would play alone in the match during their first match, but this time, the new players started with a tag match immediately which raised their curiosity.

Then the figure of Maroon Owl and Sunset Lop appeared in the distance. Both of them were a Duel Avatar of both Tabane and Charlotte and they were about to start their first battle with a tag match.

"Yay, everyone is going to watch me!" Tabane said cheerfully.

"There are certainly a lot of people here," Charlotte said while looking at the surrounding area. "Even though there are only 1000 or more players, there are 2% of that number in this place."

It was quite surprising to both of them, but it was also good chance for them to make their name popular quickly. They could see both Sumire and Haru waving their hands in their direction. They had decided to play the match first then after that it would be Sumire and Haru who would fight on the next match.

"Who is our opponent?" Tabane asked.

"It seems to be Pineapple Pen and Apple Pen," Charlotte said.

"Pineapple Pen and Apple Pen?" Tabane felt strange hearing this name.

Both of them waited for while then they saw their opponents.

"Let's do it quickly, brother," Pineapple Pen said.

"Yes, brother!" Apple Pen said.

Pineapple Pen had a humanoid shape with yellow color and something similar to a thorn around her body. She also held wh.i.p.s in both of her hands and there were also a lot of thorns on her wh.i.p.s.

Apple Pen had a humanoid figure with a quite bloated body. In her hands, she held an apple in each of her hands. There seemed to be a fuse on the top of the apple.

From their conversation earlier, Charlotte thought that they would be siblings or something closer, and even though they called each other "brother", both of them were female since she could see bumps around their chest which meant b.o.o.b.s in their characters.

Even though their names seemed to be quite strange, their level was quite high. The level of both Pineapple Pen and Apple Pen was level 2. Even though it seemed to be quite unfair since the levels of Tabane and Charlotte were level 1, however, such a thing often happened at the match.

Then the match started and they had 1800 seconds to end the match!


Haru and Sumire watched the match together with a lot of players. They stayed in the gathering and talked to each other, especially with the silver dwarf humanoid character with a laptop in his hands.

It seemed that this player had a lot of knowledge about players in the game.

"Do you know the Apple Sisters?"

Haru changed the nickname of Pineapple Pen and Apple Pen since it would take a long time for him to call their names.

The silver dwarf pushed the frame of his glasses and said, "Of course! Both of them are rather famous combinations."

"Oh, what is their ability?" Sumire asked.

The silver dwarf looked at Haru and Sumire and asked, "You two are also new players?"

"Yes." 2x

The silver dwarf nodded and said, "That's good, we have a lot of new players, but most of them have stopped played, so you shouldn't stop play, alright?"

"That's the matter, of course," Haru said.

"Then, as a gift, I'll tell the information about Pineapple Pen and Apple Pen." He pushed the frame of his glasses again and typed on his laptop while explaining. "Both sisters are very famous because of their combination. The Pineapple is able to trap the enemy with her wh.i.p.s for quite a while and it is very troublesome once you've caught into their trap. Then the Apple is able to throw an apple bomb right into their enemies. Their combination has defeated numerous enemies and they have never been defeated from what I can tell."

"Hmm, then I guess they'll lose today," Haru said.

The silver dwarf looked at Haru and asked, "You sure have confidence in Maroon Owl and Sunset Lop?"

"Of course." Haru looked at the silver dwarf and asked, "Now that you mention it, what's your name?"

"My name is Foil Bolt," Foil Bolt said.

"Ocean Stingray." Haru looked at Tabane and Charlotte and said, "Let's continue our talk later."

"That's a good idea," Foil Bolt said after the match had turned into a direction he didn't expect.


Apple Pen threw her apple bobs toward Tabane and Charlotte, but Charlotte and Tabane avoided them easily.

Tabane charged toward her enemy and Charlotte was running in a different direction in search of a safe location to shoot her enemy down with her sniper rifle.

When the Apple Sisters saw Tabane moving in their direction they couldn't help but laugh.

"Brother, let's end this little bunny first!"

"Roger, brother!"

The wh.i.p.s on both of Pineapple Pen's hands moved like a snake toward Tabane.

Tabane stomped to the ground and dodged those wh.i.p.s before sending out a flying kick toward the wh.i.p.s user.


"Bunny Kick!"

Pineapple Pen saw a foot was right in front of her and her face was kicked before she was sent flying by that kick.



Apple Pen was in shock when her brother was kicked down by Tabane.

Pineapple Pen was thrown and hit the building behind. She could see her HP bar decreased a lot because of Tabane's attack.

"How dare you do that to my brother!"

Apple Pen was ready to throw her apple bomb but suddenly she was shot right into her head.


Apple Pen's HP bar decreased quickly, and half of her head was blown away since Charlotte's bullet hit a headshot.

"D, dammit!!!"

The Apple Sisters didn't expect Tabane and Charlotte to be this strong and Tabane didn't give them a chance to fight back.

*Baam!* *Baam!* *Baam!*

"Yay~~ Bunny is going to win!" Tabane said cheerfully while kicking down her enemies which gave a horror scene. Even though her tone was upbeat, her action was very cruel.


"Those two are your friends?" Foil Bolt asked.



Sumire and Haru weren't sure what to say at that moment.


The Apple Sisters were in a dire situation, but they saw their special gauge had become full.

"Brother, let's do that!"

"Yes, let's do that!"

They knew that their only chance to win was to use their special move!

Pineapple Pen slammed her wh.i.p.s toward the ground and shouted, "Thorn Chamber!" Then suddenly her wh.i.p.s became longer and it caught Tabane before it restricted Tabane's entire body.

Tabane was unable to escape since Pineapple Pen's ability was an automatically aimed Special Move which meant that unless she was running away to until the limit range, that Special Move was going to catch her. It was a fearsome Special Move, but it didn't do too much damage.

"Now, brother!"

"Alright, brother!"

Apple Pen suddenly ran toward the direction of Tabane while shouting, "Pop Party!" The stem part on the top of her head started to light up and was ready to blow up.


"It's dangerous! The Apple Sisters are going to perform their combination attack!" Foil Bolt said.

"Is it really that dangerous?" Sumire asked.

"Yes! Once they have been caught by "Thorn Chamber" then they need five seconds to escape but it is too late since Apple Pen is going to perform "Pop Party" which is known as one of the most fearsome Special Ability!....." Foil Bolt explained with bolt speed about his analysis of this battle.

Sumire and Haru looked at Foil Bolt and thought that this guy was quite interesting since he was worried about Tabane and Charlotte.


Tabane, who was trapped, decided to use her Special Move.

"Terrain Change!"

Suddenly the concrete ground turned into a water which suddenly drowned Tabane and Apple Sisters.

"...Eh?" 2x

The fuse which was lit up with fire suddenly went out because of the water and the wh.i.p.s which trapped Tabane were also loosened.

The terrain which was changed by Tabane was quite wide and it was enough to trap them for a while.

The Apple Sisters' combination attack had failed, and they needed to find a battle location to fight inside the water since it made them harder to fight. They swam toward the surface, but suddenly they saw six flying drones on the top of their heads.

"Eh?" 2x

*Psh!* *Psh!* *Psh!*

Charlotte kept shooting at them remotely from far away until their HP bar emptied.


[The match is over! Maroon Owl and Sunset Lop win!]

"Yay~~ Bunny is the winner!"

Tabane was very cheerful jumping around the water.

Charlotte, who was far away, sighed in relief at the result of the battle.



The spectators of the match were dumbstruck when they saw this battle.

"Th... this....?!"

Haru could understand their feelings, but he didn't care since he needed to prepare.

"Lilac Deer, let's start our match."

"Yeah, we can't be left behind by them," Sumire said and suddenly felt that she had become a character on bloody shounen manga.