Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 965

Volume 1 Chapter 965 Tag Match 2

After the match, Charlotte and Tabane didn't go back, rather they joined the group of players to watch the next match which was about to start.

"Do you know Ocean Stingray and Lilac Deer?" Foil Bolt asked directly.

"They're our friends," Charlotte said.

"Ocean Stingray is my boyfriend," Tabane said.


Charlotte was speechless and Foil Bolt cried since he was single.

"Oh, right, what were you talking about earlier?" Charlotte asked since she knew that Foil Bolt had been talking with Haru and Sumire for a while.

"We were talking about your opponents before the match before," Foil Bolt said. He didn't mind making Charlotte and Tabane his acquaintance after he saw how powerful they were.

Even all the players in the present who watched their match also started to follow both Charlotte and Tabane since their match was very awesome.

Charlotte was a very strong long-range fighter with a Special Move which allowed her to control six drones on her back.

Tabane was also a very strong close-range fighter with a very unique Special Move which was known as "Terrain Change". This Special Move was very powerful since it allowed her to change the terrain to help her during the battle. Water, lava, ice, poison, mud, etc; as long as she wanted she could change the terrain to anything, but of course, it took her a long time to recharge her Special Gauge which made her needed to be careful.

Their combination had been known by a lot of players, especially after they had defeated both Pineapple Pen and Apple Pen.

"Do you know Ocean Stingray and Lilac Deer's opponents?" Charlotte asked.

Foil Bolt pushed the frame of his glasses and said, "Well, they're not famous combi such as the Apple Sisters, but they're rather powerful. They are known as the Nickell Doll and Sand Duck and their combination attack is rather troublesome." He looked at Charlotte and Tabane and asked, "Do you know the ability of Ocean Stingray and Lilac Deer? Both of you seem to know them?"

Foil Bolt was curious about Ocean Stingray since Ocean Stingray's shape was very unique and rather than a humanoid shape, Ocean Stingray's shape was rather similar to the stingray itself which made him a bit surprised when he saw him for the first time.

"They're very powerful, especially Ocean Stingray, and you will know their abilities once the match has started," Charlotte said.

Foil Bolt pushed the frame of his glasses again and said, "I guess, that's true, but Ocean Stingray seems to have a disadvantage at mobility."

"Well, it isn't a problem as long as he activates his ability," Charlotte said.

"Shh... the match is about to start," Tabane said.

Charlotte and Foil Bolt turned quiet and decided to watch the match which was about to start.


Haru and Sumire looked at their opponents.

Nickel Doll and Sand Duct.

Nickel Doll had the shape of a humanoid figure with a doll-like appearance and Sand Duct had a shape similar to a large golem. It seemed quite a surprising combination, but the combination of Haru and Sumire was also quite strange.

Sumire's shape was a humanoid figure with large antlers on her head and Haru's figure was similar to a real stingray.

Haru had tried to move his body several times during his testing times and surprisingly he could walk normally without using his ability. Even though it was slow, it was quite good enough for him. As long as he used his ability then everything would be alright and before he could use his ability, he knew that he needed to be hit or else his special gauge wouldn't be filled and he couldn't use his ability.

"Nice to meet you both," Nickel Doll said.

"Nice to meet you too," Haru said.

"Let's have a good battle," Sand Duct said.

"Yeah, but we'll win this match," Sumire said with a smirk.


Looking at Sumire, Haru was wondering whether her character had changed slightly.

"Hehehe, you sure have a big mouth. Let's see if your ability is on par with your mouth," Nickel Doll said.

Nickell Doll and Sand Duct's level 3 and they were two levels higher than both Haru and Sumire. But even so, both Nickell Doll and Sand Duck didn't underestimate both Haru and Sumire since they knew that both Haru and Sumire were friends of both Tabane and Charlotte who were very powerful players even though it was their first time.

Then no one talked anymore since the battle had started!

"Sand Blaster!"

Sand Duck released a jet current out of his right hand along a sandstorm to blast both Haru and Sumire away.

Sumire dodged Sand Duck's attack, but Haru was blown away by this attack.

"Hahaha, you're quite weak!"

Nickell Doll laughed when she saw Haru was blown away then she ran toward the direction of Sumire since she felt that Sumire was stronger.

Sumire looked at Nickell Doll who wanted to have a close combat battle with her. Even though she didn't have that much experience in fighting, it didn't mean she was clueless.

"Magnet Manipulation!"

Sumire's antlers attracted the drums to her surroundings and threw them toward the direction of Nickell Doll.


Nickell Doll didn't expect Sumire's power to be magnet manipulation. She hurriedly discharged electricity from her palms to shoot down the drums.

Sand Duct also started to move and directly targeted Sumire since he didn't feel a threat to Haru. He had a thruster behind his back that could increase his speed.


Sand Duct was moving very fast, but suddenly there was a sharp light in front of him.


Sand Duct didn't have a chance to escape and his head was stabbed by Haru's stinger.


Sand Duct's HP bar quickly decreased because of Haru's vicious attack. He didn't understand how this guy suddenly appeared in front of him even though he had blown him away before.

The stinger kept sticking on Sand Duct's head and it kept decreasing Sand Duct's HP.


Sand Duct raised his large arm to blow Haru away, but when his punch was about to hit him. His fist suddenly passed through Haru's body.


Sand Duct didn't understand what was happening, but suddenly he was being attacked once again.

*Stab!* *Stab!* *Stab!*

Haru kept stabbing Sand Duct's body, decreasing Sand Duct's HP bar. His stinger kept moving and his body also kept jumping around similar to a dolphin in the aquarium show.

Sand Duct knew that he needed to solve this guy quickly or else he would lose!

"Sand Blaster!"

Sand Duct released another powerful jet current along with the sandstrom, but suddenly that guy had disappeared!

"Where is he?!"


Suddenly Haru appeared behind him and stabbed Sand Duct's back.


Sand Duct's HP quickly emptied and he lost the battle.

Haru didn't look at Sand Duct and looked at Nickel Doll. He thought to use his Special Move since he had never used it before.


Nickel Doll was in a fierce battle against Sumire.

Nickel Doll had the ability to release an electric current and Sumire had the ability to manipulate magnets.

Sumire gathered a lot of drums before throwing it toward Nickel Doll, but all of those drums were blown away by Nickel Doll's electric discharge.

*Boom!* *Boom!* *Boom!*

Their battle was very fierce, but Nickel Doll believed that she would win this battle.

"I'll win this!"

Nickel Doll destroyed the last drum and she was about to say something but stopped when she saw a large sword which was made from iron sand.

During her battle earlier, Sumire had gathered iron sand, quietly creating a large vibrating sword.

Nickel Doll couldn't stop Sumire since her vision was covered by drums that were thrown by Sumire.

"Let's end this."

Sumire raised her sword and slashed it toward Nickell Doll.

"Like hell, I'll lose!"

Nickel Doll gathered her palms and shouted, "Anode Cathode!" She created a purple and black center sphere of electricity which was able to block Sumire's attack.

If Sumire's opponent wasn't an electricity user then she might be able to win this battle easily. Unfortunately, her opponent was an electricity user.

Both the large vibrating sword and the electricity sphere clashed with each other fiercely.

"Hahaha, I won! I won!"

But suddenly Nickel Doll realized something was wrong since she didn't hear the voice of her friend.


Nickel Doll felt foreboded, but everything was too late.

Haru was right behind Nickel Doll and thrust his stinger forward toward Nickel Doll's body, then putting in a twist in that attack.


Nickel Doll was quickly blown away and her HP bar quickly decreased.


Sumire didn't waste her chance and slashed down her iron sand sword toward Nickel Doll!


Nickel Doll's HP was emptied and she had lost this battle.

[The match is over! Ocean Stingray and Lilac Deer win!]


Every player who watched their match was stunned when they saw this match and they could only utter "wow" from their mouths.

Haru moved toward Sumire and latched onto her back. He was too slow and his special gauge had been emptied by his special ability before.

Sumire also didn't mind since it wasn't Haru's first time to latch onto her back. "You know if you keep latching on my back then it might be possible to combine to each other."

"Eh? Combine?"

Haru was in deep thought and suddenly felt that it was possible for him to combine with each other.