Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 966

Volume 1 Chapter 966 Four Beasts

The spectators who watched battle of Haru and Sumire couldn't help but be surprised when they saw how they were able to win against Nickel Doll and Sand Duct. They thought that Haru was the weakest among the four of them, but that was wrong!

Haru was the strongest among the four of them!

"W, what is his ability!?"

Foil Bolt was in shock when he saw how Haru had defeated Sand Duct quickly, but what made him even more surprised was how all of Sand Duct's attacks were useless on Haru!

"I, it is as if he is a ghost!"

Everyone also thought the same since they could see Sand Duct's punch had passed through Haru's body. They couldn't comprehend Haru's ability nor did they understand why they understood why all of the attacks from Sand Duct were useless.

Sumire was better since her ability was very easy to understand.

Magnet manipulation, even though it was quite a rare ability, wasn't that surprising. There were a lot of people who had this kind of ability, but Sumire's ability was more versatile and she didn't need to hold a giant magnet in her hands.

Foil Bolt thought for a while and he didn't really know about Haru's ability.

"Is it an ability to turn into a ghost?"

Foil Bolt looked at Tabane and Charlotte for confirmation, but both of them only smiled and didn't answer his question. They thought that it was good for a lot of people to misunderstand Haru's ability, but at the same time, they also knew how cheating was Haru's ability since it was simply impossible to attack him as long as his special gauge remained.

"We have enough rest, how about we have another match again?" Charlotte asked.

"Yes! Bunny-chan is going to show her power again!" Tabane said cheerfully while jumping around.


Foil Bolt was silent and didn't expect them to start another battle. He thought for a while and suddenly realized something.

"Are they going to fight until level 4?"


Foil Bolt was full of sweat and suddenly thought the peace in the "brain burst" would be turned upside down by the four players in front of him.

"Ocean Stingray, Maroon Owl, Sunset Lop, and Lilac Deer...."

Foil Bolt thought that he needed to remember that name clearly since he was sure that they were about to become famous!


Haru, Charlotte, Tabane, and Sumire kept fighting after their first fight. They kept winning a lot of times and before long they had raised their level to level two quickly.

More and more people kept watching them and they didn't expect for them to raise their level quickly and the name of four of them quickly became famous in the entire community.


Anonymous: "Did you know about the four players?"

Anonymous: "Oh, you mean the four players in Suginami?"

Anonymous: "I've watched their fight! Their fight is awesome!"

Anonymous: "I don't understand how they're so powerful, do any of you know their real identity?"

Anonymous: "I think that they might be some famous gamers from a different game."

Anonymous: "Damn, I want to fight against them!"

Anonymous: "Oh, you'll lose quickly. Don't bother."

Anonymous: "How did you know about that? I'm super strong!"

All of the players in the "brain burst" were teens and the oldest player was 15 years old since "Neuro Linker" only appeared 15 years ago so of course, they were quite childish.

Anonymous: "Right, is it only me or do their of them have animal names?"

Anonymous: "Now that you mention it. If I'm not wrong, it should be stingray, lop, owl, and deer."

Anonymous: "Well, that's true. Each of them has an animal on their names! I've only realized it now!"

Anonymous: "You're too late! The four of them already have a nickname!"

Anonymous: "Eh? Really? What is their nickname?"

Anonymous: "It's the Four Beasts."

"Four Beasts", even though Haru, Charlotte, Tabane, and Sumire had only fought in a day, but they had won more than 20 times in a row on the first day of their debut which made a lot of people to give them a nickname showing how ferocious and powerful they were.



It is the location of Leonids Legion which is known for being led by the Blue King, Blue Knight.

"Vanquish, I've heard something interesting."

The one who had said those words was Cobalt Blade who was known as the close aide of the Blue King and the member of Leonids.

"Oh? What is it?"

Vanquish was the nickname of Blue King, Blue Knight. He was quite interested when Cobalt Blade seemed to have something to talk about with him.

"Have you heard about "Four Beasts"?" Cobalt Blade asked.

"Four Beasts?" Blue Knight frowned since he had never heard such a name before.

"Yes, "Four Beasts" is the nickname of four famous newbie players with animal names," Manganese Blade said. In real life, she was the sister of the Cobalt Blade, and she was also a close aide to the Blue Knight along with a member of the Leonids.

"Newbie player? But have they already gotten a nickname? What makes them so famous?" Blue Knight asked.

""It's like they're able to win 20 times in a row on the first day they play the game," Cobalt Blade said.


The one who had refuted that was Cyan Pile who was also a member of Leonids.

"Cyan Pale! Watch your mouth!" Manganese Blade said.

Cyan Blade frowned and said, "But that's impossible."

"No, it is really happening. I've also seen it before," Cobalt Blade said.

"It's intriguing. I'm sure that they'll become level 4 quickly and by that time, they will come to "Unlimited Neutral Field"," Blue Knight said.

"Where did you watch it?" Cyan Pile asked.

"It's in the Suginami area. You might be able to ask them for a match if you come to that area." Cobalt Blade smiled and said, "You might lose against them."

"Impossible, they're only newbies. I'll show them what the reality of "brain burst" is to those newbies," Cyan Pale said.

"Let me know if you decide to ask them for a match. I'll watch you fight later," Blue King said.


Cyan Pale thought that the location of the "Four Beasts" was very close to his home.

'Is it Haru?'

Cyan Pale thought that possibility since his childhood friend was very good at gaming.


Nerima is the location of the famous "Prominence" Legion who was being led by Red King, Scarlet Rain.

"I've heard something interesting about Suginami, is that true?" Scarlet Rain asked. She had a small red figure with pigtail hair, however, even though she was petite, she was known as the strongest player among Red Color fighters.

"Yes, there are four powerful newbies in Suginami," Blood Leopard said with a deadpan tone.

"What are we waiting for! Let's give them a lesson!" Blaze Heart shouted.

"Well, let's do that, but who is going to go?" Scarlet Rain asked.

"I'll do it! I can fight against the four of them!" Blaze Heart shouted.

Scarlet Rain ignored Blaze Heart and looked at Blood Leopard. "What do you think?"

"Peach Parasol is a good choice."

"Eh? Do I need to fight a newbie too?" Peach Parasol asked.

"You're level 3 after all. You can use this opportunity to raise your level," Scarlet Rain said.

"Well, that's true, but I won't lose against a newbie!" Peach Parasol said.

"Then we have decided! Let's go and raze their place in Suginamei!" Scarlet Rain shouted.



Crypt Cosmic Circus, Great Wall, Oscillatory Universe, Auroral Oval, and almost every player on the "brains burst" almost knew the name of "Four Beast", but they didn't care much since they knew sooner or later someone would come to knock down the "Four Beast" once they entered the "Unlimited Neutral Field".


"Cool! 'Four Beasts'? This Ash-sama is going to destroy them! I'm going to Suginami to fight them!"

Ash Roller shouted and rode his bike to raze Suginami. He was going to provoke the famous 'Four Beasts' and defeat them to become a legend!


The Green King, Green Grandee could only watch his subordinate while shaking his head. He looked toward the distance and felt that the "brain burst" wouldn't be quiet with the appearance of those four new players.

"The wind's starting to move...'

Green Grande, who was known as the silent character, talked!!!